13 Mouth-Watering Meals to Make in a Muffin Tin


Move over cupcakes and take a hike doughnuts, it’s muffin tin time. 

We’ve found muffin tin meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and all the snacks in between! Whether it’s your turn to host mother’s group at your place, or if you just want to give the kids something cute for dinner, you’re going to love these easy muffin tin recipes.

So grab your mini muffin, Texas muffin, regular muffin – whatever size muffin tin – and let’s get cooking.

1. Mini corn dog muffins

Corn dogs (or as we call them here in Australia, a dagwood dog) aren’t just for carnivals or side show alley, fun as they might be. Nope, we’re bringing them to the home kitchen with this awesome mini corn dog muffin recipe. Don’t forget the sauce!

muffin tin recipes - mini dagwood dogs

2. Mini deep dish pizza

There’s something spectacular about slices of spicy pepperoni and a little pot of melted gooey cheese, am I right? Try these mini deep dish pizzas in your muffin tin today.

muffin tin recipes - mini pizzas

3. Apple pies

Let’s not forget dessert. Bite size morsels of delectable apple pie, muffin tin style. And remember folks, if it has fruit in it, it’s healthy.

muffin tin recipes - mini apple pies

4. Frittata muffins

Healthy frittata muffin snacks, perfect to pop in a lunch box for lunch on the run!

muffin tin recipes - frittata muffins

5. Mexican bowls

These gorgeous muffin tin Mexican bowls are perhaps my favourite recipe find. Chicken and refried beans topped with fresh salad and salsa, they’re excellent for crowd catering, like baby showers or grown-up birthdays.

muffin tin recipes - mexican bowls

6. Taco cups

Now here’s a Mexican  muffin tin meal for the kids. Wonton wrappers are perfect for creating super crispy taco cups in a muffin tin! For a slightly softer option, try a mini flour tortilla. Topped with sour cream and coriander, delicious.

muffin tin recipes - taco cups

6. Potato gratin

Ready to carb load? Everyone can enjoy a crunchy outside edge and a soft potato middle because making individual stacks of potato gratin is super easy with a muffin tin.

muffin tin recipes - potato gratin

8. Meatloaf

The ol’ family favourite meatloaf in miniature muffin form. So cute and so utterly delicious!

muffin tin recipes - mini meatloaf

9. Hash browns

A wonderful, time saving solution when you have extra guests for breakfast, muffin tin cheese and bacon hash browns means no one has to wait – everyone can dig in at once!

muffin tin recipes - mini hash browns

10. Lasagne cups

Again, crunchy edges for everyone. Making sure everyone gets just the right ratio of pasta to bechamel sauce, muffin tin lasagne cups make for the perfect bite, every time.

muffin tin recipes - mini lasagne

11. Meat pies

Where would we be without buttery soft pastry and a muffin tin? Chunky meat pies are not only cute, but plentiful with a muffin tin – and much more tastier than a party pie!

muffin tin recipes - party pies

12. Parmesan potato stacks

Want to see muffin tin potato stacking in action? See just how it’s done with this brilliant parmesan potato stack recipe and video!

muffin tin recipes - potato gratin

13. Quiche

Skip the pastry and whip up these muffin tin crustless quiches in next to no time! Awesome warm or cold, they’re great for picnics and lunch on-the-run.

muffin tin recipes - crustless quiche

If you don’t have a muffin tin, you can pick up one up from most supermarkets for under $10. Alternatively, super flexible silicone muffin trays are available at Kmart for just $5.

Want more cute food that the kids will eat? Here’s a bunch of fun party foods to make in an air fryer.

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