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What the Heck is Mesh Underwear?


Most days, we want to look nice. We choose pretty clothes, we throw on a bit of makeup, we may even straighten our hair or at least style our mum bun slightly.

But, some days, comfort and practicality trump style.  And the day you give birth is 100% one of those days!

Well, mums-to-be, we have found the most practical piece of attire you’ll ever need after giving birth: mesh underwear.

Sure, they look like saggy man briefs and clearly show off your massive pad from ALL angles. But, hear us out. Because if you’re pregnant and preparing for birth, you may want to stock up on these hospital-grade see-though skivvies.

Get Your Mesh On

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, ladies, postpartum recovery is rough on our lady bits and bellies. It’s a mish-mash of bruising, pain, blood and swelling down south and our vaginas are not happy about it. Most women are going to bleed… heavily. And most underwear is gonna take a beating because of it.

mesh underwear after birth
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Enter Mesh Underwear, disposable, breathable, horrifically-ugly underwear designed for these exact after-birth moments.

Yes, they look like a fishnet for your fanny, but they are seriously a sanity-saver during those first few weeks after giving birth and even during those final weeks of pregnancy when your regular underwear just doesn’t cut it.

How They Work

Slide them on, add a massive pad, slide them off when you need to change it, and throw them in the wash at the end of the day (they can be washed up to 20 times).

They are designed to let air flow through your battered bits and help with the healing process and they are extremely comfortable with no elastic band jabbing into your pouchy tummy.

Mesh underwear
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Comfortable, Convenient and guaranteed to ensure no male will want to have sex with you. That’s a big after-birth win right there!

The Mishmash of Mesh in LaLaLand

Of course, it’s not a trend unless there’s proof of celebrities doing it. Two of the most popular mummy celebs – Chrissy Teigen and Amy Schumer – have both stripped down for Instagram to flash their flesh in mesh.

amy chrissy teigen and amy schumer mesh underwear

Where to Get Them

New Beginnings make them and you can pick them up through Baby Bunting. They cost $5.99 for a pack of two.

Sometimes hospitals also supply them but not all do. And you don’t wanna be wandering the hospital corridors begging staff to hook you up with the mesh goods.

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