Ok, so receiving anonymous letters of complaints and grievances seems to be a ‘thing’ these days but this one from an angry neighbour really takes the cake.

In fact, it’s so outrageous that we’re not even convinced it’s real.

A mother from Arizona has uploaded this picture of the letter found in her letterbox from an apparently disgruntled neighbour and we predict another internet meltdown.

Source: Facebook Page - Twin Cities News Talks
Source: Facebook Page – Twin Cities News Talks


Of course it’s completely laughable and ridiculous to even suggest that it’s possible to ask a small child ‘to tone it down a bit’ but maybe that’s the whole point of the letter. To me it smacks of sarcasm and a bit of cleverly placed spite… perhaps this neighbour had previously received a similarly worded letter regarding their two dogs and bird?

Our Mum Central team is divided over this one. Half of us think it’s just a disgusting piece of correspondence from an equally unpleasant person but the other half [including me!] think that it’s something else entirely.

The jury’s out – what do you think? Tell us in the comments section below!


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  1. I have a neighbour that screams at my kids when they play in our back yard coz he cant hear his television. He keeps his windows & doors open. If they dont go inside he plays music with obscene lyrics so loudly, so i am forced to bring them in and shut all our windows and doors.

    • Tammy Adamson Reply

      I would put music outside and play kids songs as loud as I can (if kids are young songs from wiggles and play school and things like that) as loud as I could rather than bringing your kids inside it’s not fair on them

  2. Tammy Adamson Reply

    Your yard your kids they should be able to play outside (doens’t happen very often these days)

  3. kylie o'malley Reply

    I think it is nice hearing kids.play outside instead off being inside playing on the computer

  4. It’s her backyard. Her child can do whatever it wants. I’d rather hear a child having fun that a dog barking because it’s bored!

  5. Cassie Pronk Reply

    Been on the receiving end of something similar years ago when my first child was 2 yo. Used to play Wiggles music in the backyard with her while we did finger painting. Instead of a letter, the old lady next door climbed, yes climbed the fence and proceeded to tell us to do our activities indoors. Then the 80 something yo shook the climbing plant on the fence all over my washing! I would never have believed it either but sadly, I don’t think its a fake. So many intolerant people in the world these days.

  6. John Halls Reply

    There is nothing more pleasant to the ears, than hearing kids laughing and enjoying themselves when at play. I have neighbours either side with young children and both families have trampolines in the back yard, so on dry sunny days, I get a double dose of kiddy laughter, screaming and general mayhem. I love it!

  7. I would keep it going, and wait til they call the police, cos im sure the police will laugh in their face

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