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Orbeez Review: 5 Families Give a Big Thumbs Up to Sensory Playtime

You’ve probably seen these colourful balls and playsets on the toy shelves, or perhaps watched how satisfying they look on ASMR videos on socials. They are the soft and squishy sensory experience taking the world by storm, they are the one and only Orbeez!

But what exactly are they, what can you do with them, are they messy and, most importantly, do they keep the kids entertained?

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Orbeez gave our reviewers hours and hours of sensory fun! Source: Supplied
We have ALL the answers and more in our Orbeez review!


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Our kid reviewers and their tester kits. Source: Supplied

Five Mum Central mums – Genna, Silvia, Bianca, Essie and Alicia – plus their kids – recently reviewed all of these products. They squished, squeezed, sliced, bounced, sorted and played for hours and hours on end. And what did they have to say?

Let’s have a look at what they thought! 

✅  5/5 families said they would buy it again
✅  5/5 families said it makes a great gift idea!
✅ 5/5 families agreed that their children LOVED playing with Orbeez!  
✅  5/5 families would recommend Orbeez to others. 

Here’s what our mums had to say: 

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A fun, creative and enjoyable toy that can be used to teach about colours, numbers, textures, etc. They are affordable too!

They are great for a wide range of ages – and my husband even enjoyed playing with them as they felt so nice!” – Genna

mum centralWe had the pleasure of testing Orbeez new products with 3 kids ranging from 7 – 12 years old.

They were amazed at the different creations they could make and the fact the product could be ground down into a slime/powder consistency.” – Essie

mum centralA great sensory product, from the feeling, to the bright colours and glow in the dark Orbeez – very relaxing to run them through your fingers.

Would definitely recommend them!” – Alicia

mum centralAn amazing sensory experience, not just for the kids but the adults too. It provides kids with hours of endless fun and allows them to get creative and messy with it.

It is easy to store away and clean up which is always a bonus!” – Silvia

mum centralOur family loved Orbeez! They are such a great product that can be used and played with in different ways. Both kids had lots of fun playing with them and it got them off screens.

I would definitely recommend these to others!” – Bianca

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Here’s what the kids had to say: 

mum centralOrbeez are one of the best toys. They can bounce and roll and are really fun to squeeze in my hands. I like the colours but mostly the glow in the dark ones are the best ones,” – Riley, 8

mum centralSuper fun to play with by themselves and with other toys! I liked that you could squish them and I could play dolls with them too.

They feel really nice. Would recommend to other kids for sure.” Arabella, 7 (plus siblings Seth, 11 and Miah, 12)

mum centralI really liked Orbeez and all the different tools that it came with. I am so happy that I got them and I love playing with them!  They feel so nice and gooey, and you can squish them up and make different things with them. I think other kids would really like them too!” – Ariana, 5 (with little brother)

mum centralI like to use the pump to make the Orbeez explode everywhere. I also like squishing them. I had lots of fun with the Orbeez and I hope other kids will have as much fun as I did,” – Clare, 8

mum centralI liked how they feel wet and small. It was fun bouncing them and squishing them. Mixing all the different colours together was fun,” – Locky, 8.

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Orbeez Beads and Sensory Kits

Orbeez Review
Entertainment Factor8.8
Creative Play8.7
Sensory Experience9.8
Value for Money9.0

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So many things to love about Orbeez! 


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Look at that glow from the Orbeez Sensation Station! Source: Supplied

The Orbeez Sensory Sensation Station includes thousands of Orbeez, including Glow in the Dark balls – check out how they glow!

There aren’t any other sensory toys I can think of that glow so well in the dark, so it was nice to have something a little bit different to play with.” – Genna

Orbeez review glow in the dark balls
The glow-in-the-dark beads are mesmerising and magical! Source: Supplied


There are so many ways to play with this unique toy. Each kit comes with a set of tools to allow kids to squish and mould them but this is just the beginning!

Our reviewers loved the grinder and the rolling pin accessories the most. They also all commented on how cool the Orbeez gets when they are crushed into a foam-type substance.

orbeez review ground down
Miah and Seth made a snowman and a volcano. Source: Supplied

Arabella played with them non stop all weekend and loved them! Her imagination went wild and was building, squishing them and making things for her dolls,”- Essie

The kids got super creative too – check out all the ways they played with Orbeez!

  • Squished them to make soft fluffy stuff that felt like foam
  • Drew pictures like faces and shapes in the glow-in-the-dark beads
  • Hid the glow in the dark beads in a dark room and the other person had to find them
  • Turned the crushed Orbeez into slushies (pretend only)
  • Used the pump to make volcanic explosions
  • Created all sorts of shapes, objects and patterns
  • Made fake food including a cake and pizza
Orbeez review outside playtime
Claire and her sister enjoyed sorting the Orbeez by colour and squishing with hands and feet. Source: Supplied
  • Sorted out the Orbeez by their colours into an ice cube tray
  • Used as a foot spa
  • Made glow-in-the-dark stencils and glowsticks
  • Used them as part of pretend play with other toys
Orbeez review glowing in bowl
Riley loved watching the Orbeez shine with a torch in a bowl of water. Source: Supplied


Orbeez is designed to soothe the senses, calm the mind and relieve tension and stress. Plus, they develop fine motor skills at the same time.

They have played with them just about every day since we opened them. We all loved the feel of them and enjoyed moving our fingers through them,” Bianca

Orbeez review parents get involved
Even mum and dad can get in on the Orbeez sensory action! Source: Supplied


It’s a great toy for them to grab off the shelf, bring outside to their picnic table and play with over and over again. The containers store the beads and the Sensation Station acts as its own storage container.

Pop it into the car on your next weekend adventure and bring it with you!

orbeez review sibling playtime
Great for sibling play – and fun for adults too! Source: Supplied

Where to buy Orbeez

If you’ve been looking for a unique gift for your creative kids, then this delivers a sensory experience that your kids will LOVE!

You can pick up the various play sets, including the Orbeez Sensation Station (RRP $39.99) and the Orbeez Deluxe Feature Multi-Pack (RRP $32.99) at most toy retailers including Big W, Target, Amazon, Kmart and leading independent toy stores. 

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We have five to giveaway, valued at $107 each and featuring an assortment of great sensory products.

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  • 2 x Activity Orbs

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5 lucky readers will each win a huge hamper just like this! Source: Supplied


This is a sponsored review for Orbeez. All opinions are those of our reviewers.

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