VIDEO: ‘Let Me Smell Your Butt’ and Other Crazy Things All Mums Say to Their Kids

Ever sat back and thought, “Wow, did I just say that?” Most likely you have. Because we all have. 

In fact, there comes a time in every mum’s life when we can’t quite believe the weird word-vomit that comes out of our mouths.

Before kids we used to engage in witty banter and articulate conversations. Now, we tell our kids to keep their penises in their pants and to stop farting in the car.

Sure, we find ourselves saying relatively normal things like, “Get off the kitchen table” and “Where’s your other shoe?”. But some days (okay, most days), we all have those moments when we think, “Um, did I seriously just say that out loud?”

Say what?

No one sums up this mum humour notion quite like the plucky pair, Samantha and Haely, over at Don’t Call Me Mommy. Both ladies are mums to little boys, which means there are plenty of doodle dramas and poop problems that require attention. And constant reprimanding.

YouTube video

Check out the video above for just a few of the golden gems these ladies never thought they’d say. My personal favourite has to be “Are you chewing glass?” Because #kids.

Here’s our top 5 crazy things mums say to their kids.

  1. Your penis is not a sword.
  2. Let me smell your butt.
  3. Where did your clothes go?
  4. We don’t brush our butt cracks with our toothbrush.
  5. Even Darth Vadar takes naps.

How many sound familiar?

Did I just say that video mum humour

What strange things have you said to your kids lately? Share yours in the comments – we’d love to hear them!

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