We learned a few things at Mum Central this month. One is that you all LOVE Elf on The Shelf. We also discovered just how naughty those elves really are – in a completely NOT FIT FOR KIDS kinda way. And boy, did we laugh hard.

We were inundated with naughty elf on the shelf pics, all vying for a top 10 spot in our Mum Central Elf on the Shelf #MCELFCOMP. We have to say, there were A LOT of elves up to no good. No good at all.

Our Mum Central elves turned to shooting naked Barbie on film, making a complete arse of themselves in the toilet and partying way too hard with lap-dancing Barbie.

Take a look at all of the Christmas elf debauchery for yourself below. Just don’t show the kids!

1. The voyeuristic, peeping Tom Elf

There’s no such thing as privacy or personal boundaries during December when a naughty Elf on the Shelf is about. Check the shower curtain, ALWAYS.

elf on the shelf

2. The cookie pooping Elf

I don’t know what this Elf ate, but he’s lucky he has a baking tray at the ready. Just saying.

Elf on the shelf

3. Barbie and bubbles: the ‘glamour portrait’ Elf

Erm. Well this is awkward… Bubbles anyone?

adult elf on the shelf photo

4. ‘This is everyone at a company Christmas party, ever’ Elf

It’s always a good idea at the time, is it not? The end of the year is nigh, bring on a free feed and drinks galore! *Hiccup*.

drunk elf on the shelf

5. Poop spreading toilet Elves

If you’re the parent to pull this stunt, you’re going to be praying your kids don’t need the toilet during the night. AYE CARUMBA and HOLY NUTELLA.

Elf on the shelf toilet prank

6. Birthing partner Elf

The baby is coming! Get the paper towel and Chux scrubs ready, STAT.

funny elf on the shelf ideas for adults

7. And let’s not forget poker playing, champagne swigging Elves

Elves gone wild, keep the champagne cold and the poker chips plentiful this Christmas. Definitely an elf on the shelf adults only prank!

gangsta elf on the shelf idea

8. And when the lights are low..

You’ll never turn that lamp on again without thinking of what happens in the dark between Elf and Barbie. Keep that Monopoly bank locked up tight!

elf on the shelf naughty

What’s your elf style? Naughty Elf on the Shelf or nice? Check out our Elf on the Shelf competition hashtag #MCELFCOMP for even more elf inspo and vote for your favourite!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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