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Warning after ALDI Customers Find Mould on Popular Baby Purchase

If you’re an ALDI shopper then you know all about ALDI’s Special Buys. These are super sales on specific products that drop online and instore every Wednesday and Saturday.

On Wednesday, July 27th, one of the Special Buys was Bonds Wondersuits.

Plenty of parents would have taken advantage of the sale and snapped up the popular Bonds item. However, several different mums who shopped at various ALDI’s across Australia noticed that their baby’s Wondersuits were covered in mould.

mould on ALDI bonds wondersuits
Source: Facebook

Now ALDI has launched an urgent investigation into the claims.

Mould on Bonds Wondersuits

A Victorian mum who shopped at the ALDI in Alfredton, Ballarat was the first to raise the alarm, sharing on the ALDI Mums Facebook page a picture of the Bonds Wondersuit.

She admits that she could smell the mould as soon as she opened the pack.

Blue leopard Bonds zippy in size two has mould all throughout it. As soon as I opened the package I could smell it.”

She shared several photos of the suit with mould clearly all over it.

Since she shared her post with pictures of the mouldy Bonds zippy, plenty of other shoppers have also said they’ve experienced the same thing.

Customers from NSW, Canberra, Western Australia and Victoria also discovered the same issue with their Bonds Wondersuits purchased from ALDI.

What products are affected?

So far, the only ALDI Bonds Wondersuit that appears to have mould on them is the leopard print design. There are two colour designs – one in pink and gray and one in blue and gray. 

mould on ALDI bonds wondersuits
Source: Facebook

Shoppers have noticed the mould in various sizes, ranging from size 0 to size 2.

What to do if you’ve purchased one – ALDI’s response 

An ALDI representative urged customers to contact the supermarket if they had any concerns.

“We are investigating these allegations with urgency and will take appropriate action depending on our findings.,” the spokesperson told “Any product that does not meet a customer’s expectations can be returned to store for a full refund.”

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