Nature Nate’s Honey Co. has us saying hellllllooooo honey and is certainly creating a buzz – and it’s not just us who say so! We recently asked 16 families to try Nature Nate’s Honey Co. for themselves to see what they thought and the results are IN!

Our families were of all sizes and eager to take part in our sampling campaign, enjoying Nature Nate’s Honey Co. honey any way they could think of and reporting back. None of our chosen families had tried Nature Nate’s Honey Co. honey before so were bee-yond excited to try something new! So, without further ado, let the honey-fest begin!

cooking with honey
Get ready, get set, let’s goooo! Source: Supplied

And use Nature Nate’s honey they did! Our sampling families really DID put this honey to the test, using it for everything from their morning toast to delicious dinner recipes and desserts. Some even got clever and created some super delicious dog treats. That’s right, the whole family, fur kids included, got to try Nature Nate’s!

Tempted to try it yourself already? Nature Nate’s Honey Co. is ONLY available at Woolworths, so make a bee-line for the ‘spreads’ aisle there. YUM!

5 stars all around

Hands down Nature Nate’s Honey Co. was a HUGE hit! Here’s what our reviewers found:

✅  100% of the reviewers gave Nature Nates Honey Co. a perfect score of 5/5 STARS!
✅  100% loved the taste
✅  100% of our mums said they liked the purity and texture
✅  94% loved the packaging
✅  94% will be buying Nature Nate’s Honey Co. again
Nature Nate's Honey Co
So good, you’ll want to sneak your honey straight from the bottle! Source: Supplied

Check out the full video review below and see why ALL 16 families gave Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw and Unfiltered Honey the tick (and lick) of approval.


Aussie families review Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey!

Looking for delicious, responsible, pure and unfiltered raw honey? Well, you needn’t look any further than the bright orange Nature Nate’s Honey Co. label on the Woolworths shelf. Here are some of the things our reviewers had to say:

My family and I enjoyed Nature Nate’s immensely, we even caught our six year old on numerous occasions eating it by the spoonful … ok so he wasn’t the only one!  Nature Nate’s is pure and high-quality honey that has a mild flavour and great versatility. We enjoyed it both on toast and a variety of recipes. Short of collecting it from the hive yourself, you won’t get a fresher tasting honey.” ~ Margaret

“Nature Nate’s honey really surprised us! The texture and the flavour is really lovely and at an affordable price. Our whole family including our fur baby loves it so much and this is our must-have item in our pantry.” ~ Katty

honey dog treats
Nature Nates Honey Co. for the pet treat win too! Source: Supplied

“Best honey around! There is no leaking lid, it’s Australian made and my family loved the taste. It’s easy to find in your local supermarket and we love their values as well!” ~ Brooke

“Nature Nate’s is not your average supermarket honey. It’s a good thick consistency and has a really great taste. None of that runny, bitter honey here! And the best part is that it’s Australian!” ~ Rebecca

Source: Supplied

What did our reviewers think of their Nature Nate’s Honey Co.*?

Ticking all the boxes, ALL of our reviewers loved Nature Nate’s Honey Co. 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey, giving the honey FIVE STARS for the overall honey experience. Way to go, Nature Nate’s Honey Co.!


Nature Nate's 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey *Source: Reader's Survey

Delicious Taste 10.0
Texture 10.0
Purity 10.0
Value for Money Price 9.0
Packaging 9.4

Smoothies, sticky chicken wings and bird feeders, oh my!

You can’t beat the versatility of raw honey – and you can’t beat the taste of Nature Nate’s Honey Co. honey! Our reviewers outdid themselves by putting this liquid gold through its paces. Here’s a peek at some of the brilliant things emerging from kitchens during sampling.

Nature Nates Honey Co
A family favourite, honey chicken glistening in delicious liquid gold! Source: Supplied

There were many slices, honey joys and honey lemon cakes baked along with being used in family meals including sticky chicken wings, butter chicken, honey garlic prawns, glazed salmon and even whole roasted tahini and honey dressed cauliflower.

Avocado on toast levelled UP with Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw and Unfiltered Honey! Source: Supplied

But wait, there’s more! Add to the menu macadamia and honey balls being rolled and honey ice cream destined for the freezer. We even had people make dog treats and a bird feeder. Amazing!

Natue Nate's Honey Co
Family, furkids and our feathered friends, Nature Nate’s Honey Co. is good for all! Source: Supplied

Not only does Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey taste amazing in all of your cooking, but it also has amazing health benefits.

Raw honey is also a healthier, natural sweetener alternative – check out these 15 clever ways to substitute honey for sugar!

Nature Nate's Honey Co
The perfect sugar substitute, check out this amazing honey joy cheesecake! Source: Supplied

What are our honey habits?

One of the things all of our reviewers really loved about Nature Nate’s Honey Co. is the easy squeeze packaging. It’s no mess, no fuss, easy to grip one-handed and even easy for little hands to operate. Packaging aside, ALL families loved the contents – that is, the ridgy-didge raw honey!

Nature Nate's Honey Co
Nature Nate’s Honey Co. squeeze bottles are perfect for all sized hands. #winning Source: Supplied

As it turns out, our reviewers use honey as an ingredient in their cooking 75% of the time. From sweetening smoothies to adding a hint of sweetness to curries, marinating meat and seafood too. It sure was a real reminder that honey is not just for toast and cereal, that’s for sure!

And will our reviewers be buying Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey again? YOU BET!

93% of our reviewing crew said they’d be likely to purchase a Nature Nate’s Honey Co. honey again

With 62% of reviewers heading to the supermarket to do their grocery shopping and the remaining 37% preferring to shop online, over half (56%) of our reviewers told us that their main consideration in buying honey was that it was Australian made. Purity of the honey was the main consideration for 18%, the price for another 18% and only 6% thought brand to be of concern.

Nature Nate's Honey Co
A whopping 93% of reviewers are willing to repurchase Nature Nate’s honey. Source: Supplied

Try Nature Nate’s Honey Co. yourself and TASTE the difference!

Honestly, you just don’t know just HOW delicious honey can bee until you’ve tasted Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey. Made with integrity, made in Australia from Australian bees and 100% pure straight from the hive quality, just as nature intended. Nothing but honey, honey, honey!

Try it for yourself today, you’ll find Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Australian Raw & Unfiltered Honey (500ml, $9 RRP) at your closest Woolworths store throughout Australia. You can’t miss that gloriously bright orange label on the Woolworths shelf!

This is a sponsored review.

*The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the videos and comments belong solely to each individual reviewer, and not necessarily the views of the Editor, Mum Central or Nature Nate’s Honey Co. as a company.


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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