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Mr Snot Bottom and the Curse of the Stinky Silly Zombie Babies: Fringe #4

Arrghhhh it’s the Zombie Babies!!! Can kids comedy super-star Mr. Snot-bottom duck dribble, dodge dummies and defeat diapers to save the planet from these terrifying toddlers!?

A brand new scary and silly adventure packed with all the weird, gross & smelly stuff that kids love! Sold out shows in 2012-2013!

“Kiddy stand-up at its best” The Advertiser. ★★★★. Ages 6+.

What is it? Comedy/Children’s Theatre

Why would you go? The kids will think you’re a hero taking them to the weirdest, grossest silliest children’s comedian in town. Bond with your child as you laugh together at this wild and energetic rollercoaster of a show full of zombies, boogers, aliens and guts!

Who is it best for? 6 to 106

If they like … Shrek, Mr Bean, The Day My Bum Went Pyscho, Scooby Doo, Captain Underpants and Super Diaper Baby then they will like this.

How long is the show? 50 mins

Where is the best place to park and how much? This Show is on at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Ticketed Street parking is on available on Rundle Street. Close paid Car Parks are located at
Wilson Parking 8 Union St
1 – 2 hours $10.00
2 – 3 hours $14.00
3 – 4 hours $18.00
Ezi Park on Bent St
1 – 2 hours $10.00
2 – 3 hours $14.00
3 – 4 hours $18.00

What can you do before or after the show? Wander through the Garden of UnEarhtly delights, feed the ducks at Rymill Park and get an ice-cream or coffee on Rundle St.

Is there food available or nearby?
Yes plenty around the Garden and Rundle St

Have you done this before? This is Mr Snot bottom’s 4th year at fringe and his first full length adventure story!! Sold out in 2011, 2012 and 2013!!

Key themes zombies, farts, bravery, aliens, spaceships, guts, weirdness

“well-crafted and hilarious comedy for kids of all ages that was delivered with style..” Australian Stage

“had the kids in stitches…parents won’t feel left out” Melbourne Herald Sun





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