This Hello Kitty Nap Tent Lets You Sleep Anywhere (And It’s Every Tired Mum’s New BFF)


We could all use an uninterrupted nap in the middle of the day. Even if we’re at the office. Or at the playground. 

Enter The Nap Tent, a clever little invention that lets tired mamas (and busy workaholics) catch up on some much needed ZZZ’s regardless of where they are.

The nap tent is a portable tent for the top part of your body. It acts as your own personal “leave-me-alone” bubble which you can place on any flat surface, desk or tabletop.

Hello Kitty nap tent

Simply take the tent out of its carry-on case (yes, you can carry this bad boy everywhere with you), stick your head in it and zip away your worries.

Go away. Mummy’s in her time-out tent

Designed to give office workers a bit of privacy, it is actually perfect for stressed-out parents too. We luuuuurve the Hello Kitty design, but the nap tent also comes in basic black. You know, in case you’d rather not draw attention.

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Anytime you’re ready to snap at your kids, you can retreat into your time-out tent. Block out the lights, the sun and your kids.

Go into your mum cave for a few minutes and come out feeling calmer and less likely to scream profanities at anyone who comes near you.

Zip your way to peace and quiet

The nap tent is great for parents who also have to work. I mean, where else are you going to catch up on all that lost sleep except for in the office?

Hello Kitty Nap Tent The Nap Tent

On those days you’re not at work, you can bring it with you on your daily adventures. Like to the playground or park. Simply find a picnic table, place assorted snacks and water out for the kids and bring out the nap-tent.

It’s also perfectly suited for kid-friendly events where you really don’t want to make small talk with other mums.

Oh, the places you’ll go… and the awkward conversations you’ll avoid

Whether avoiding your kids at home, avoiding your co-workers at work or avoiding other mums at the park, the nap-tent gives you a portable opportunity to sleep whenever you can. Because, let’s face it, it’s pretty much impossible to keep up to our kids without a little nana nap. Or a bucket of coffee.

The nap-tent is available through Privacy Pop for US$54.99. Shipping to Australia is going to set you back about $80. But, hey, can we really put a price on daytime sleep? I think not.

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