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Mum’s Postpartum Selfie 24 Hours After Giving Birth is as Real as it Gets

Mum-of-three Samantha McSwain isn’t afraid to strip down to her underwear for the camera. Even if she’d only given birth one day prior.

The influencer mum kept it real, sharing a smiling postpartum selfie in her skivvies after giving birth to her third baby. Sam rocks a pair of mesh underwear, a mum bun, and a beautiful postpartum belly.

‘Here I am, day 1 postpartum, in my mesh underwear’ 

Samantha shared the snap with her hundreds of thousands of fans as a way to document her post-baby body and to prove that a ‘baby bump’ doesn’t disappear straight away.

Sammy postpartum selfie
Source: Instagram

Sam writes,

The journey back to my pre-pregnancy weight sure won’t be easy, but I’m taking it one day at a time.

So here I am, day 1 postpartum, in my mesh underwear. I still don’t understand how some women can look their best even after delivery. Not me, I just want to eat, sleep, and breastfeed.”

Sammy and son, postpartum selfie
Source: Instagram

Yas Girl.

For Sam, the reason for the candid pic was to inspire other mums to love their new post-baby skin.

I took this photo to show mothers everywhere that we need to love our body no matter what it may look like because having a baby is the most precious and sacred moment,” Sam tells Motherly.

Give yourself time

Sam is now six months postpartum and admits that her body was different during each one of her pregnancies and postpartum periods.

Sam's pregnancies
Source: Instagram

During her pregnancies, she developed stretch marks, skin discolouration and abdominal separation, all totally normal and common for mums.

Now that her baby is a bit older, she’s back on an exercise regime that works for her and proud of her progress. And rightfully so!

Sam's postpartum selfies
Source: Instagram

Katy Perry’s postpartum selfie

Sammy isn’t the first mum to rock out with her jock out post-birth.

Katy Perry did the exact same thing just last week, five days after giving birth to first baby, Daisy Dove Bloom. Rather than prepare for the VMA awards, she posed makeup-free in her new mum undies and breastfeeding pumping bra.

Katy Perry postpartum selfie
Katy’s dressed to impress five days postpartum. Source: Instagram

Have a look at our other postpartum stories that prove, after giving birth, it’s not about “bouncing back”. It’s all about going forward and learning to love your body for all that it has done.

Body after triplets

This mumma of triplets, photo below, also stripped down to showcase her post-baby body, 12 weeks after giving birth.

Maria Jorstad shared photo of her body after triplets

 The beauty behind the marks of a mum

Hayley Stavenger, the proud mumma in the photo below is one of the mums paving the way for the ‘stretchmark love’ movement.

stretch marks after twins

Stomach postpartum selfie

Kristen Sullivan also showcased her incredible stretching stomach superpowers, once again proving that new mums have some seriously hidden talents.

mum central

The ebb and flow of motherhood

Photographer Tiffany Bourke also shared a stunning postpartum selfie and message on Insta:

Our bodies are important to love, but not so important to invest so much hate into. SO MUCH MORE MATTERS. Be healthy. Be strong. Make a change when you can. Be you. Be unafraid. Ignore the rest.”

mum central

Image source: Instagram @tiffanybourkephotography

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