BIG BABIES! Meet the Newborns Breaking Records at Birth and Hear How They Were Born!

Hold on to your vaginas ladies. These babies aren’t messing around!

Born big and adorable, we’ve rounded up our very favourite big babies birth stories for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’ve already been through the labour and delivery experience or are preparing to welcome your baby soon, these awesome mums are all the proof you need that WOMAN ARE AMAZING HUMANS WITH EPIC SUPER BIRTHING POWERS.

And really high pain thresholds.

1. Remi – 5.88kg

big baby nsw - remi born 5.88 kg

In October 2019 NSW mum Emma Millar gave birth to her not-so-little lady Remi Frances Millar via emergency cesarean at 38 weeks gestation. That’s right – this little sweetie was actually early! She weighed in at an eye-watering 5.88 kg.  READ MORE

2. Baby Boy – 6.6kg 

big baby natural birth at home

In August 2019 a Florida mum wowed the Facebook world by welcoming her son, born at 6.6 kg. She had a natural birth, at home and without a single tear. Holy ding dong, right! Way to prove to the world that women can do BIG things!

To give you a fair idea of how big this is, 6.6 kg is what my daughter weighed at five months. And giving birth to a five-month-old baby doesn’t sound like something I EVER want to do!  READ MORE

3. Willow – 6.6kg

Biggest baby in Victoria - Willow Amey

Willow Amey is another impressive bundle of baby sweetness. The Victorian bub, born in March 2020, tipped the scales at an impressive 6.6kg and could possibly be the biggest baby born in Victoria. EVER!

Baby Willow’s big sister was also a big baby at birth, born at 5.6kg.  READ MORE

4. Maisie  – 6.023kg

massive newborn

Maisie Lily is another record-breaker, weighing in at 6.023kg. She is the biggest baby born at Rockhampton Hospital in Queensland and her birth, back in 2017, made headlines across Australia, especially her dad’s cheeky Facebook post announcing her arrival.  READ IT HERE 

5. Brian – 6.08kg

Women Births Record 6.01kg Baby

Rounding out our big baby round-up Victorian newborn is Brian Liddle Jr, who was born in January 2017, weighing in at 6.08kg. This superstar mum birthed her son naturally using only gas for pain relief and “positive thoughts”. Go mum!  READ MORE

How incredible, right! Could you imagine giving birth to a 6+kg newborn?

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