12 Tricks For Every New Mum to Leave the House and Our Top Tips on Newborn Baby Prams

There is something so magical about those newborn days. Just you and your newborn getting to know each other in your own little bubble. Sure you can’t remember the last time you left the house, or when you slept longer than 43 minutes, but hey, it’s all part of the magic, right?

Except there’s no food. And you are in desperate need of toilet paper and perhaps some sort of outside communication with someone who doesn’t speak in burps and farts.

Yes, it’s time to venture outside the house.

With a newborn.

Whether heading to the shops, meeting friends, going to a social event or planning a family outing, we’ve got tried and tested tips plus recommended Redsbaby prams and products from mums who have been there.

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Okay, first things first, let’s pack our bag! 

Don’t leave home without these 10 things:

  1. Spare clothes for bub (in case of a poonami)
  2. Spare shirt for you (in case of a baby spew or a boobie leak)
  3. Nappies (at least five), wipes and a small container of nappy cream
  4. A dummy (or three in case your drop the first two – hey, it happens!)
  5. A large swaddle (ideal for naps on the go)
  6. Bottle (if bottle-feeding)
  7. Small rubbish bags for poopy nappies or wet/dirty clothes
  8. A clean, dry cloth (for burping or general clean-ups)
  9. Sunscreen and a hat
  10. Hand sanitiser

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Have a baby bag fully stocked ready to grab as soon as you’re ready to leave. After you’re back home, make it a habit to restock your nappy bag with these items if you took them out or used them.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget the wipes! Have a stockpile in the car, in the nappy bag. Heck, chuck a few in your bra too. Just in case.

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Next, a newborn baby carrier!

You’re going to need one! They are ideal for promoting closeness and bonding, for keeping bub comfortable and for doing hands-free activities. Walking, hiking, shopping, anything really!

mum centralProduct Pick: You’ve probably heard of Redsbaby prams before but did you know they also make an awesome carrier? It’s called the CONNECT Plus which provides four positions from newborn to 20kg and is approved by Healthy Hips Australia.

Redsbaby connect newborn baby carrier
The Connect PLUS is ideal for newborns all the way to toddlers. Source: @mama__wise

Easy to wear, easy to adjust, easy to remove, and ideal for all seasons, the carrier stays cool in summer and warm in winter and is comfortable for ALL-DAY WEARING! There’s even an integrated extendable head shade for support and sun protection and shoulder and waist straps designed for optimum airflow. Definitely worth checking out!

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Now, moving on to choosing newborn baby prams

There’s a lot of factors to consider when selecting your newborn pram or stroller.  We all want a pram that is:

  • Lightweight and compact yet comfortable for bub. One that won’t take up heaps of space in our garage but also provides bub with room to grow, sleep and sit comfortably.
  • Easy to use! We’re talking about a stroller that easily folds up, in, and out without having to worry about being THAT mum standing in the car park, sweaty and swearing at her stupid stroller that won’t flipping fold up.
  • Easy to navigate. Puncture-proof tyres, easy steering, one-hand folds – all important!
  • Versatile. Capsule compatibility is great, as is a pram that comes with a bassinet or can turn into a double pram if you want to add another to the family.

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When it comes to Redsbaby prams, all of them tick all the boxes above and so much more. But you really can’t go wrong with their popular METRO³ Pram from Redsbaby.

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Baby’s first outing can be a bit daunting but a Redsbaby pram makes it easy to get up and go.  Source: Redsbaby

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Why the Metro³?

It’s the perfect pram for out and about with a one-handed compact fold and comes with:

  1. A bassinet plus a seat. The bassinet is even approved for overnight sleeping.
  2. Capsule compatibility. 
  3. Easy steering even in crowded areas or narrow aisles.
  4. A lightweight frame and one-handed fold. 
  5. A massive sun canopy and peek-a-boo window at the top
  6. $180 worth of included accessories to equip you for your journey.

And all for under $800 too!

mum centralHOT TIP: Splurge on the coffee holder! If your pram has this option, GET IT! It’s always a plus to have your water bottle/coffee mug within arm’s reach. No need to bend down anytime you get thirsty – priceless!

Another baby on the way? 

Calm down uterus … you just popped out a kid! But if you are looking at (maybe) adding to the tribe down the road, then a pram that transforms from single to double is always a good option.

mum centralWE RECOMMEND: Redsbaby Jive³. This nifty baby and toddler pram comes as both a single ($999) and double ($1249) pram and transforms from one of the lightest and most compact single prams into a slimline double pram.

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Source: @roseoates_

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Plus, the JIVE³ pram comes with all the bells and whistles you want in a quality pram, including 18 configurations, one-handed folding, capsule compatibility, great steering, comfortable bassinet, reversible seat, big puncture-proof tyres and of course, the streamlined look. It’s one of the most popular Redsbaby prams on the market and it’s easy to see why!

Better yet, you can even purchase a bassinet stand to use the bassinet at home – perfect for the first few months and saves on doubling up!

Redsbaby newborn pram and bassinet stand
The Redsbaby Bassinet Stand retails at $129. Source: Redsbaby

Okay, you’ve got your must-have items – a fully stocked baby bag, a newborn baby carrier and a Redsbaby pram. Now you’re ready to go. Here are a few more tips to keep under your hat.

 Asleep or awake?  That is the million-dollar question.

During most outings, you’ll probably be dealing with both a sleepy and an awake (and hungry) baby. After all, newborns only tend to stay awake between each sleep for 30 to 45 minutes.

You may prefer to let bub fall asleep in the car ride, transfer him to a pram or carrier and then go about your business.

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Baby prams and strollers that are compatible with capsules
 are a good choice as you can easily keep your newborn sleeping and simply pop the capsule onto the stroller. Easy peasy.

Britax Unity Neo Capsule
Source: Britax

Or you may prefer to leave while bub is wide awake and let him fall asleep while wheeling the pram around the shops. It’s entirely up to you.

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Redsbaby Prams are compatible with the Britax capsule and can be purchased directly from the Redsbaby website as a bundle. Source: Supplied

Personally, I would always leave straight after a feed and while my new baby was still awake. Then let bub fall asleep in the pram or carrier while out.

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Look for a pram that comes with a bassinet that offers a cool, comfortable place to place bub when it’s time to sleep.

Prepare to have your boobs out

Most likely in the car ride. I cannot even tell you how many times I would have to pull over to give my newborn a top-up in the backseat of the car. Even if we were only going 10 minutes away! There’s something about car rides that makes newborns so flipping hungry!

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Leave 15 minutes early in case you need to make a tit, sorry, I mean, pit stop.

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If ordering food while out, prepare to eat it one-handed

Seriously don’t even try to get a meal that requires BOTH a knife and fork because the moment your meal comes, bub will start fussing and need to be held.

It’s the law of newborn-hood. It’s a stupid rule, but it’s one that babies take pretty seriously.

mum central HOT TIP: Make sure you have wipes on hand for all meals too – in the event you accidentally spill sauce on baby’s head while attempting to dunk chips AND hold a feeding baby. #ItHappensALot

Don’t take on too much

A weekly grocery shop, a visit to Centrelink AND a lunch out with a mate? That may be a bit too much for your first outing with bub.

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mum central HOT TIP: Start small and work your way up. If you managed to get out of the house and back home again without a poo explosion, then that’s a big win. Do a little victory dance,  pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with coffee.

Once you’re in a groove, aim to get out of the house every day

We’re not saying to get out your social calendar and start planning events. God no.

What we mean is, once you’re up for it and don’t feel like a bus has literally smashed into your private parts, start to add a daily walk or stroll around the block to your routine.

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This is a great way to get bub used to the pram but also to give you a bit of fresh air and exercise – sooo important for your mental health! I know a 20-minute walk around the block doesn’t sound like much but it will do wonders for you both. Trust us on this!

And finally, if sh*t hits the fan, don’t worry about it

Just try again tomorrow. I cannot even count the times we had to pull over, turn back or even leave a full trolly of food in the checkout because my newborn was too hungry to wait. It’s stressful and frustrating and embarrassing, but, it’s motherhood. And it’s not always going to go to plan.

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Sorry mum, not today. Source: Bigstock

Sure, having a stocked baby bag, a just-in-case carrier, a lightweight pram – all big ticks. But having a sense of humour, an open mind and a flexible schedule – all necessary too.

And, if you also happen to have a pair spare of undies in case you accidentally sneeze and wet yourself? You’re well ahead of the game!

Good luck mumma! You got this!

This is a sponsored post for Redsbaby

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