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Mum Gives Birth in the Middle of Dinner Party, Guests Have No Idea!


Save this story for their 21st – it’s a winner. A mum in the UK surprised her party guests by going upstairs pregnant and emerging shortly after with a newborn baby. Hair, clothing, and makeup, intact too. #LabourGoals

Abbie Morris shared her birth story with The Mirror, explaining how she went upstairs to lie down before realising she was in labour. Meanwhile, her dinner guests – her parents and siblings – remained downstairs, helping in the kitchen and watching their grandkids, completely unaware that Abbie was thisclose to giving birth.

“My mum had no clue what on earth was going on – she was so distracted keeping the kids entertained she didn’t realise I had had the baby upstairs,” Abbie said.

“Because it was so quick, I was still wearing my clothes. I was wearing a long black skirt which I was able to push down and my hair and make-up were still intact.” 

The dinner party must go on, birth and all 

Rewind to the day before the dinner party. Abbie started to experience contractions, but, after a trip to the hospital, was sent home. The contractions started to settle down and by the evening, they were completely gone.

“I left the hospital and was home by 10.30pm and went to bed at 1am, when the contractions had stopped completely and I thought it was a false alarm.”

Abbie’s dinner party, which involved her husband, her parents, and her sister, Grace and her brother-in-law, was scheduled for the next evening – Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, Abbie noticed her contractions had returned but they weren’t too intense and seemed to come and go. She assumed it would be a replay of the day before.

Abbie’s dinner guests arrived and she went upstairs for a rest around 2pm while her mum played with her granddaughter, Ellie and her dad started preparing his homemade chili for dinner. Around 5pm, the contractions hit hard.

No beds available 

Abbie contacted the hospital, explaining that the contractions were intense but still five minutes apart.

The staff suggested she wait at home as there were actually no hospital beds in the labour ward anyway. They said that Abbie may not be able to give birth there at all as it was too busy. She was told she might be directed to the next nearest hospital, which was over an hour away.

In between the intense contractions, Abbie and her husband, Aaron decided to prepare for an hour-long drive. Aaron headed out to put fuel in the car.

Meanwhile, Abbie’s sister, Grace, headed upstairs to check on Abbie. And Abbie’s parents? They continued to play with their granddaughter and cook chili, completely unaware of what was happening.

Chili with a side order of newborn

As the contractions ramped up, Abbie knew she needed to get to a hospital but the labour ward still didn’t have the space for her. They told her to wait and that they would call her back.

Abbie didn’t have time to wait.

“I was getting to the realisation that the baby was coming at home.”

As Abbie felt the urge to push, her husband contacted 999. Aaron was put in touch with a midwife who coached him and Grace on how to deliver the baby.

Their son, Jax, arrived before the ambulance did. As Aaron and Grace delivered the baby, Abbie’s dad took a break from his chili-making to flag down the ambulance while Abbie’s brother-in-law shouted updates out to him. Meanwhile, Grandma kept on playing with three-year-old Ellie.

“It all sounded quite comical downstairs,” Abbie added. “My dad ended up making the chilli for dinner and my daughter was able to meet Jax when he was only an hour old.” 

Jax and Abbie were escorted to the hospital to be checked over while the rest of the family sat down to dinner.

No word on whether Abbie got to taste her dad’s chili before she left for the hospital but we certainly hope so.

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