Wine Advent Calendars are Already Available ‘Cause Christmas Can’t Come Soon Enough!

What better way to kiss 2020 goodbye than by buying a wine advent calendar in September? Plus, there could be a hidden surprise in the box too! Now, the question is, do you wait until December to open it or…???

The silly season isn’t quite upon us yet but let’s face it, the whole year has been ridiculous and we deserve a win. And wine.

After all, the Queen Victoria Building already called it a year two weeks ago and put their Christmas tree up EXTRA early as a way to tell 2020 where to go.

Now De Bortoli Wines is jumping on the #end2020 bandwagon with the September release of their popular Advent Calendars. Okay, so while the company ALWAYS releases their yearly wine calendars in September, we do feel like it’s definitely necessary to start counting down the weeks with wine extra early this year.

Because the closer to Christmas we get, the closer we get to blowing the candles out on 2020 and calling it a year!

What’s a wine advent calendar anyway?

If you haven’t heard of the De Bertoil Wine Advent Calendar, allow us to introduce you to it. It’s a lovely little way for parents to indulge in a Christmas surprise. But, instead of daily chocolates in December, it’s daily wine.

Which happens to pair perfectly with Christmas stress (especially gift wrapping, UGH) as well as COVID cancellations.

Each wine advent calendar features 24 mini bottles of wines (14 x 187ml piccolos and 10 x 200ml piccolos). There are 12 different varieties to taste including a selection of red, white, sparkling and rosé. 

Wine advent calendar 2020
‘Tis the season. Actually, ’tis the year…. Source: Supplied

WIN with wine 

This year De Bortoli also have a surprise up their festive sleeves. 24 lucky winners will find a message in a bottle in their Advent Calendar meaning they’ll receive a $1,000 De Bortoli Wines gift voucher.

Like Willy Wonka. But with wine.

So, mums, let’s count the good things about this deal.

1. You get wine.

2. You get wine delivered to your door.

3. You get wine and a chance to WIN $1000.

Talk about a Merry Christmas, indeed.

Buy now, drink later. Or now

The De Bertoli Wine Advent Calendar is already available to buy online and at one of their Cellar Doors in the Hunter Walley, Riverina, Rutherglen or Yarra Valley. They retail for $139.

It’s encouraged to buy early as they do sell out pretty quickly! Plus, they make a unique gift for friends, colleagues and family members too.

Heck, you could always buy two, drink one on the lead-up to Chrissy and save the other one for down the track. After all, we’ve still got four more months of 2020 to get through.

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