Goodbye Laundry Pile; Hello FoldiMate … Your Magical Laundry Helper!

I’m calling it. Folding clothes sucks. As if it’s not enough to wash and dry the mountain of clothing the kids leave behind, we are then expected to fold them into nice neat little piles. And put them away! UGH. 

Don’t worry – there’s a brand new appliance that can fix all your folding woes! And it’s coming to a laundry room near you!

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Meet FoldiMate, your new laundry room BFF. It will take over one of your most dreaded household duties and actually fold your clothes for you. Into neat little piles too. Really, it does!

Hate folding? Get the robot to do it

Not only does the FoldiMate fold clothes (without human help), but it de-wrinkles, softens, sanitises and perfumes your laundry as it stacks it nice and neatly.

While this much-needed-by-mums contraption can quickly fold most types of laundry (such as pants, shirts and towels), you can’t use it on small delicates, socks or large laundry items such as bed sheets. That said, it’s still a pretty amazing addition to any mum’s cleaning routine.

Robotic arms to the rescue

How does this impressive invention work? It’s got a conveyor belt and several robotic arms to fold your clothes. FoldiMate also has an adjustable tray for the just-folded items to sit on.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I can probably fold a whole basket of clothes in the time it takes this machine to do just one,” probably not.

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According to the company’s website, the FoldiMate clips in under five seconds, folds at a rate of roughly 10 seconds per item and de-wrinkles in between 20 and 30 seconds. Keep in mind, while the machine expertly folds and gets rid of wrinkles, it doesn’t iron or press dress clothes. If you’re looking for that perfectly pressed button down shirt, you’ll need to get out the iron (or head to the dry cleaners).

Your personal folding genie…for a price

Even though FoldiMate certainly isn’t the first piece of machinery built to take on the oh-so-annoying task, the speed and size of it does have advantages. Instead of bringing in another bulky appliance, this household helper is designed to fit neatly on top of your washer or dryer (you can also put it on a table right in the laundry room).

Sounds great, right? Before you run out to buy one, stop and take a breath – this appliance isn’t available to the public just yet. We have another year to wait…and we can expect to pay around $980 for the laundry-folding robot. But, hey, it just might be worth it!

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