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10 Easy Meals to Eat with One Hand While Holding the Baby

Let’s be frank. When you have a new baby, it’s hard to eat anything that requires using a knife and fork and two hands. 

From one mum to another, the dregs of stale crackers won’t sustain you for long. When looking after a tiny person, your body needs real food. Yet that little person who is so reluctant to leave your arms is a meal-eating hurdle.

Without further ado, here’s 10 meal ideas you can eat with one hand and a baby on the hip, on the lap or on the boob. Let the smorgasbord of baby-friendly foods for mums begin!

1. Chicken tenders

Let’s be honest, these delicious chicken tenders are the grown-up version of a chicken nugget. Doesn’t matter, there’s no judging here. Season the breadcrumbs for maximum flavour and bake in the oven until crispy. If you dare, have a dipping sauce close by – but you DO risk dripping sauce on yourself and the baby.

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2. Basically anything on a stick

Kebabs reign supreme in the war on two-handed dining. Never has a new parent been so appreciative of a food carefully weaved on to a skewer. Chances are, these speared dishes can even be eaten while still relatively hot. Winning!

steak kebabs - one handed eats

3. Smoothies

I may have referred to a smoothie in the past as the lazy girl’s lunch – but sure as it is quick and effortless, it’s also very smart. Don’t have the time or the hands to make that delicious bowl of yoghurt and fruit? Just throw it straight into the blender, blitz and drink it instead. Keep chopped fruit in the freezer for even speedier execution.

smoothies - one handed eats

4. Mini quiches

Mini quiches are well worth the effort of making them – and to be fair, there’s not even a real lot of ‘effort’ involved  – just mix, pour into a muffin tin and bake. Make them simple with just bacon and cheese or dress them up with spinach and feta. Delicious hot or cold, these are leftovers you’ll be happy to eat straight from the fridge.

mini quiches - one handed eats

5. Pasties

Forget big and fancy bakery pasties, we’re all for party sized pasties when eating them single-handed with minimal fall-down. Sweet delicious pastry teamed with meat and vegetables. Pure heaven.

mini pasties - one handed eats

6. The hope filled freezer dive

You didn’t get to the shops before they closed and suddenly it’s that challenging arsenic hour combined with dinner time. You dive into the freezer and emerge with only a bag of potato gems. Just when you thought you’re dialling for pizza again – a potato gem taste sensation potentially awaits with these crispy potato, ham and cheese skewers. The kids will think you’re awesome, trust us.

potato ham and cheese sticks - one handed eats

7. Samosas

Similar but different, samosas are the spicier cousin to the humble pasty. Lamb, beef or vegetarian take your pick. Fry or oven bake – completely up to you. Of course, these are readily available in the freezer section of most supermarkets for a quick heat and eat, but making your own packs a flavoursome punch too!

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8. Pinwheels

Perfect for lunch, dinner or just a quick bite on the school pick-up run, these chicken and bacon ranch pinwheels make for a delicious finger food meal or snack. One hand meals made easy!

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9. Fruit salad

An oldie but a goodie, fruit salad. When you have two hands, prep enough fruit salad to last a couple of days and leave it in the fridge so you can easily tip some into a bowl when hunger strikes. DO make sure it’s fruit that’s not too slippery and can be plucked out of a bowl easily. No one wants kiwi fruit squished between boobs and baby.

fruit salad - one handed eats

10. Meatballs

Size DOES matter when eating meatballs with one hand. Bite sized is best and these chopsticks are merely showing off. Go in for all with your fingers or if feeling a little more human, a fork is all you need for these Thai pork meatballs.

Thai pork meatballs - one handed eats

If you have a friend with a new bub, be the most amazing friend ever by cooking one of these one hand meals to pop in their fridge when you go visit!

Want more finger food ideas to eat with one hand? Try these crunchy potato wedges or these chicken and veggie sausage rolls.

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