Congratulations, It’s a Toddler! Mum’s Big Baby Surprise at Birth

UK mum Jodie Baines had a pretty good feeling her little girl was going to be a touch on the larger side. However, she and the rest of the hospital were beyond surprised when baby Aria weighed in at nearly 12 pounds – that’s close to 5.4kg!

Jodie, 25, gave birth to her healthy and deliciously sweet big baby at 42 weeks and naturally too – go mumma!

Measuring big all along

Jodie shared with The Mirror that, by the end of her pregnancy, she could hardly get out of bed and that she started to show very early on. Jodie, who also has a son, Theo, said many people assumed she was having twins.

“At 10 weeks I looked about 20 weeks along,” she shared.

“At 32 weeks they measured my belly and told me I was measuring three weeks ahead. I looked like I was about to pop.

I was in so much pain by 36 weeks and could feel how big she was. I could see her moving. I couldn’t get out of bed in the end.”

25-hour natural labour

Incredibly, Jodie gave birth to Aria naturally at 42 weeks. She was induced at the Royal Preston Hospital in Preston, Lancashire where Jodie went through a 25-hour labour.

big baby Aria at birth
Aria with big brother, Theo. Source: Facebook

“Her head got stuck but I managed to push her out in 15 minutes,” Jodie said. “I didn’t really realise how big she was until they weighed her.”

Aria was born 11 lbs, 9 oz which is around 5.4 kg, the average size of a three-month-old baby girl. Aria’s newborn baby clothes didn’t fit her and she graduated to size three-to-six-month onesies straight away.

Big baby joy! 

Aria and Jodie remained in the hospital for a week as Jodie experienced blood loss. During this time the staff got to know the adorable healthy newborn and Jodie discovered just how big her little bundle of joy was.

“People said it looked like I was carrying a six-month-old baby around but she was a newborn. I did realise she was heavy as you’d get a dead arm after five minutes of holding her.

Now I look back I don’t know how I managed to carry her or birth her naturally.”

‘Not like having a newborn’

It appears Aria didn’t just skip the newborn clothing stage but also the fussy newborn phase too.

“She’s the easiest baby,” Jodie explains.“She sleeps for seven hours. It’s not like having a newborn at all.”

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Aria is as sweet as can be! Source: Facebook

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Did you have a big baby? 

If you have your own big baby story you’d like to share, we’d love to feature it. 

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    I can’t understand why they wait until the baby is that large unless they reckon the baby’s lungs aren’t developed enough. There is so much risk of extra tearing that takes longer to heal. Did they think about the risk of the baby getting stuck and disabled as a result of that.

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