Woman Adopts Adorable White Puppy, Or So She Thought


O.M.Gee. How cute is this little white puppy in the pic above? Couldn’t you just eat him up and take him home with you?

This is exactly what a woman named Wang did. Wang, who lives in China, fell madly in love with the little white puppy as soon as she spotted him at a pet store. She thought he was a Japanese Spitz and happily paid the $190 fee for him.

dog fox
Who could resist this face? Source: Shanxi Television

The fox or the hound?

Japanese Spitz pups are commonly white and fluffy but her furry friend seemed a bit different. For one, her pup never barked. Like ever. He also turned his nose up at dog food.

At about three months old, the dog started to grow out of that adorable puppy look and developed a long, furry tail and a pointed face. Hmmm…

mum central
Source: Shanxi Television

The dog’s fur continued to get thicker and thicker too and other dogs appeared to be afraid of Wang’s best friend. But the dog remained loyal to Wang. He would walk with her on a lead, loved cuddles and happily lived inside with his master.

After about a year, Wang decided to just double-check the breed of her dog. She took him to Sun Letian, an expert in animal epidemic prevention at Taiyuan Zoo.

Turns out, her Japanese Spitz isn’t a Spitz at all. He’s a white fox.

mum central
Sorry to tell you love, but that’s not a dog. Source: Shanxi Television

What the fox is that??? 

“Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox. It carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows older,” Letian told Wang, The Mirror reported.

Apparently, it’s actually sort of common for breeders to attempt to pawn foxes off as dogs in order to make some dough. Some media outlets claim that certain breeds of foxes actually make decent pets and act similar to an aloof house cat.

But, for Wang, the idea of keeping her dog fox domesticated wasn’t in his best interest. He’s expected to continue to grow and turn more ‘fox-like’ in the future so Wang made the difficult decision to give her fox up.

Probably a good choice.


The white fox now lives at the zoo where he’s free to roam without a lead and isn’t exposed to Pedigree dog food on a daily basis. It’s reported that Wang still visits him often.

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dad buys son dinosaur
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