Nicole Kidman’s Brilliant Emmy Speech Speaks to All Mums

Sometimes, mumma’s gotta work. And, as much as it sucks, it has to be done.

This is the message that Nicole Kidman so gracefully delivers during her Emmy award acceptance speech. And it’s an important message for all mums, especially if you are struggling with the whole work/mum balance thing.

All of us, including mum-of-four Nicole Kidman, know how tricky it can be to find the happy medium when juggling career and children.

On Sunday night Nicole took the stage at the Emmy’s to accept an award for her work with HBO miniseries Little Big Lies. The Aussie superstar looked absolutely radiant in her red ballgown, but it was her speech that had the biggest impact on our minds (and our hearts).

As Nicole thanks her husband, Keith Urban and her children, the mum begins to tear up, especially when she mentions her two youngest children, daughters, Sunday and Faith.

“I have a huge artistic family who supported me throughout all my ups and downs,” she said. “You have been so loyal to me throughout my whole life thank you for that.”

“I have two little girls — Sunnie and Faith. And my darling Keith who I asked to help me pursue this artistic path. And they have sacrificed so much for it.

“So this is yours. I just want my two little girls to have this on their shelf and to look at it and go, ‘Every time my mumma didn’t put me to bed it’s because of this — (at least) I got something!’”

Nicole hits the mark when it comes to mummy guilt

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It’s a speech we all can relate to. After all, how many times have you felt the pangs of guilt dropping the little ones off at daycare? How many times have you wiped away the tears as you drive to work in the morning?  How many days have you wanted to call in sick simply because you would rather spend all day doing puzzles with her wee one?

For many mums, working is a must. It’s non negotiable.

But every time we do the daycare drop off, every time we turn into “work mummy” and every time we arrive late for school pickup (sorry Jacob!), it’s for our children.

So, thank you Nicole, for reminding us of this.

Nicole didn’t only fly the flag for working mamas in her victory speech – she also spoke out for victims of domestic violence. Nicole, who played a woman trapped in an abusive marriage, said she hoped the win would show her daughters the power of acting.

“I want them to know that sometimes when you’re acting you get a chance to bring a bigger message and this is their contribution and your contribution. We shone a light on domestic abuse,” she said.

“It is a complicated, insidious disease. It exists far more than we allow ourselves to know. It is filled with shame and secrecy. And by you acknowledging me with this award, it shines a light on it even more. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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