Octonauts fans rejoice! In readiness for the Octonauts LIVE! Operation Reef East Coast Regional Tour heading your way soon, we’ve got two fabulous Octonauts Live packs up for grabs to two lucky readers!

Join Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and Medic Peso, together with the rest of the Octonauts team as they head to a stage near you this June. In their first ever stage show held in Australia, these quirky and courageous undersea adventurers are always ready to dive into action! It is their mission to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean.

To celebrate, we’ve got two prize packs to give away to two lucky readers.

Octonauts Live Prize Pack 1 – A Fisher-Price Octopod Playset


Octonauts Live Prize Pack 2 – A fabulous Octonauts Merchandise Bundle

  • ‘Octonauts and the Orcas’ Book
  • ‘Octonauts to the Rescue’ Sticker Book
  • ‘Octonauts Pirate Playtime’ Sticker Book
  • ‘Octonauts and the Adelie Penguin’ Book
  • ‘Octonauts: The Amazing Octopod’ Book
  • Octonauts Magazine
  • Octonauts 3 Piece Dinner Set (plate, cup, bowl) worth
  • Octonauts 3D Place Mat
  • Octonauts-Prize-Pack-2


To enter, simply tell us which prize you’d prefer in the comments below and complete the entry form and you’re in the running!

To enter, simply tell us which prize you’d prefer in the comments below and complete the entry form and you’re in the running!

BONUS ENTRIES:  Share with your friends on Facebook and for every friend that enters, you’ll get another entry into the draw! Plus, come back each day for a bonus entry and you’re in with even more of a chance!

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Good luck!

Win an Octonauts Prize Pack – 2 to be Won!


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  1. Pack 2 pls (as my son already has pack 1) – he is octonauts obsessed and is really loving the books from the library at the moment.

  2. Claire Veart Reply

    Prize pack 1 please! My 4 year old would love to play with it!

  3. Diane Huggett Reply

    pack number 2 please, my 5 yr old is a mad keen octonauts fan.

  4. John Halls Reply

    I am pretty sure little Levayah would love either, but, as I have to choose, I will pick PACK 2 as she seems to get a lot of enjoyment from ‘reading.’

  5. Would be happy with either, but she would especially love pack 2

  6. Pack 2 – the perfect encouragement needed to leave Captain Barnacle and crew and his adventures in the bath and to discover more Octonaut adventures with bedtime Octonaut stories.

  7. Elena Ellul Reply

    Prize pack two
    Full of treasure
    Is what we’d like
    To share together
    Two young fans
    You see, live here
    Peso and Kwasi
    held most dear

  8. Prize Pack #2 please – master 3 loves Octonauts and stickers – in that order!

  9. Trish Leonard Reply

    Pack number two would be fantastic please. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Silvia Lee Reply

    i would love to win prize pack 2 for my girl! She is currently in love with stickers and kept wanting us to buy more for her, moreover she loves orca and penguins!

  11. Prize pack 1 – my little girl stops in her tracks and marvels at it when she sees it in the shop.

  12. Tegan Morgan Reply

    My sons would love either pack.
    Pack 2 would be awesome for them

  13. Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    1 as my kids love making up their own stories and they can act them out

  14. Prize pack 2 please! My son is a HUGE fan and I have been looking everywhere for Octonauts books and haven’t been able to find any, so this would be awesome

  15. Eugene Kee Reply

    Prize Pack #2 please!! My son will LOVE the books!! They are so hard to find in stores!

  16. Crossing our fingers for the Octonauts Live Prize Pack 1 please! Our little Octonauts obsessed son would love & play with this for hours 🙂

  17. Tali Claire Reply

    I’d love both but if I had to pick it’d be No. 2 please!

  18. Sarah Fleming Reply

    I would love Prize 1 (but either would be very well received by my little guy!)

  19. Leasha Sanigar Reply

    Prize pack 2 please, both kids love reading and this would be great to add to our collection. My son loves stickers at the moment to.

  20. Octonauts Live Prize Pack 2 –please my grandchildren will love it ty

  21. HesterJane van der Straaten Reply

    I would love prize 1 thanks! Actually my son would lose his shizzle over it and I entered with his name: Sterling Banyard

  22. Dorothy Poole Reply

    I have 2 great niece’s who would love this so much…. Either prize would be loved so much.

  23. Meagan Berzins Reply

    Prize 2 please, the Octonauts bundle. My little girl would just love it

  24. Sacha Pech Reply

    Prize 2 please; can never have enough story books in our house!

  25. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    I would love pack 2 for my little mans up coming birthday

  26. Sheree Brown Reply

    prize pack 2 would be wonderful, and would make my sons day, he is seriously obsessed with Octonorts.

  27. Tamara Lamb Reply

    Prize pack number 1 please for my son. He loves the Octopod!

  28. Cherie Guest Boucher Reply

    Prize pack 1 for my grandson he goes mad for

  29. Karen Kandalaft Reply

    My daughter would love prize pack 2 – she loves stickers!!

  30. Kirby Olsen Reply

    My Son would love prize pack 1. He can’t get enough of Octonauts 🙂

  31. Andy Viitae Reply

    My little boy would love both of the pack 🙂 but pack 1 would suit him, I reckon.

  32. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    Prize pack 2 would be best for my little man. He loves stickers.

  33. Shirley Chang Reply

    My son will love pack 1. He’s always asking for more!!!

  34. Jenny Bartel Reply

    I would love the 2 prize that way I can share it with all my grandkids. .

  35. My kids would love to share prize pack 2, something in there for all of them!!!

  36. Tania Hardman Reply

    Prize 2 please. My boys were lucky enough to get the Octopod for their b’day (they are a day apart) but they are super Octo-fans and would love ANYTHING OCTONAUTS !!! 😀

  37. Prize Pack 1 please! My girls are crazy about the Octonauts and would love an Octopod to play with their little figurines in.

  38. Jane Somerville Reply

    1 or 2 would be great! Would be do lucky to win either!!!!!

  39. Lauren Barker Reply

    I’d love to win prize pack 1. The octopod play set was all my son wanted for his birthday but i couldn’t buy it locally. He was very disappointed.

  40. Prize pack 1 please, my daughter loves playing with her friends playset and would go crazy for her own!

  41. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Prize pack 2, would provide so much fun, both are fantastic!

  42. Kenn Holmes Reply

    My 3 and 2 year olds run from the other side of the house when they hear the theme song of Octonauts and I think my 2 year old actually said Peso before Daddy.

    Prize pack 1 would be great as they already have the placemats, plates and cups:) They won’t eat without them! Thank you!

  43. My 2 boys 4 and 2 would love prize pack 2 as they already have prize pack 1 and they love their Octonauts!

  44. Krystal Ovenden Reply

    My little man would love prize pack 2 please! Good luck to all entered 🙂

  45. Natasha Long Reply

    My girls would have great fun with either. Playing with the play set or reading all those books!

  46. Either one would be amazing but pack too more as my boy LOVES books!

  47. Melanie J Patterson Reply

    Hard one to pick! I think we have the books but not the sticker book… but we don’t have any Playset and this looks preeeetty cool!! My little one would LOOOVe this! Pack 1 please!

  48. Prize pack 1 would be fabulous so then both my children can play together with it.

  49. My daughter Mikaela would love prize pack 2 please 🙂 Thank you

  50. Prize pack 2 please, that way all six kids can share the books..

  51. Pack 1 – My kids are obsessed with Octonauts – we such good messaging I love it too!

  52. Schona Murray Reply

    My girls would love Prize 1 as they are just learning to play together and share toys.

  53. I’d love the merchandise pack #2. My son loves Octonauts and so does my nephews.

  54. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    The Octopod Playset please, my kiddies would love to play with their Octonaut friends!

  55. Prize pack
    O-ne is awesome for my
    C-hild who is
    O-ctonauts Obsessed!
    N-ow he will be
    A-sking for it everyday
    T-his daddy
    S-plendidly won it for him!

  56. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My little one would love Prize Pack 2, he is discovering that books are just as much fun as the Octonauts so together they’d be great.

  57. Prize Pack One would make my son’s day,
    The Octopod Set would give him hours of play.

  58. Prize pack 1 or 2 would be awesome for my gorgeous little grandkids who are octonauts fans

  59. Annela Christie Reply

    Captain Barnacles is here to save,
    and Pirate Kitty is all the rave,
    so Octonauts pack number 2
    is the prize we go to 🙂

  60. kylie martin Reply

    Pack 2 please miss 5 loves octonauts and reading combo of 2 wins hands down

  61. Prize pack 2 please! My little man loves books and the Octonauts so that would just make his day!

  62. Julia Morton Reply

    2 as my son would love the dinner set and would make meal times fun and inviting for him

  63. Melissa Gannon Min Reply

    My son loves books anytime of books and he would absolutely love octonauts dinner set so would love prize pack 2

  64. Lauren Neil Reply

    Prize pack 1 please. My daughter has played with it at a friends house and would love one herself

  65. Our 2.5 year old son (aka the biggest Octonauts fan in the world :)) would be happy to have either prize pack one or two please! Although he certainly loves reading books and no doubt Octonaut books would encourage him to read more. Perhaps Octonauts plates would encourage him to eat more vegetables too!? Thanks for the opportunity to enter. 🙂

  66. NICOLE NOBLE Reply

    My son loves to read so it would have to be Prize Pack 2 thanks 🙂

  67. Prize pack no. 1 please, looks great for play time in the bath or the wading pool.

  68. Cassandra Reed Reply

    Prize pack 2. My son adores octonauts and the books will add to our library for bedtime reading

  69. Elisa Kilmore Reply

    Prize pack 2 please, my nearly 3 year old daughter and 10 month old son love Octonauts. My daughter calls them “nauts”

  70. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Prize pack 2 looks sea-worhty wth books for the kids to go on the under water adventures right before bed

  71. darrell perabo Reply

    prize pack two please looks very good for my little girl to read before bed

  72. carolineavard Reply

    Prize pack no 2 please for grandson master 3 your too generous…:)

  73. Jacobsmumma Reply

    Prize pack 2 for us. My boy loves reading about the Octonauts adventures.

  74. Sandra Williams Reply

    Prize pack #1 would be awesome for my 2 Octonauts fanatics!

  75. Kristen Frost Reply

    Master 3 would looooove prize pack 1 so he can re-enact his favourite Octonauts episodes!

  76. Xzavia Green Reply

    My son would adore prize pack 2 with all the books please 🙂

  77. My son will love Prize Pack 1 – The Fisher-Price Octopod Playset. Thanks

  78. Roshini Veera Reply

    My 4 year old son & 1 year old daughter will love the Octopod Playset. THEY ARE HUGE OCTONAUTS FANS

  79. My son loves octonautes. He has all the toys snd dvds but the books are hard to find. So my lil book worm would love pack 2

  80. Kylie Jayne Reply

    My son would love Prize pack 2 please! He has the Octopod playset and all of the Gups but not so much along the lines of general merchandise. He would be over the moon!

  81. Tayla Hart Reply

    My son would love prize pack 2, he has got all the octonauts toys but no books and would love this!!

  82. Prize pack 2 would suit my 6yo best. He’s crazy bout Octonauts. He cries daily that he misses it, due to it being on at bedtime…

  83. Kate Marshall Reply

    pack 2 please, my grandson loves books and stickers and especially loves the Octonauts

  84. Proze 2, She loves Octonaughts and books, so it’s the best of both worlds

  85. Samantha Bentley Reply

    Prize pack number 2- new books about things we love are always good 🙂

  86. kirsty irwin Reply

    Prize pack 2 please. She would love it. Loves books and stickers. Octonauts is an awesome bonus!

  87. Rebecca Graham Reply

    Prize Pack 1 please. My 2.5 year old would love his own Octopod!

  88. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    Prize pack 1 [one] my great Granddaughters [twins] just love the Octonauts.

  89. Either Prize, my kids love Octonauts and would be thrilled to recieve the toy OR the books

  90. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    2 please. My little learn-to-read girls would love these, as she LOVES the Octonauts

  91. My little one would love prize pack two, as she loves books and is just starting to ‘read’ (aka, recite) them herself 🙂

  92. Prize 2 please 🙂 my 15 month old son loves the octonauts and loves reading and unfortunately all the octonauts toys are for 3+ years

  93. Suzy Abou Assaleh Reply

    I prefer prize pack 2 as my 4 year old is obsessed with books and the auctonauts

  94. My 3yo son would love Prize Pack 1 so he can role-play with his favorite characters.

  95. Naomie Nolan Reply

    My son would like prize pack one – he received a Gup E pack for his birthday and would love some characters to play in it with.

  96. Prize pack number 1 please. My son loves playing with his cousin’s and this would ease the fights!

  97. Ben Mel Forge Stegemann Reply

    prize 2 as we have the octopod already My 3 yr old would be over the moon if he won this prize

  98. Harley Trashbag Ciempka Reply

    Prize pack 2 will make dinner time fun and bed time even better!!

  99. heidi shaw Reply

    Prize pack 1 would be first choice but I doubt anything Octonauts could go wrong!

  100. Olivia Griffin Reply

    Pack 1 please, my son love octonauts like, especially Pasco.

  101. Becky Belcher Reply

    Prize pack two, my boy loves adventures with the Octonauts and loves reading. He would go out of his mind to combine the two! Captain barnacle was what got him to loose the dummy a few months ago!

  102. Would love to win pack 2 for my nephew. As I just bought Pack 1 for him recently and would love another kid to take it, i would love him to read these books and the accessorises

  103. I would loooooove to win prize pack 1 please, the hours of entertainment there is mind boggling!!!

  104. Kayla Thomson Reply

    They are both awesome prizes so either one would be a fantastic surprise for my little guy 🙂

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