Skylands is in peril and Kaos has unleashed his most evil weapon yet – the Doom Station of Ultimate Doomstruction!

Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to to join the Skylanders team at Activision HQ in Sydney for a supercharged day to celebrate the impending release of Skylanders Superchargers!

There was even a hint that the day would include supercharged jet boats across Sydney Harbour and Helicopters sky-high above the city!

Now seriously, how could you say no to that!?

My willing and able sidekick James (6) was keen to join me for our epic adventure and just like that, the challenge was set!


Our day started nice and early on the red-eye out of Adelaide on our way to our epic adventure that lay ahead in Sydney! Upon arrival at the Activision office we were met with some very excited kids, a room full of gaming consoles, light up seats and, of course, a big screen where we could watch the Skylanders action unfold!


CHALLENGE 1:  Play the Brand New Skylanders Superchargers Game

To be quite frank, my son is only 6 and I have resisted chosen not to purchase a gaming console to this point as I would prefer his screen time be limited to iPads and TV. So when they asked if he’d like to be one of the first kids in Australia to play the new game, I was curious to see just how well he’d go. How hard can it be?

Next thing they’re unveiling all these clever looking toys that sit on a fancy plate in front of the TV! Essentially these toys connect to the game and bring the toy to life on the screen! Take it off and it disappears, add it on the plate and it’s instantly a character in the game. So clever! Best of all they’re really funky looking characters. Gone are the days of Space Invaders and Pacman – these characters have spunk, class and a whole lotta cheek! My first timer 6 year-old son took to the game like a duck to water. He was all over it and unlocking levels and flying through the game in no time.  #kidsthesedays


Before we knew it he’d reached the water which (apparently) meant it was time to unveil one of the new Supercharger toys. Introducing Deep Dive Gill Grunt (the character) with his supercharged boat Reef Ripper. These are the underwater characters (a fish with a tail that actually moves in real life) and the character that weirdly looks like King Neptune on steroids!

The kids had a blast but soon enough it was time for Challenge 2.  OFF WE GO!



CHALLENGE 2:  Survive the Adrenaline Jet Boat Ride on Sydney Harbour

Soon the coach arrived to take us down to Circular Quay for our next adventure … master the Jet Boat ride on Sydney Harbour. White knuckle turns, reverse throttle sprays and a whole lot of adrenaline-packed action! Quite fabulously too, the Sydney Marathon was underway so we clapped and cheered the runners on our way to the next action stop before boarding the boat. Naturally this is a pretty wet and potentially wild ride, so we donned our gorgeous purple capes and were set to go. How bad could this be? We took off under the watchful eye of their skilled driver and we were on and out in the Harbour. 3-2-1- SPIN! We held on for dear life as the boat spun around in a full 360 degree spin on the spot. Surprisingly smooth but oh we felt the force. Poor James held on like his life depended on it and once the boat had come to a stop everyone stopped screaming/squealing/praying he let out a big hurrah! What a way to see the gorgeous Sydney beaches! After 10 minutes or so we returned to the port and alighted from the boat (much to the relief of my white-knuckled sidekick). Poor boy, he was a trooper and did so well. I had a blast but did end up feeling somewhat concerned he may bring up his breakfast after a short while! Lunch was strategically announced (thankfully after and not before the boat ride) and after hearing the news, James’ face lit up! So we headed back to the coach to take us back to Activision HQ and replenish our energy stores. It was a lunch of champions! The kids were in heaven and it was gobbled up so quickly. Sandwiches and Baguettes, Fruit Skewers, chips, lollies and chocolate recharged even the most depleted Skylander’s energy bank. The kids played the games a little while more until it came time for Challenge 3.

Skylander-Superchargers-Boatride Divider

CHALLENGE 3:  Ride Sky High Over the City in a Helicopter

I mean, who’s going to say no to a fabulous challenge like this?! Most in the group hadn’t even been in a helicopter before (and it’d been years and a distant childhood memory for me!) as we headed out to the Sydney Heliport for some chopper action! Given we were flying home that arvo, we were fortunate to be one of the first to ride and I tell you the anticipation in the air was ELECTRIC! We couldn’t wait to set off high above the city and catch a real bird’s eye view of this fabulous city!

Skylanders-Superchargers Helicopter Ride

I put my hand up rather eagerly for the front seat alongside our trusty pilot with James in the back with our two prizewinners from Cartoon Network. We were pumped and once our obligatory safety training was complete, we were ready to go. O-M-G I cannot begin to explain the feeling (and the views) as we took off across the runway at Sydney airport and took hold across the sky! Maybe I’ll let some pics do the talking … simply incredible! Skylanders-Superchargers-7 Skylanders-Superchargers-6 We swept atop the city, across the harbour, taking in the stunning bays and scenery. Skylanders-Superchargers-4 What I did think was pretty spectacular was this stunning view of the rain shower coming down over Manly – definitely a bird’s eye view! Skylanders-Superchargers-12 Next we came out across the heads and then hugged the coastline as we passed Sydney’s famous beaches … and along the fabulous coastline! Watson’s Bay, Vaucluse, Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte,  Coogee … the views just kept getting better! Before we knew it we were tracking back towards the airport and our ride was coming to an end. Not before, I might add, we felt totally exhausted, overjoyed and really felt like we had had a truly action-packed and adrenaline filled day! James was almost asleep by the time the helicopter hit the ground again and it reinforced for me that my supercharged sidekick was all tuckered out and our flight home was calling. Oh what a day! Thanks a bunch to the team at Activision for flying us over for the day, we had an absolute blast! James couldn’t get the smile off his face and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! But it looks like I’ll be pulling the Wii out the cupboard and dusting it off! Yep, they even have a game released just for that! Saves us having to invest in a console (yet) and quite frankly, I’m pretty tempted to give the Skylanders Superstargers game a go myself. It honestly looked pretty damn fantastic to play as I watched over his shoulder and think my husband will say the same too! If you’re new to Skylanders, the Skylanders Superchargers Starter pack has enough to get you going, plus you can then purchase any of the extra figures and vehicles to add to your collection as you go. Target are stocking some exclusive Nitro Series vehicles so be sure to check them out too! Skylanders Superchargers is released for the following consoles:

            • Playstation 3



          • Playstation 4



          • Wii U



          • Wii



          • Xbox 360



          • Xbox One


                   For more info, visit the Skylanders Superchargers website.  Happy gaming! Divider





1.  Watch the video below

2.  Answer a few easy questions in the entry form below 3.  You could be one of our two lucky readers to win a Skylanders Superchargers starter pack for your console! Win a Skylanders Superchargers Starter Pack, valued at $69.95


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  12. My niece + nephew who love our (mine + the kids) Skylander collection, but their Dad, my stupid brother is too tight to buy them some.

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  19. wow what an amazing day day you had to launch skylanders superchargers. a real life version of the game 🙂 My little man’s whole world is about skylanders. Having ASD, its his one obsession and i must say i enjoy watching him play skylanders and seeing his face light up when he plays and figures out the chlenges. I would love to win him the starter pack so he can start a new skylander adventure

  20. Andieharrie Reply

    School is back for just 9 weeks, then santa will be doing his thing, sky landers supercharged game would be an awesome gift under the tree

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    My little dare devil who always likes a challenge. This game would make
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    my little men can’t wait to get more.
    They’re saving like crazy to get characters galore
    I know I’ll be the one picking them up off the floor!! 😛

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    My nearly 4 yr old son LOVES skylanders. He has been collecting them with his pocket money as well as doonah cover and books. He would be so stocked to win these ones as he still has a bit to go before he can get some.. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    My 7 year old nephew loves Skylanders so I would love to win this for him. Not that I should have favourites but he is the middle child and I love him to bits. Plus I met my husband on my nephew’s first birthday.

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    He loves to tell anyone who will listen all about what Skylanders he has made and accomplishments within the game/s he has.

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    Wow what an amazing day they had, they are so lucky, I’d love to win the superchargers for my grandsons, they are huge fans.

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  60. Dana Challenger Reply

    My 3 sons have been drooling over catalogues with skylanders superchargers in them, winning this would make their year!

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    My 7 year old, Max, is Skylanders obsessed. He cannot wait until this new one comes out, he has been researching it on YouTube and everything! He spent about 10 minutes this morning telling me about his favourite character (well, this weeks favourite anyways). This prize would be VERY well received in our household 😉

  66. Great fun for all the family to enjoy together – especially on super hot summer days in air conditioned comfort

  67. Hayley Parkes Reply

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    They love playing Skylanders at their cousins house and would be ecstatic to have their own portal at home!

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    My son is a massive Skylanders fan, has all the games so far, multiple variations on the figures, the comics, the toys. We’re going to have to have this one, too

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  90. My son. He loves playing with Skylanders at his cousins but we don’t have any at home

  91. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My 6 year old daughter would absolutely LOVE this pack, that is why boys Love to play with her =)

  92. My daughter Taylah, every time we go to our friends place all the boys are great because they play it all the time, she would love to play it at home (with me of course) so she can give them more of a challenge 🙂

  93. Antonietta Reply

    I’d love to give this to my children, but also get the opportunity to play myself along with my hubby. Yes we are the old Pacman type and would love the opportunity to play games which are so much more advanced 🙂

  94. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is a great game system for young and old, especially Christmas is coming. All family would be involved this family’s time.

  95. To win this for my son would be so nice. I can sit down with him on his PS4 and share some father and son time. We absolutely love this game. My son gets better with his hand eye coordination and I especially love the characters they create.

  96. Olivia Bates Reply

    I would love to win this for my little man Zacky who is 5. Every time he sees the advert come on TV he says that he needs to see Santa so he can tell him he has been extra good and maybe he will get Skylanders Supercharged. This would light his little face up and I think is perfect as we have always said our little man is himself “SUPERCHARGED”.

  97. Keonie Dyce Reply

    My 5yr old daughter absolutely love skylanders and anything to do with them. She watches skylander boy and girl on youtube, and wishes she could have as many as they do.
    She would be estatic if she had the Skylander Superchargers Starterpack. Any time we go to big w or kmart she looks at the character, with big wide eyes hoping to one day own them.

  98. Donna Pastourel Reply

    My son is a huge skylanders fan – both on and off the game. He’s happy to take the figures and make his own skyland to play in 🙂

  99. Colleen White Reply

    Id love to win this for my sons (james and Morgan) both skylanders mad and it would be nice to give them the next installment.

  100. Nadine Cameron Reply

    I would love to win this for my kids, especially my biggest kid (hubby), as they’ve just started playing Skylanders Giants, so to “supercharge” their Skylanders experience would be fantastic!

  101. Bec D'owney Reply

    My son has mentioned Skylanders but doesn’t have any, so a “starter kit” would be perfect!

  102. My 5yo son had to decide a new Skylanders or the new Disney Infinity 2.0 – Star Wars. He decided Disney so I would love to make his Xmas and win this for him too. I don’t want to spend thousands again like last year…..naughty me.

  103. Ashleigh Murphy Reply

    My son has driven me crazy following the skylanders saga. This is a new series he would love to get involved in.

  104. Carmel Corry Reply

    My daughter has been following Skylanders since it first appeared on the shelves! She’d love to add the new superchargers to her collection!

  105. kathy clark Reply

    as it would be terrific so my daughter is stuck in front of the computer and feeling sorry for herself

  106. My son has been hooked on Skylanders since the first one came out. He had to wait until the were on clearance before he got one. We were lucky enough to obtain a lot of the characters second hand so he ended up with a nice collection to use. He hasn’t stopped talking about this since he first saw it on the computer and cannot wait to see Santa and ask him for it for Christmas.

  107. Alaina Atkin Reply

    I have three boys that are Skylander crazy! They have been watching youtube videos of superchargers and are hook already.. I would love to win this for them, they would be ecstatic

  108. Jenny Woods Reply

    My grandson & granddaughter have been collecting Skylanders for quite a while & would love the new Superchargers pack please.

  109. Tracey Ralph Reply

    For once I’d be the hero of games (and not dad) if I was to win this prize!

  110. Karen Ryan Reply

    I would be the ultimate supercharger by giving this to my son

  111. My daughters would think this was a riot! It would certainly supercharge their imaginations.

  112. Rebecca Thompson Reply

    My boys love syklanders, we have some of the characters that they love to play with(bought second hand) but they would love to give the actual game a go. I think They’d have a great time (insert whole body excitement here).

  113. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is time to supercharged brain power and bring imagination alive. This game can make a lot of smiling faces.

  114. Bec Mclaren-Roesler Reply

    not happy I can’t share the facebook link though…

  115. Claire Thrower Reply

    Would love to win for my sons birthday, he loves skylanders and would think this was amazing!

  116. Alvin Chong Reply

    Would love it for my little boy who is obsessed with skylanders, would make a wonderful present for a good little boy!

  117. Samira Bousalim Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    My little man – he has the Wii and every Christmas and birthday wants the latest Skylanders. He has all his in a big tool box, protected from everyone 🙂 He is 9 years old!

  118. Tammy Roskell Reply

    My son, he is totally obsessed with skylanders and would be over the moon if we won this

  119. Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    I have a 7 yr old son who has autism. Skylanders is his OBSESSION! It has been since he first started playing with the Giants game. He lives and breathes every character every game, I cant even start to explain how obsessed he is. Its the first thing he talks about when he wakes and the last thing he’s talking about as he goes off to sleep. Before Super Chargers was released, he was watching videos about the game on line and new all about it. Being a single mum I haven’t been able to purchase it as yet so winning this for him would just make his day – no year!

  120. Kate Slack Reply

    My son who is 5 would be over the moon to win, he loves Skylanders and doesn’t have any of these so this would be a great start to his collection!

  121. Krystal Ovenden Reply

    My Son (7) or Daughter (6) would both love to win & I am told if they win they will share (fingers crossed) !!! 🙂

  122. Deborah Osborne Reply

    Our lads 5 just started trying Skylander ,he Egypt very interested playing his friends

  123. Sarah Stringer Reply

    I would like to win it so I can give it to my friends son. He is SkyLanders obsessed, he even dressed up as a character for Halloween.
    He has just gone through a bit of a rough patch, with his dog being severely sick and having to spend nearly a week at the vets. The bill is quite high, after numerous X-rays, blood tests, medications and surgery. Up until this time he had never been separated from his dog since they got it. This all happened a week after the dogs first birthday.
    His mum is
    now trying to pay off a huge vet bill and work out how she will do Xmas.
    I would love to see his face if I managed to win and give it to him.

  124. I would love to win this for a friend’
    s child. He is Skylander mad, and has had a rough time the last six months, so would like to do something nice for him that I know would brighten him up.

  125. Would love this for the whole family to share the big kids little kids and grandkids would all enjoy this

  126. Ally Miller Young Reply

    I would love to surprise my nephew with this, he’s Skylanders crazy, it’s all he talks about, he would absolutely love this prize, not to mention how how cool of an aunt I would be.

  127. Natasha Haitana Reply

    My husband and daughters would love this experience, they are all adrenalin junkies 🙂

  128. Edward Dekkers Reply

    This would have to be for my 7 yo daughter and more importantly 9 yo son, Had his birthday 19th Sep, and managed to get a BARGAIN XB1 for only $299, but the budget didn’t stretch to any games. He had Trap Team on his old 360, which I also bought on bargain about a year after it came out (which means the characters he wanted we nigh on impossible to find), it would just be nice for once to have the latest release for him so, good luck to everyone for sure, but also good luck for my kids lol!!!

  129. Shu-Ching Chang ( Sonia) Reply

    It is a fun game to play with whole family, especially my husband and kids are talking this prize everyday. It wouldn’t be nice to win this prize for them.

  130. OMG – we need this please please please – i can’t cope with the hours every day that i hear about this! my gorgeous boys talks about it for hours – you would think he had the game but no – he watches youtube videos of it for hours, stampylongnose playing it, sky boy and sky dad playing it – videos galore! yet he is still to actually enjoy the game himself! this guy would be off his rocker!

  131. I would love to win this for my kiddies. We are buying them a xbox for Christmas and they love paying skylanders on their friends console.

  132. I would love to win this as i have never been to sydney at all in my life plus my boys really like the skylanders toys aswell

  133. Linda Tuckwell Reply

    I would love to win this for my little brother. He loves skylanders and he is always saving his money to try and buy more

  134. Tania WingonaPray Tuckwell Reply

    i would like to win this for my son James who is 6yrs old and loves skylanders

  135. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I would love to win this for my Great Grandchildren there are three and their Mum and Dad would love seeing the kids so involved and happy.

  136. Would like to win this for my soon to be 8-years old son, who’s all about thrill & adrenalin & skylanders 🙂

  137. Would love to win this for my son who not only loves skylanders but the action and adventure that goes with this latest skylanders game

  138. Kylie Edwards Reply

    I don’t know much about Skylanders but from what I here, its lots of fun. My son has circled it in the latest toy catalogue (from santa) so I would love to win it for him. My husband said ‘it would be great father/son time, lol!

  139. Elizabeth Jackson Reply

    I would love this for my Grandson. He is such a beautiful, polite, well mannered & helpful young Man. I know he would be over the moon if I was able to give him this

  140. My 6 year old Skylanders mad son would LOVE this game! What an awesome fun day you and your son had! X

  141. Ash McMorrow Reply

    My daughter and son are huge Skylanders fan. They would love this.

  142. Renee Roddom Reply

    Master 8 would love this from Santa. He did his list the other night after seeing decorations at the shops.

  143. Carrie Gilmore Reply

    Such a fun game, able to play multi player. Master 5 has been asking for this game!

  144. Samala Cambridge Reply

    Amazing game to give to my nephew for Christmas! Will be the best Aunty ever.


    I have a wonderful grandson who has loved Skylanders for 2 to 3 years now, and at 7 years his fandom mania is not decreasing…just know having ths game as a chrissie present would have him gobsmacked….and I’d be the grandest pop in the world

  146. Taryn Tarkka Reply

    My son Brandon is in love with skylanders, it is his favourite game of all. I went to buy this for him and purchased the wrong one, now we can not afford to get him this one at this stage. He would love it!!

  147. My son Brayden loves Skylanders a nd he has every other console. This would be his ultimate dream to have them all. Still loves playing Skylanders.

  148. Shu-Ching Chang (Sonia) Reply

    It is a fantastic game for all ages. Thank you.

  149. Julianne Samandari Reply

    Would love to win this for my daughter Roxana. Looks like so much fun 😀

  150. Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    Amazing interactive game with fantastic quirky toy peices very engaging my children would love this game and would play with the toys even when consoles not in use .

  151. Shu-Ching Chang (Sonia ) Reply

    It is a great prize for kids and husband. Thank you

  152. I would love to win this brilliant Skylanders Superchargers Starter Pack for my son and his dad can play it with him 🙂 Both would thoroughly enjoy this!

  153. I’d love to win this for my Skylander mad son but Hubby will probably play it more when the kids are in bed.

  154. My son would LOVE this action-packed, super exciting game. How fun!!

  155. Amanda Densley Reply

    my son is obsessed with these!! hes only 3 and never played any sort of gaming but thanks to the wonders of television advertising he loves them

  156. Christopher Arthur Reply

    Would love to win this for myself as I’m a huge Skylanders fan.

  157. Kimberley De Luchi Reply

    I would love to win this for my son as he has been dying to get some kind of Skylander’s stuff for years. He would be ever so grateful! Thanks

  158. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    We all love this prize and I do dteam about it. Thank your.

  159. My two boys aged 6 and 9 would just love this to play together!, I would put it away for Christmas for them both 🙂

  160. Joni Gephart Reply

    My son is 8 and he is an AVID Skylander gamer. He enjoys collecting the figures as well as playing. This experience would be awesome for him.

  161. Lisa McClafferty Reply

    I have a 7 year old son who is obsessed with Skylanders he’s only just got his first skylanders game swap force! He would be feeling sky high if I won this pack for him !

  162. Megan Lynch Reply

    I would love to win this for my 6 year old Joshua, he loves playing his xbox but there have been very few games appropriate for his age! He has only just discovered Skylanders 6 months ago and has giants and swap force so is very excited about the Superchargers release!

  163. Kate Soppa Reply

    I’d love to win this for our 9 year old son Jesse-James as he loves Skylanders and plays only when at his friends place as we don’t own the games, he also love Sydney Harbour and supercharged boats.

  164. Jennie Jean-pierre Reply

    My son would love to win this for his friend who is also a huge Skylanders fan. My son already has the game( And loves it!), as well as all four of the previous ones and almost 200 characters. He is a serious collector at only 6 years of age. He has Aspergers, and Skylanders are a huge passion for him. He knows more than the staff at the video game store. His friend has not got the game yet and it would allow them to chat all about the game together as they have done for all of the last series. Thank you.

  165. Nicole Disbrey Reply

    I have a confession…I like to collect the characters (probably more than) just as much as my 6yo son! To make it affordable though, I only buy when on half price special or clearance. I said he can’t have super chargers until it is cheaper to buy but I would love nothing more than to surprise him for his birthday next month! I would get huge mummy brownie points!

  166. My 7yr old would adore this for his 8th birthday coming up in November as we’ve just had to move suddenly and he’s not coped as well as we’d hoped due to being slightly autistic. He’s played the games previously and was very quick to finish them so this would give him something else to obsess over and also give us the excuse to purchase more characters for Christmas lol

  167. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Definitely for my nephew! He loves to play with toys like these!

  168. Lea Baldoria Reply

    Master Tyler, 5 would love to win this. He would have to be the biggest Skylanders fan!

  169. mustangmum Reply

    7 Year old Ava, not only is she the gaming champion of the household, but reading through your action packed day, this challenge would have been right up her alley.

  170. Robyn Hutchins Reply

    My 7 year old son is Skylanders mad,
    If we won this prize, it would be really rad,
    And I think I’d forever be,
    His favourite person in all of history!
    (Robyn Hutchins )

  171. Corrine Moseley Reply

    I’m entering for my son, Reuben, who is a massive Skylanders fan and also has a keen interest in all things ‘scary’ or ‘dangerous’. This prize is right up his alley!

  172. My son just loved Skylanders, our house, his room and grand parents house is a shrine to them. I would love to win this for him for his BDay

  173. belinda galea Reply

    After spyro, giants, swap force and trap team I said I was done. Now my son Ryan really wants Superchargers for xmas so would be great if I could win it for him.

  174. My kids, both girls and boys love Skylanders, Superchargers would add to the excitement and the loud discussions of who’s turn it is….with Mum the loudest!

  175. My son is obsessed with Skylanders!
    His birthday is on Xmas Day so this would be a SUPERCHARGED present for him!

  176. My brother is obsessed with Skylanders and this would be great for him (plus it will keep him busy when I babysit him!)

  177. Sharon Markwell Reply

    I’m entering for my grand-daughter as she is a Skylander fanatic and would put me up on a very high pedestal.

  178. Kelly Gamble Reply

    for my son who is 5 he loves skylanders ,he is so obsessed with and we cant leave the shops without walking down to see them on the shelves

  179. I would love to win it for my nephew who would love to have a supercharged gift!

  180. amandagorton Reply

    The classic cliche – “The family that plays together……stays together”

  181. Combining my love of adrenaline with his of video games – hopefully we can share each other’s excitement 🙂

  182. Laura Scriven Reply

    My nephew loves computer games,
    But his Mum thinks they’re lame!
    Only playing at our place,
    He’d think this is ace!

  183. Tess Howard Reply

    My 8 year old son has become such a huge fan of these guys! And already a natural ‘rev head’, he can’t wait for Superchargers!

  184. Julia Mason Reply

    I’d love to put this away for my 10 year old Daughter’s Birthday! She loves Skylanders!

  185. Master 9 LOOOOVES Skylanders! He has all of the Swapforce characters and has just started bugging me about getting the Superchargers starter pack for him.

  186. Paul Ferris Reply

    Woo hoo – I would love to get this for my step son, he loves Skylanders but I havent been able to afford the last two 🙁

  187. Belinda Fletcher Reply

    My kids (10 and 8) both love Skylanders and when my nephews (5 and 3) come to visit, it’s a fun activity then can share together 🙂

  188. Harvey, aged 7. What an amazing experience for anyone, especially a Skylanders lover!

  189. My twin boys aged 12 love the excitement of skylanders. Hours of pleasure where figures come to life on the big screen.

  190. Christmas would be totally supercharged with this awesome gift for the kids!

  191. After all these years of skylanders, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the excitement of a whole new world!

  192. Jos Alberto Reply

    My kids and hubby. They are crazy about this game! All hooked up 🙂

  193. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    I would love to win this prize for my son because he loves Skylanders. 🙂

  194. I’d like to win it for my daughter and her cousins … they’ll have lots of fun when they are bored and wants to do something!! Especially on a rainy day.

  195. yes my kids would love this! they would all be able to play together 🙂

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