NUK Temperature Control Baby Bottles Ensure the Perfect Temperature, Every Time

Bottle feeding just got a whole lot less stressful and a whole lot more reassuring thanks to the innovative NUK temperature control baby bottles. That’s right parents – it’s a baby bottle that can tell you if your bottle is too hot or just right, taking one of the biggest worries out of making and feeding your baby a bottle.

I cannot tell you how many times I was anxious about this when giving my kids a bottle, especially at night when extreme tiredness came into play. Having this extra peace of mind that the temperature is just right is a godsend.

We’d love for new mums to give this incredible technology a try.

NUK Temperature Control baby bottles are a huge hit for mum and bub.


The NUK Temperature Control feature is a real game-changer

NUK has been a big name in the baby business for over 60 years now and we have always loved their range. Their products are designed with the help of midwives, doctors and nutritionists and are consistently surpassing international standards and winning awards.

Their innovative range is loved by parents, but it’s also loved by babies, which is a big deal when you’re trying to convince your little one to take a dummy or bottle.

The NUK Temperature Control innovation is now available on all NUK First Choice and Nature Sense Bottles.

This is a first for baby bottles and it couldn’t come soon enough! The reassurance of knowing you’re not going to accidentally burn bub’s mouth is absolutely priceless.

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The perfect temperature, every time

Regardless of whether you’re bottle feeding 100% or just using a bottle once in a while, it’s such a relief to know you are getting it right every time. NUK temperature control baby bottles also come in handy at night when you’re probably only half-awake and unsure of how you even got into the kitchen, let alone how to make a bottle.

It’s also comforting to know that if someone else is feeding bub a bottle, such as a babysitter or relative, they can rely on the temperature control to get it right. Knowing the exact temperature for a bottle isn’t common knowledge – I can’t tell you how many times my mum tried to feed my daughters a bottle that was WAY too hot! Clearly, I was an 80s baby.

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How does the temperature control work?

It’s actually really clever! The thermometer is printed within the graduation marks of the bottle and instantly changes if the milk is too hot.

  • If the temperature is right (37°C), the indicator will be blue
  • If the temperature is too hot, the indicator will turn white

Plus, having the indicator already built into the NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles, you don’t have to buy it separately. The First Choice+ range is also a firm favourite for babies so you are not only getting the peace of mind of a perfectly-made bottle, but also the assurance bub will accept it.

FUN FACT: 99% of babies accept NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle*

For several years NUK First Choice+ has been the first choice for transitioning from breast to bottle. The special NUK shape is modelled on a mum’s nipple, making it more natural and less confusing for breastfed babies.

Every little detail of the teat mimics the breast, including the soft zone and silicone baglet which provides a better fit against the roof of the baby’s mouth. The shape of the teat is also designed to leave your baby’s tongue and jaw enough room for natural sucking movements and encourage healthy jaw development. Pretty smart, right?

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Plus, First Choice+ baby bottles come with an improved Anti-Colic Air System that creates a natural flow so that your baby can drink in a relaxed way without swallowing air.

Temperature control. Natural teat. Anti-colic. The perfect baby bottle DOES exist!

Not to mention the fact that First Choice+ baby bottles are also durable and incredibly easy to clean. Plus all NUK Temperature Control Baby Bottles are made of light, resilient polypropylene, free from harmful substances and odourless. They are even suitable for freezing, perfect for expressing.

Breastfeeding or not, most parents will opt to bottle feed at some stage. It might be made from formula. It might be filled with breastmilk. It might be every feed or it might be once a month so mum can take a break.

What we love about the NUK Temperature Control Baby Bottle range is that no matter how often you bottle feed, you get the assurance that the temperature is just right and that bub will be happy to drink from it. This peace of mind is worth its weight in liquid gold!

Discover the NUK Temperature Control Baby Bottles and see for yourself.

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Important: NUK Temperature Control is intended as an additional check. Therefore, the temperature should still be checked manually before actual feeding. To check the food, it is suitable to put a few drops on the inside of the wrist.


This is a sponsored post for NUK

* Scientific study: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6. For more information go to:

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