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Mum Bursts Every Blood Vessel In Her Face While Giving Birth to ‘Biggest Baby’

Maira’s birth was anything but easy, and she’s got the burst blood vessels to prove it!

I’ve always thought that women should be handed out trophies after giving birth. Because it’s seriously a massive accomplishment! And no, I’m not just talking about the newborn baby trophy that you bring home, but an actual, trophy with your name on it.

One that gets displayed in the middle of the living room and that mums can pull out and place on the table whenever anyone in their family is being ungrateful. 

And the biggest Mum Trophy should go to Maira. She recently gave birth to a 4.5kg baby boy. Considering the average newborn weighs around 3.5kg, this is an extra 1kg to push out. And she has the birth wounds to show for it! 

Red-eye birth

Maira recently shared on TikTok that, during labour with her son, she ended up bursting the blood vessels in her face. Due to the intense pushing, she also had blood coming out of her eyes. Holey Dooley! 

Mum pops blood vessel while giving birth
Source: TikTok

I gave birth to the biggest baby that day – exploding every blood vessel in my face,” she wrote over the footage.

Maira posted the 1-minute video on TikTok where it all starts nicely with her husband straightening her hair while she’s in labour. The excited mum-to-be looks calm and relaxed until a contraction hits. She then shares footage of her face, where you can see the blood vessels have popped. 

But the most insane thing is when she opens her eyes wide to showcase the popped blood vessels. The whites of her eyes are no longer white, but blood red. 

I just wanted him out because it was hurting me so much. I had blood coming out of [my] eyes.”

Blood vessel bursting during labour – is this common?

How did this even happen? During labour, the pushing and straining can raise your blood pressure which can rupture the small blood vessels in the eyes. It doesn’t happen often but it can. I burst some blood vessels in my eyes during labour but my eyes were’s fully red like Maira’s were. 

Maira also shared that when she was pushing, she was holding her breath and was pushing really really hard. All that straining caused the red-eye look. 

While it looks painful and scary, bloodshot eyes are usually harmless and will resolve in around two weeks. As expected, several people flocked to the comments to share their own experiences of big babies and to congratulate Maira on an awesome effort! Seriously, hand this mumma a trophy!!! 

Maira’s little man weighed in at 4.5kg. She shared a picture of him after birth with socks on his hands instead of scratch mitts with Maira explaining “his hands were too big for the mittens.”

Record breaking births 


Last year a mum in America welcomed a little “firecracker” on the 4th of July (Independence Day) weighing in at 6.0kg. Not only that, but her placenta alone weighed in at 1.8 kg! We’re sure Mum was feeling just a little bit red, white, blue and bruised after that big baby birth effort!


Willow Amey is another impressive bundle of baby sweetness. The Victorian bub, born in March 2020, tipped the scales at an impressive 6.6kg and could possibly be the biggest baby born in Victoria. EVER! Baby Willow’s big sister was also a big baby at birth, born at 5.6kg.  


Maisie Lily is another record-breaker, weighing in at 6.023kg. She is the biggest baby born at Rockhampton Hospital in Queensland and her birth, back in 2017, made headlines across Australia, especially her dad’s cheeky Facebook post announcing her arrival. 


Victorian newborn Brian Liddle Jr was born in January 2017, weighing in at 6.08kg. His superstar mum birthed her son naturally using only gas for pain relief and “positive thoughts”. Go mum!  


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby born to a healthy mother was a boy weighing 10.2 kg (22 lb 8 oz) who was born to Sig. Carmelina Fedele at Aversa, Italy in September 1955.


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