When it comes to gifting there’s a universal choice that’s never the wrong decision…CHOCOLATE!

Whether you’re apologising, romancing, thanking or celebrating, CARPE KOKO Chocolates are the perfect gift that never goes out of style.

There’s also those occasions that are tricky to know what to send. We’ve all puzzled over how to thank the boss at Christmas, what to send a relative you’ve never met or the sure-to-impress gift for your most hip friend.

The good news is from your easiest gifting to your most difficult the answer is universal. Baffled? Don’t be as Mum Central is here to show you our latest and most delicious product discovery.


carpe-koko-box-external-shotNot just chocolate, CARPE KOKO is a gifting experience.

Their hand-selected morsels aren’t just the most beautiful works of edible art you’ve ever set eyes upon but the taste is unlike anything you’ve consumed before.  From the citrus explosion of the Lemon Zing to the fruity flush of the raspberry-based Mary Framboise each mouthful is an adventure in chocolate-y indulgence.

carpe-koko-chocolate-boxThe presentation is as decadent as the product, building anticipation as carefully reveal each layer more beautiful than the next. From the honeycomb designed gold delivery box to its art deco motifed black case with a ribbon-tabbed draw every detail is spectacular.

carpe-koko-chocolate-box-packagingWho would the Mum Central send CARPE KOKO to?

Well, anyone! Obviously! But here’s five perfect occasions you’re likely to encounter that CARPE KOKO is your go-to gift!

carpe-koko-box-sizes1. I need to send a fabulous THANK YOU

Maybe someone minded your triplets for three hours or recommended you for your dream job. No matter why you need to say thanks you know that the delivery needs to really have the wow factor. CARPE KOKO delivers, literally!

carpe-koko-chocolate-gift-set2. It’s my favourite brother’s BIRTHDAY and I’d like to send him something to the office…

I love receiving gifts delivered to the office, I think it’s the thrill of the fuss and everyone knowing you’ve been gifted! For men, it’s a little tricker to find something suitable to have delivered to their work place. CARPE KOKO is the ideal choice with it’s distinctive gold box everyone will know it’s a special occasion delivery. Even better hubby might bring them home and share them with you!

carpe-koko-chococlate-selection3. Oh no! It’s my designer-loving, no-kids BFF BIRTHDAY and I’m totally stumped what to get her!

When you enter Mum-land its often hard to know what your still fabulously single bestie might be impressed with. The Mum Central team can assure you when it comes to this picky giftee CARPE KOKO is the answer. We’ve eaten these chocolates and everyone agreed #bestchocolatesever. You’ll knock her socks off with an amazing chocolate delivery and your street cred for #whatscool will be more than in tact!

carpe-koko-chocolate-trays4. I need to APOLOGISE, in a big way!

Maybe you ran over next doors’ cat (hopefully not) or suffered an unfortunate case of foot-in-mouth. Whatever your faux pas or epic disaster CARPE KOKO is a grand way to say you’re truly sorry. From delivery to last savoured taste, your recipient will know you’re really trying to make amends with the most delicious chocs around.

carpe-koko-chocolate-set5. It’s our ANNIVERSARY and I’d like to seduce my other half with something amazing!

For men, sending flowers is a sure fire suggestion of impending seduction. What’s the female equivalent to let your hubby know you’re still hot for him? It’s a little bit trickier right!? CARPE KOKO is the ideal choice that let’s your other half know how you’re feeling and that he’s got a sophisticated woman waiting for him at home (probably planning to eat his chocolates!) Did someone say aphrodisiac?

There’s no occasion where chocolate isn’t the perfect gift.  Almost too good for eating, who would you spoil with their amazing range today?


NATIONAL DELIVERY NETWORK: They offer next business day delivery, Australia wide* they’ve got you covered and let’s face it, who wouldn’t love a fabulous box of chocolates rocking up on their doorstep just like this?!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: At CARPE KOKO!, your happiness is their top priority so they back every order with our 100% Happiness Guarantee so that you can shop with confidence. If you’re ever less than thrilled with your purchase, just let them know within 7 days of delivery and they’ll work with you to make it right.

CORPORATE & WEDDINGS:  CARPE KOKO also cater for corporate orders and weddings too – what a perfect bonboniere idea!!



Use the code MUMCENTRAL at checkout to receive a complimentary Signature Binder valued at $9.95. “CARPE KOKO!’s spectacular signature binder vividly mirrors the sumptuous fashion and exuberant spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Add a signature binder to the order and have your chocolates delivered in legendary style.” Expires 30-01-2017

Use ‘MUMCENTRAL’ at checkout to receive your complimentary signature binder, valued at $9.95!



So you’ve read this far and you’re probably hankering now to try CARPE KOKO yourself. (Trust us, you want to as these are the most delicious things I’ve ever put to my lips!) The good news is that we’ve 5 stunning Ambrosia Gift Boxes to giveaway to Mum Central readers.

To be in the running simply complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments why you’d love to have the CARPE KOKO experience yourself.


Win 1 of 5 Carpe Koko Ambrosia 24 Pack Chocolate Gift Boxes valued at $120 each!


Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.


  1. Paula Harris Reply

    Oh wow, the presentation is stunning…..almost too good to eat (BAHAHAHA almost)

  2. I would enjoy every one of those beautiful little morsels! My usual chocolate experience is cracking in to the Cadbury’s discreetly so nobody notices!

  3. Michelle Green Reply

    OMG! I love the colour! I bet they taste as good as they look!

  4. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    OMG these look divine ,You had me at citrus explosion !

  5. These look decadent and delicious, and I would savour everyone, maybe share one or two,maybe not!!

  6. Debra Black Reply

    The visual experience starts before you even take your first bite ! Mmmmm divine..

  7. They look so beautiful … and I’m sure they taste delicious too!

  8. Scott Crumlin Reply

    SUCH unique variety and interesting flavour. NOTHING run of the mill about these MAGNIFICENT
    chocolate marvels!

  9. Nicola James Reply

    They look like works of art that will taste utterly delectable!

  10. Pamela Singleton Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolates say “I Love You” and that says it all, there are no need for words!

  11. Ashley Beech Reply

    I love they look as great as they are going to taste with their 100% satisfaction guarantee….send me to heaven!

  12. Melissa Kagie Reply

    I love how they are presented and each chocolate looks like a piece of art.

  13. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The artistic presentation, which makes them look like precious jewels, so that hopefully it stops me scoffing them so fast! 😉

  14. Debrah Bassett Reply

    they look so nice too good to eat they make a beautiful gift

  15. I love the unique, exquisite packaging, enhancing the presentation, creating a gift which is decadent and thoughtful!

  16. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    They look different to any other chocolates on the market. You can see that each piece has been created with love; not only for chocolate but also for art. How can you eat them when the only thing you want to do is look at them?

  17. Exquisite and divine, simply irresistible rich and delicious.

  18. Ernie Donato Reply

    Chocolate, rich, luxurious, not your run of the mill, much, much better.

  19. Jim Riddle Reply

    Unique and very special for any occasion, that would mean everyday happy and healthy

  20. These definitely look like a gorgeous gift (or decadent treat for me). Much nicer for a special recipient than the standard box of choccies or bunch of flowers 🙂

  21. These are so pretty, I’m not sure if I want to eat them or put them in a museum! They are like a piece of art

  22. Tina Elvins Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolates look positively delicious! Almost too beautiful to eat. But I’m sure I could bring myself to devour the whole box!

  23. So so beautiful compare to what is on the shelf. I bet they would taste devine.

  24. Beautifully presented, truly artistic pieces of chocolate but I also love the flavour list…Oh my! I would savor the Blood Orange Spice and Mandarin Confit…who am I kidding I would savor them all

  25. Julia Mason Reply

    I love that this box of Chocolates looks like a million dollars, and I can’t wait to open one to smell and taste heaven!

  26. shelbyward Reply

    I bet they have little love centres – they look like a lot of care has gone into making every single one of them. Unique and delicate.

  27. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love the thought of indulging in really high quality chocolates 🙂

  28. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    To be honest I have not tried them before, but I can tell you they look absolutely mouth-watering, too perfect to be eaten!

  29. Anita Andrews Reply

    They look like a much nicer gift to give than the usual store bought chocolates…that’s if they last long enough to wrap up.

  30. The chocolatesare gorgeous and i love how they are hand-selected, beautiful pieces art of edible art. Yum and luxurious.

  31. Karina Lee Reply

    It looks like a jewellery box filled with decadent chocolates. It’s the next best thing to giving someone jewellery when you don’t want to spend that much on them!

  32. A delicate appreciation for ‘Carpe Koko’ enlightens hearts amidst beautifully beloved expressionism always part; a deliciously indulgent pleasure with thanks to wondrously treasure.

  33. Karen Holding Reply

    I love the uniqueness of the chocolates, not like anything else on the market.

  34. I don’t usually gift chocolates as a present but the Carpe Koko range and presentation box makes the perfect gift for anyone.

  35. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    Omg i would love to experience the goodness of Carpe Koko range as they look devine

  36. Anita Walters Reply

    The design, the uniqueness, the quality, the packaging, the decadence that oozes from the product. This would make anyone feel special, feel loved and feel pampered. I would love to be gifted one of these any day.

  37. I would love to win this for myself as they look and sound simply incredible! Ultimately, if I win I would love them to be sent directly to my wonderful Nanna who has recently had a pacemaker put in and a knee replacement.

  38. Wendy Hatton Reply

    They are beautiful! And those flavours are so different and delicious sounding. A new level to luxury.

  39. Lorraine Stuart Reply

    They look yum,would love to share these with my hubby 🙂

  40. Amanda Reed Reply

    I would love to have a little delicious indulgence to enjoy at the end of a long hard day once my little girls are asleep in bed! These Carpe koko delights look like they have been created with the utmost care by a true chocolate conisseur, with such an eye for detail and I would love for my tastebuds to experience and savour this quality chocolate masterpiece. I’m a bit of a self confessed chocolate snob, but have never tried anything that looks so pretty! (they are almost too pretty to eat, the bright colours really ‘pop’.) Thanks, Amanda Giffard

  41. Kim Miller Reply

    These chocolates look amazing I can only imagine what they taste like, I would love to experience that.

  42. Sara Johnston Reply

    Gosh Carpe Koko Chocolates look divine;
    Anyone would love to call them “mine”.
    A perfect gift for any occasion,
    For me to eat would need no persuasion!
    I’d really love to share these with my nan;
    To brighten her day, the best way I can. 🙂

  43. Lara Daebritz Reply

    Carpe Koko how delicious, how naughty;
    Better than any gift that he’s ever bought me!
    More tempting than roses, more heavenly than jewels;
    Carpe Koko chocolates a romancer’s best tool!!!

  44. My daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend is getting serious and I was at a total loss about what to get his Mother for Christmas until I read this. Just perfect gift.

  45. Tony Avery Reply

    I always leave gifting until the last minute and end up running round the shops like my hair is on fire – Carpe Koko chocolates would make a wonderful gift – so easy to place and order and with next day delivery guarantees smiles all round.

  46. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    Some say life is like a box of chocolates. But I say Carpe Koko is what life is all about. A box that’s contents allow one to experience all of one’s senses… the SIGHT of the exquisite Gift Box and what it contains, the SMELL of the sweet aroma of that liquid gold that hits you when you open it up, the TASTE of that melting sensation on your tongue from the myriad of flavours, HEARING, oh the sound of opening a box of Carpe Koko and the TOUCH of passing the box around for others to join in and experience in your indulgence.

  47. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I’ve never tried them BUT I’m a self confessed chocoholic so I’d love to!

  48. Katrina Stubbs Reply

    what’s not to love? Great product to indulge in and make people jealous

  49. Brianna Taylor Reply

    They look absolutely beautiful…so much more elegant than your standard box of cadbury!

  50. Carpe Koko chocolates look like a work of art and an experience to be savoured!

  51. Antonietta Reply

    Talk about works of art! They look absolutely stunning and would make the perfect gift for those who have “everything”, does that include me, should I hint to hubby 🙂

  52. This is how chocolate should be treated. Each tasty little morsel balanced and presented, no celebrated! to attract the eye, then the tastebuds. A beautiful box filled with many little gifts…this is the stuff dreams are made of!
    Hey, I really like chocolate ok?

  53. Dean Pappas Reply

    This would be a great treat for my 8.5 month pregnant wife before the big day.

  54. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    They look amazing! Perfect for the designer friend with no kids!!

  55. I’d love to treat a special friend who needs cheering up with a CARPE KOKO experience as those delicious looking chocolates are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

  56. Courtney Jayde Reply

    I would love to indulge in some Carpe Koko chocolates, they both sound and look amazing and word on the street is chocolate is beneficial for pregnancy x

  57. Omg they are so beautiful. We’ve been talking about having a 20s theme wedding and these would be divine as wedding favours. Yum!!

  58. stressless Reply

    The most elegant looking chocolate I have ever seen. Would love to surprise my friend with them as she is always there for me in tough times

  59. Rachael Brown Reply

    I’m actually allergic to chocolate, but I would like to give these to my husband to say thank you for helping me navigate the dark and scary waters of post natal depression and anxiety. He is my compass and safe harbour I would be lost without him.

  60. Does anyone need a reason to eat chocolate? But I would like that box for a jewellery box…tho I guess that means I need to eat them all very quickly!! 😉

  61. I love the smooth tastes that take me away from the worries of the world for just a moment or two.

  62. I would give them to relatives who have just had their 3rd baby, a tiny premature boy who has severe reflux and they all get very little sleep.

  63. Chocolate takes me away to my little place of paradise. It’s like a holiday in my mouth.

  64. They look totally stunning. Not just bland eat and forget chocolates.

  65. Amelia Jane Reply

    I love that each piece is bite-sized, perfect for tucking into my mouth without being seen between toddler tantrums.

  66. i have never tried them but i am huge good quality chocolate fan so i would be the perfect person so share these chocolate with my family and friends 🙂

  67. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I love chocolate but I am very fussy and only like great quality chocolate and this is the real deal, would love to gift some to my mum

  68. Julia Morton Reply

    I love the citrus flavours and the layers, mmm, how decadent, would melt in my mouth perfectly, great assortment

  69. They look divine! If they taste as good as they look then I want to try them desperately!

  70. Catherine Hope Reply

    I am a chocoholic and need to try these ones! (I might even share with my hubby whose birthday is coming up on Remembrance day ;))

  71. Actually.. I’m happy to indulge in just about any chocolates. Chocolate is awesome!!

  72. Ineedacoffee Reply

    Their look, ive heard they really good chocolate, so smooth

  73. What’s not to love – the presentation is stunning, the flavours fabulous and different and it’s great quality chocolate – an essential item in life 🙂

  74. Emily Ballinger Reply

    Decadent, delicious, designer chocolates – who could say no?

  75. Sacha Pech Reply

    Now these are the type of chocolates to spoil an overworked Mum with. Much better than the 3 smarties I manage to sneak out of the kids stash.

  76. Sonja Cooper Reply

    Mmmmm… pure indulgence… pure decadence… pure delight…I might even share (one) with my hubby for our 10th wedding anniversary next month 😉

  77. tracy Haigh-faulkner Reply

    I love the thought of the flavors and the original designs and elegant finishes of all of the chocolate’s, along with the gorgeous packaging, I also love the idea of being able to order them via the post to send as a wonderful gift for someone deserving no matter where they are in Australia.

  78. They look like tiny pieces of art. Art you can eat? I’m all about that!

  79. They look amazing, will need to put on my Christmas Wish List this year

  80. They look so delicious and such a lovely treat to gift to someone special

  81. Trish Leonard Reply

    They look so delicious and beautiful! The perfect Christmas gift, to give and more importantly to receive. Thanks for the chance.

  82. Amanda Evans Reply

    It’s chocolate with class! Who could feel guilty eating this?!

  83. Hamish Macdonald Reply

    I have never see such delishious looking chocolates let alone eaten any and omg look at that box what a way to present chocolates and shipping world wide wowsers!!!

  84. Charlene Masters Reply

    The box they come in is amazing you could re use it after you have demolished all those delishious looking chocolates

  85. Rebecca Roessen Reply

    These look so beautifully indulgent! I’d love to try them as an extra special treat!

  86. Catherine Howard Reply

    They look so yummy and fancy, the perfect gift for friendship or family

  87. Nicole Woods Reply

    Aside from the whole chocolate aspect…? I love the signature binders. They’re so cute and unique, and much nicer than just a little gift box!

  88. Kate Slack Reply

    The art work on the chocolates is amazing, they look almost too good to eat!

  89. Katie Henderer Reply

    I love the thoughtful and beautiful presentation of these chocolates. Makes gifting chocolate an experience for the receiver.

  90. Chloe Moston Reply

    What better way to end the day after my son has gone to bed and indulge in a box all to myself!

  91. stephen elsworthy Reply

    The dilemmas we face; do i apologise for being wrong and share my box of chocolates or let her stew for another night waiting for my apology and eat these all on my own.
    Naw I’ll share!

  92. Chocolate!!!! what more do I need to love about that …
    Well actually .. the packaging! it’s absolutely gorgeous .. and so special.

  93. I love the time taken to beautifully decorate each individual piece. Its a piece of art in itself.

  94. Charl Lowther Reply

    They look amazing, sound divine, lovely flavours and beautifully presented! Great for so many occasions!

  95. For a chocoholic like me this would be all my birthdays, Christmases and any other special occasions coming in all at once.

  96. Richard Harrison Reply

    These amazing handcrafted beautiful choccies are making me drool!

  97. Kasey Evans Reply

    I never tasted Carpe Koko chocolate before but they sound devine, if i won id have to hide them from my chocolate loving kids LOL!

  98. jane whelan Reply

    I have never heard of Koko Chocolate until today but they look divine and so yummy.. I would love to have a delivery of these just in time for my Birthday hopefully.

  99. Paige Yang Reply

    It’s not only yummy chocolate, it’s art too. Really wish I could win these beautiful chocolate to share with my families.

  100. Renee Bolton Reply

    These look amazing, some yummy looking flavors make my mouth water!
    As a chocolate lover, it would be great trying these out! 🙂

  101. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that the CARPE KOKO chocolates offer a unique, indulgent present for that person we all know who has everything.

  102. They look so yummy and can’t wait to try them if I win. Love chocolate it’s my number one favourite.

  103. Natasha Page Reply

    I Love that the CARPE KOKO chocolates are an Adults only Luxury that sound Absolutely Delicious! What a Simply Sweet Indulgence! Yum!

  104. Tara Corballis Reply

    I love the artistic talent that goes into creating these tiny masterpieces

  105. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Love the romance the desire, the chic style and amazing range. Great for a naughty weekend away xxx Please spoil these first time parents xxxx

  106. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    With New Chocolate to Try comes great responsibility and i am up for the challenge

  107. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Indulgent, hidden in my bottom desk draw, the perfect pick me up at work with my coffee

  108. They look wonderful, but can’t judge a book by it’s cover! Definitely need to try them and find out if they taste as good as they look!! 😀

  109. Tony MacKenzie Reply

    I have not tried CARPE KOKO chocolates yet but they look like something I NEED to try. Great presentation.

  110. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I love that these chocolates make the perfect gift. Might have to have some on hand for last minute gifts for Christmas…

  111. Yvonne 'von' Ryan Reply

    l absolutely love my Chocolates , l would really appreciate the experience of tasting such a fine chocolate

  112. Natalie Hage Reply

    Life has been tough lately and having such a special treat would give me something to look forward to. Chocolate is my one true love

  113. They are so seductively decadent! Perfect for relaxing in a bubble bath, letting each piece melt slowly on my tongue, while the bubbles pop energetically around me.

  114. This is the perfect gift to give to our oncologist who I am forever grateful for doing an amazing job in take care of my husband. Hoping to win!

  115. Juanita Munro Reply

    Because I’m a chocoholic and need my fix of Karpe Koko x

  116. Bayside Mum Reply

    What I love about Carpe Koko chocolates is they are a super indulgent treat I can share with friends who will appreciate them!
    Because at home I have a hubby who is a plain “steak and veg” eater and fussy young children, so I wouldn’t get that mutual satisfaction of enjoying deluxe food with someone at home!

  117. Christie Louise Reply

    This is the perfect ‘Gold’ gift to give someone who is hard to buy for! My brother, sister and father are the worst to buy for!!!! This is the perfect gift!

  118. Christina E Reply

    The gift box looks fantastic not like your boring old gift box you get with most chocolates. Extremely enticing for everyone not only the chocolate lovers. The perfect gift that can be shared amongst Many.

  119. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Nothing better than enjoying delicious Cape Koko Chocolate with my family and friends. Just perfect deserts for everyone and every day. I really love this prize very much.

  120. alanna jane Reply

    What i love about Carpe Koko is if i tell my hubby they are an aphrodisiac he will say go on you eat the whole box…lol

  121. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    “Carpe Koko” is the Epiphany of gourmet delights. The smoothest of Chocolate and the fillings are to die for.

  122. Tamara Moore Reply

    I’d love to have the chance to be able to enjoy some delicious chocolate that looks anything but like chocolate, instead the varieties on offer look like art pieces.

  123. Shannon Wotton Reply

    I’d love to recieve such an amazing treat,
    These Carpe KOKO chocolates look almost too good to eat,
    I’d savour every delicious bite,
    No way I’d be sharing this indulgent delight!

  124. viviennedobin Reply

    I love that Carpe KOKO chocolates are a work of art it seems a shame to eat them,

  125. Isabeau Jane Reply

    They’re a work of art as well as a delicious morsel of chocolate goodness!

  126. Rachel Ch'ng Reply

    I love the whole package that comes with Carpe Koko chocolates. From the elegant yet mysterious looking box that encase the decadent morsels to the beautifully crafted masterpieces that beckons one to have a taste. As a gift, it is classy and will leave an unforgettable impression.

  127. Valerie Wee Reply

    Carpe Koko looks beautiful and elegant. It is the best feeling to own it and share with my love one.

  128. Kerry Vincenti Reply

    The Carpe Koko looks amazing and can’t wait to try them.

  129. Tess Eames Reply

    You only live once and that’s not long enough to hold back from experiencing all the chocolate the world offers, Carpe Diem – Carpe Koko!

  130. Antoinette Reply

    I have 3 little parasites (boys) who always eat my food, so I’d love some Carpe Koko all to myself!! I’d hide it my house like contraband and wait for them to go to sleep before devouring each piece!!

  131. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    Artful chocolate, looks indulgent, would love to share it with my hubby, with all our kids sucking down everything in sight it would be our own yummy lil secret

  132. sars_angelchik Reply

    I love the gorgeous and unique designs, there is nothing like the look of joy on someones’ face when they see the quality and the care that went into selecting such a special gift.

  133. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko has sophisticated and elegant package for their superior quality of chocolates. I would share my prize with those closet to me and keeping the package. I really love these beautiful chocolates .

  134. James Pizzey Reply

    have not had the chance to try The Carpe Koko chocolates would be a awesome experience

  135. Janine McNaughton Reply

    To be able to pop a little ‘masterpiece’ inside my mouth and taste all those amazing flavours would take my tastebuds to another stratosphere! It’s decadent, indulgent & needs to Come home, lol

  136. Heaven in a box! And how much better does it look that a generic box you buy from Coles/Woolies. Definitely a stylish choc to make a special persons day (or my own quite frankly)

  137. What a great gift for those who don’t drink wine or do flowers but LOVE chocolates. Packaged in style!

  138. I’d seize the day with my Carpe Koko, sneak into the pantry I would go!

  139. They bring me back to the present which teaches me to live in the now!

  140. Linda Luczak Reply

    Carpe Koko chocolates…decadent, deluxe, demure…to die for!

  141. Having never tasted them I can only imagine the flavour – decadent chocolate and fillings, but I truly love their packaging

  142. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My family’s favourite food is chocolate and chocolate has special place in my family. This Carpe Koko Chocolate has perfect flavours for every Chocolate Lover. I really love this prize . So amazing and wonderful….

  143. These look divine, they are the best looking chocolates I have seen and the box they come in is so unique and luxurious. I love everything about these chocolates

  144. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolate has sophisticated and stunning package designs and superior quality. Chocolate is a truly universal dessert with amazing flavours. I would share this wonderful prize with my chocolate addiction family.

  145. So much nicer than a store bought pack of chocolates. Just lifts the bar on gift giving without the stress!

  146. Carpe KoKo! Stunningly styled and packed particularly for your enjoyment. The perfect gift for any occasion and one that melts in the mouth.

  147. What a delicious treat! I think they look absolutely beautiful!

  148. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Amazing, they look absolutely stunning. Like little pieces of chocolate art. No doubt they are as delicious as they look.

  149. Tracy Davis Reply

    They look so elegant, perfect for a special occassion, and I’m sure they taste as good as they look.

  150. Margaret Ann Davies Reply

    They look amazing & I am sure they taste as good as they looked & the packing so elegant, what a awesome gift for that special someone that you have trouble buying for, will definitely be looking for these for Christmas gifts

  151. Colin Burt Reply

    Great looking choccies presented in a really special way, just right for that really special person

  152. Sharon Markwell Reply

    I’m a total chocaholic with no chance at redemption so Carpe Koko are made for me!

  153. Love the presentation and the chocolates look delicious, excited to try one or maybe two

  154. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolate has stunning and beautiful packag for their delicious chocolates. I love it.

  155. CARPE KOKO gift boxes are more like a luxurious box where each chocolate needs to be saviored.

  156. Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I havent tried them yet but no doubt if i was given the chance it will be love at first sight!

  157. Lauren Thomas Reply

    I love the taste of CARPE KOKO chocolates. They are delicious and I am a chocoholic! I would love to share this prize with my family if I won because they are chocoholics as well.

  158. Oh what beautiful gifts they would make, the problem would be for me is not to eat them before gifting them.

  159. Belinda Mouk Reply

    The treats look delectable and the flavours sound amazing.. I can’t wait to try them.

  160. I just adore the packaging! So stylish and oerfect for a thankyou gift!

  161. Julie Krieg Reply

    When the stresses of life get you down, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. That’s why x

  162. Xzavia Green Reply

    The amount of sucking up or romancing to be done is defined by the tiers hahaaaaa. Love it!

  163. Kylie Sneddon Reply

    Love the packaging and design and that you can have them delivered so they are the perfect gift for any occasion!

  164. Anna Gikas Reply

    Perfect decadent gift for a special sister in law who spoils me whenever she can ❤

  165. Lisa Gazis Reply

    I love how they create imagination and excitement to my eyes immediately as they are sighted, where then my mind and tummy start to crazily go wild with thoughts of how they must taste and will please my tastebuds and satisfy my little belly dancers eagerly waiting for a hit of sugar before finally soothing my soul and making me feel complete.

  166. rachel sinclair Reply

    these chocolates look like little works of art, this chocoholic is droooollliingg!

  167. They look almost too stunning to eat, but after temptation for a while, I weaken at my knees and enjoy every single moment and mouthful, such divine.

  168. Amie Webber Reply

    Would love to have the delicious experience of CARPE KOKO melting in my mouth taking my mind and taste buds to exotic destination with every chocolate and I really need a seratonin boost.

  169. Everyone deserves a decadent treat once in their lifetime and CARPE KOKO does this which is what I love about them

  170. Christopher King Reply

    I appreciate the artistry of true chocolatiers, and love the pure indulgence of their high-end chocolate work. Carpe KOKO IS edible art.

  171. Christine Douglas Reply

    OMG, I would just buy these for myself, they are so beautiful!

  172. C: Creamy

    A: And delicious chocolate that’s

    R: Really elegant and indulgent

    P: Perfect way to unwind and

    E: Experience the delicious flavours

    K: Keep it for special

    O: Occasions. I’m

    K: Keen to try them

    O: Out!

  173. Willy Wonka and Mr Cadbury don’t understand, that a delicious treat like this will always have the upper hand. Forget diamonds and pearls, chocolate is my best friend. Carpe Koko chocolates are creamy and indulgent to no end.

  174. Steph Whitehead Reply

    Their decadence and luxuriousness, and just look at their presentation, stunning 🙂

  175. Lisa Abejja Reply

    The boxes open like a gorgeous jewellery box revealing the delightful gems within!! Oh the temptations to choose from *swoon*

  176. What is not to love… i am addicted to chocolate and this adds bling and excitement to an irrasitable delight.
    Carpe Koko will make the perfect gift to those who i want to surprise with a “just because” or “a little something to cheer you up”… the gift giving is endless with this.
    Cant wait to try these delectable delights

  177. Crystal Skye Reply

    I would LOVE to get this and send it to either my boss or partner (that way I get to munch on some too), it would be so beautiful to share this with someone!

  178. Andieharrie Reply

    CARPE KOKO are so pretty in their special box
    better gift than jocks n socks
    These chocolates are the prefect treat
    delicious and oh so sweet
    Love the glamorous design
    CARPE KOKO will be a favourite of mine

  179. The colourful variety, wouldn’t get that in a box of cadburys!

  180. Jenny Feakes Reply

    Never a treat always a treat
    Delicious and Wicked
    melts on your tongue
    yummy and sweet
    carpe koko i love you

  181. Jenny Russell Reply

    A little luxury just for me! I don’t think I could share with my family.

  182. It would be hard to choose if they would be a treat for me or shared but either way they look so beautiful you don’t want to eat them

  183. Katie Rudder Reply

    One bite of paradise as an escape each day! But to be honest I would share with my bubby boy and partner, this mummy can’t say no!

  184. You eat with your eyes and by seeing that beautiful packaging before even opening it will definitely whet your desire for the delectable chocolates within!

  185. Indria Purnamasari Reply

    I love Carpe Koko Chocolates,
    Perfect for nights between my dates,
    Don’t want to share with my mate,
    My diet plan can always wait.

  186. I think they look totally lush and I kind of want to do something naughty to have an excuse to send them as an apology 😛

  187. I love the thought of becoming addicted to these delicious looking chocolate works of art after trying them for the first time.

  188. The things I love the most about the Carpe Koko chocolates is the unique box and the amazing look of the chocolates that stands out from regular chocolate you would see at your local supermarket

  189. Delectable, divine, delicious, dreamy and creamy = why I’m loving Carpe Koko Chocolates!

  190. Figgypudding Reply

    Beautiful outside, irresistible inner, boxed to perfection,
    they’re an absolute winner

  191. Hayley Murrells Reply

    Finally delicious chocolates i can eat in the pantry when the kids aren’t looking! These choccies are soooooo not for kids.

  192. Lisa Amiet Reply

    Wow! These look ALMOST too good to eat, something pretty and yummy!!

  193. ChristineBB Reply

    Delicious, desirable, decadence.
    Exquisite from the box to each indulgent chocolate. Carpe Koko chocolates are the epitome of luxury and excellence.

  194. Carpe Koko is a luxury few can afford!! I’d love to indulge myself with these after a horrible week of exams xoxox

  195. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolate has delicious flavours to share with my family and friends. I would keep the package for my jewellery. Love this prize and thank you.

  196. Nicole Hendrie Reply

    Such beautiful looking chocolates.. so nice you wouldn’t want to eat them. Plus the packaging is to die for.

  197. Kerrie Moss Reply

    There is a luxe quality to these chocolates that are sure to make me feel like a million dollars whilst indulging!

  198. Jane Gardam Reply

    Oh my these chocolates look absolutely divine, Not only that the box is simply beautiful. I need these in my life now, or at least when the kids go to bed.

  199. These chocolates are a feast for all the senses – the chocolates and packaging look and feel amazing, they smell divine and the taste is heavenly!

  200. I could say it would be the gift that keeps on giving, a present for all occasions, as well as being the sassiest and most luxurious looking chocolates I’ve seen. However….the reality is I want them, all of them, the whole CARPE KOKO experience all to myself!

  201. Tayla Monahan Reply

    I literally could not think of anything to get my manager for Christmas… until now

  202. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Love the variety and choice clearly a winner Carpe Koko for cheering people up.

  203. Oh I don’t know never tried them but love the packaging, packaging always draws me in

  204. Donna Parker Reply

    Chocolate chocolate chocolate
    What else can I say I love chocolate

  205. catherineelaine Reply

    The designs look absolutely stunning and make me want to reach into my screen to try them!

  206. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    It’s chocolate, what more do I need to say?! Seriously, they look amazing and so decadent, I’d love to spoil myself.

  207. Samala Cambridge Reply

    The most amazingly decadent chocolate that can touch your lips! Firstly it’s the most beautiful chocolate to look at then to taste it! It takes you to another place!

  208. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I’m a choco-a-holic and I have never heard of this brand, it looks divine, where can I get this because I need it NOW! *drools* 😛

  209. amandagorton Reply

    These chocolates are like a piece of art! I love that each piece creates a different story and can transport my sense to an exotic place.

  210. Marissa Parsons Reply

    The look absolutely delicious. I don’t know if I could give them away!

  211. These would be a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth – the packaging is just gorgeous and would look great after all the chocolates have gone, used to store bits and bobs.

  212. They look majestic! I would be absolutely thrilled to be surprised with these scrumptious small delicate chocolate gift. Just the right amount of indulgence I need in my life xx

  213. Parminder Chhokar Reply

    Not only are they gorgeous but I’m loving the unique flavors too.

  214. Sapphire Sky Burton Reply

    My family are going to be gathering at mine where I would so love to present a luxurious CARPE KOKO ‘Ambrosia’ chocolate gift box.

  215. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Chocolate has perfect flavour without words. Carpe Koko Chocolate has my attention, It would bring a lot of joys and happiness into my family. We love chocolate and I love Carpe Koko package designs, just perfection.

  216. Kylie Embury Reply

    If life is like a box of chocolates then I want my life to be like a box of Carpe Koko! Elegant and intriguing with the most delicious, indulgent flavours! A perfect way to celebrate out 18th wedding anniversary this month! Seize the chocolates I say 😉

  217. I imagine that I will be blown away by the intensity of the flavours after a long day – but won’t really know until I try the Carpe Koko Chocolates!

  218. Everybody needs a little bit of luxury in their lives and the Carpe Koko Chocolates are definitely luxurious!

  219. I’m not even kidding, I had a dream about a KOKO Black box of chocolates that looked exactly like this two nights ago! Spooky!

  220. Renee Chung Reply

    I love how there is so much diversity to the chocolates! I can’t wait to try them all! I am not one of those people that have a preference for white, milk or dark – I love all three, or combinations, with or without fillings and decoration. Mmmmmm chocolate! 😀

  221. Rhetoric_Al Reply

    What I love about Koko chocolates is that I haven’t tried them yet. The suspense is eating my alive, like I’m going to eat those chocolates.

  222. I would love to tell you … when ‘ve tried one of these delicious little morsels!

  223. Carol Mason Reply

    The idea of Lemon zing has sent my heart racing not many companies will add this scrumptious flavour so would really love to try.

  224. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    Opening your drawer and picking a jewel is always a lovely moment. Finding a drawer full of exquisite chocolates is even sweeter.

  225. Joloveschocs Reply

    These chocolates look amazing! Amazing flavors, amazing packaging, amazing taste!

  226. Lisa Greiter Reply

    It’s time to carpe diem with a carpe Koko or I might just go loco if i don’t get one to my lips! LaLa

  227. I love that Carpe Koko chocolates are a work of art, from appearance to taste to presentation. Sumptuous and delicious… The Maldon Gold in that Ambrosia box has my name on it!!

  228. Bec D'owney Reply

    They look CHOCOblock with yumminess! And believe me, they’ll go down a TREAT.

  229. I’m most excited about that gorgeous box and packaging which I’d definitely keep. I’d love to try all those awesome flavours too. I love chocolate – it’s one of my 5 food groups!


  231. never mind the fact that it’s chocolate…so is therefore awesome to begin with…how absolutely gorgeous are they? it’d be like eating a piece of artwork…

  232. Over the coming months it’s definitely entertains season in my house and I like to have a “no brainer” treat on hand to have with coffee or a dessert to get excited about. These are so beautiful and I’m positive my daughter will claim the box to use for her jewellery already!

  233. They look absolutely gorgeous! Too good to share, the rest of the family wouldn’t appreciate such quality as I would!x

  234. Kasey Zendler Reply

    I love that the box looks like its filled with beautiful treasures! And it is because chocolate treasure is the best treasure of all!

  235. What is not to love? These are so special and the perfect gift for the person that has everything but still mean the world to you! I’d send these as a very special thank you to those closest to me!

  236. They look absolutely gorgeous! Not only the box but the chocolates themselves! I’m sure they taste heavenly!

  237. I haven’t tried them before but the they look terrific and I’m sure would taste just as good

  238. Sarah Turnbull Reply

    I love the boxes and they way they look so yummy but looks so arty that you are scared to eat them. But can’t wait to try them.

  239. Adele Coone Reply

    These look amazing and luxurious. I think they’d be perfect for sending to a new mumma to celebrate a new arrival!

  240. Elizabeth Davey Reply

    a seriously smart looking gift that doesn’t cost the earth,

  241. Jennifer Troy Reply

    Because it is chocolate and what mother doesn’t need chocolate. And because I love trying new things. Oh and because it’s chocolate!

  242. Everyone loves them, there are so many yummy flavours, look great and everyone and anyone loves to receive them for what ever the reason maybe.

  243. Carpe Koko chocolates look delicious. I like how beautifully presented they are.

  244. janis white Reply

    I love all chocolate but am yet to indulge in Carpe Koko chocolates but I’m betting they will become a favourite

  245. Janelle Vassallo Reply

    This Juliet has junior quartet and our anniversary is coming, what a dream selection of confection perfection for my Romeo from this mummy for his tummy

  246. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko Chocolate has beautiful words and flavours with sophisticated package. My family would get crazy for this prize.

  247. Alison OGorman Reply

    My sister in law love Koko and we love these and as described I would really like to thank her for her strength and support over a difficult period.

  248. kathy clark Reply

    have never tasted Koko and as everyone that has loved it i would love to know what im missing out on

  249. I’ve yet to try them but they look divine and the presentation is amazing, I love their different and unique style!

  250. Ann-Marie Day Reply

    They flavour selection (blood orange spice, oh my) and how pretty do these chocolates look.

  251. It says ‘seize the moment’ to me and I definitely love the look of the choccies, just waiting to be devoured!

  252. There’s chocolate, and then there’s Koko, this is a whole new level of delight!

  253. Eva Kiraly Reply

    I looove Chocolate, I knpw I shouldnt but I eat it every day, it’s my way of relaxing after a hard day!

  254. Kylie Thomas Reply

    They are different to everything else on the market and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  255. I love that they are so unique! I can’t wait to try these delicacies.

  256. Sarah Fairley Reply

    I’m always on the lookout to try something new……and delicious

  257. Rebecca Lee Knott Reply

    that for a moment you completely forget that you’re a busy working mum of 4 who rarely has time to brush her hair let alone indulge on fine decedent chocolate… For a moment, you feel like a million dollars!

  258. Tamara Lamb Reply

    A great idea as a teacher gift! Elegant, yummy and decadent!

  259. I love chocolate and so does our family. I would love to bring these to our next family get together and surprise everyone with something brand new and yummy.

  260. Amanda Henderson Reply

    They look divine. Would definitely go down a treat right now while I’m soaking in the bath with my mud mask on!

  261. They look like works of art. They would definitely be a chocolate to savour and enjoy on a special occasion. No kids would be getting their hands on these in my house, Adults only (meaning “Mums”)!

  262. The box is gorgeous, but it’s what’s inside that counts ….. so irresistibly delicious.

  263. Santhia Keiller Reply

    I think that Carpe Koko chocolates are akin to a coffee table book, so I would leave them on my coffee table to impress.

  264. Laura Scriven Reply

    Great for guests,
    They’ll impress.
    Elegant with classic chocolate flavours,
    It’ll be a box we’d all savour!

  265. Hmmm chocolate, I love everything about chocolate, especially good-looking chocolate!

  266. Leanne White Reply

    I’m a lover of all chocolates but these ones are so stylish and sophisticated to give any one!

  267. Veronica Horvath Reply

    Carpe Koko chocolates SCREAM absolute decadence!! Perfect for every occasion, these little bites of blissful heaven have a designer edge over other competitors, making them the most exclusive and scrumptious option for chocolate-lovers!

  268. Paul Ferris Reply

    Nothing better then snuggling on the couch with chocolate, a good movie and great company

  269. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Carpe Koko has unthinkable chocolate flavours with superior quality. It has catched my attention. Love this beautiful prize and I would keep the package for my happy memories.

  270. Tess Howard Reply

    They just look adult huh? No sharing with the kids on this one….and that little gorgeous box will hid very nicely in my drawer!

  271. Kathleen Donnelly Reply

    Would feel so posh eating these exotic adult flavoured chocolates even if i still have to hide in the wardrobe to eat them

  272. I would give them to a Loving Mum who has a premature newborn to share with the dad.

  273. Would love to give this as a gift but, just thinking about how good it would taste, I’ll be a little selfish this time and eat them myself. I’d love to have box right in my bedside drawer and reach for one (or more hahaha) whenever I feel a little tired or stressed from working or being a mother – will definitely bring my mood up!

  274. Sally Wheaton Reply

    The chocolates look delicious and the packaging is luxurious. Can’t wait to try them.

  275. Julie Ford Reply

    nothing makes my heart melt more then chocolates amazing tasty and delicious

  276. Carpe Koko chocolates are so glamorous! They could turn any quiet mummy moment into a private party for one!

  277. Carpe Koko chocolates would be on our christmas table, naa just joking they would definitely be eating them asap

  278. cheerie murnane Reply

    With these chocolates I would have to bring out the good wine, served in the good glasses, so I could really put on the airs and graces. Special treat for special people and aren’t we all special to each other.

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