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WANTED: 5 Families to Review Orbeez Balls and Playsets for Sensory Fun Galore!

If your kids love sensory play, getting creative or just being hands-on,  Mum Central is looking for five families to join us as we review The One & Only Orbeez including the NEW Sensation Station, a non-toxic glow-in-the-dark sensory experience like no other!

If you’ve got kids 5 years+ and are interested in becoming a reviewer, then read on – this is a great opportunity to surprise your tribe and share your experience with other parents.

But before we get into the reviewing opportunity, let’s take a closer look at the mesmerising Orbeez balls in action and check out the new sensory playsets available.

Orbeez Sensation Station
Orbeez Sensation – sensory play at its best! Source: Mum Central

What are Orbeez balls, anyway?

Orbeez are the original soft and squishy water beads designed for children 5 years+. The balls are non-toxic and grow to maximum size, upholding the national and safety requirements. There’s no need to soak the water beads in water first – they are already fully grown and ready for action.

NOTE: These balls are for play only and are NOT to be eaten so supervision is recommended for younger children.

Orbeez balls and playsets
Source: Supplied

These little water beads are absolutely mesmerising to play with too. My girls LOVE the various playsets and have spent hours and hours playing with them.

There are a few different playsets available, including the Orbeez Sensation Station which is sure to be popular on the Christmas wish list this year!

Orbeez Sensation Station

The Sensation Station comes with 2,000 (yes, two thousand!) water beads. 1000 glow-in-the-dark beads and 1000 multi-coloured water beads. That’s a lot of shimmery, squishiness to hold in your hands!

Orbeez Balls
2000 Orbeez Sensation beads at your fingertips! Source: Mum Central

It also comes with a cool storage container and 6 unique tools. You can bounce the Orbeez water beads, you can crush them, and yes, you can even slice them!

There are 2,000 Orbeez balls to play with so you won’t ever run out of beads or ideas! Plus, once the kids are finished playing, you can easily pack them up, store them in the airtight storage container and bring it out the next time they feel like a bit of sensory play.

But one word of advice: Don’t leave them out in the sun or in an open container as they will dry out!

How to store Orbeez
The Orbeez storage container is perfect to keep your stash safe and from drying out. Source: Mum Central

Orbeez Deluxe Feature Multipack

This is another popular play set which includes 2,000 Glow in the Dark, Shimmer and Marble Orbeez, packed in a 5-tier plastic container with re-sealable tops. That’s three different types of Orbeez to discover, bounce, sort, squeeze and crush!

Orbeez Deluxe Feature Pack
So much sensory play to be had! Source: Mum Central

Even more Orbeez balls to enjoy

Every reviewing family will not only receive both sets above, but also 1 x Feature Glow In The Dark Pack which contains 1,200 Glow in the Dark Orbeez packed in a clear plastic container.

Plus you’ll also receive 2 x Activity Orbs, a smaller but very cool set that has 400 Orbeez. You can unbox the Activity Orb to reveal one of three mystery activities – The Flow, Bounce and Squeeze Playsets! Which one will you get?

mum central
Source: Mum Central

What to do with Orbeez – so many ways to play!

Of course, this is just the beginning of the fun. Here are a few more ideas to try:

  • Stand in the storage container and squish the colourful balls with their toes.
  • Make Orbeez jelly by filling up little clear Jelly shooters. Have a tea party and serve them to their dolls. DOLLS, not humans. (These are not to be eaten)
  • Make glowsticks by filling up clear beakers with glow-in-the-dark beads.
Orbeez foot spa
An Orbeez foot spa. Source: Mum Central

Children will also enjoy separating the various beads into different colours, turning the lights off and watching the glow-in-the-dark beads light up and uncovering the many other ways to play with these popular play sets.

The ultimate ASMR experience 

Another reason why Orbeez has become so popular (do a quick search of #Orbeez on any social channel and you’ll see what we mean), is because they are the ULTIMATE in ASMR.

So soothing, so calming, so satisfying to touch.

They are designed to soothe the senses, calm the mind and relieve tension and stress. Plus, they develop fine motor skills at the same time!

Amsr with Orbeez
They really do feel that good! Source: Mum Central

Where to buy Orbeez 

If you’ve been looking for a unique gift for your creative kids, then this delivers a sensory experience that your kids will LOVE!

You can pick up the various play sets, including the Orbeez Sensation Station (RRP $39.99) and the Orbeez Deluxe Feature Multi-Pack (RRP $32.99) at most toy retailers including Big W, Target, Amazon, Kmart and leading independent toy stores. 

mum central

Be sure to also apply to become one of our family reviewers below. We have FIVE spots available. 

apply to review

We are after 5 families across Australia to help us review the

Sensation Station plus additional products.

Each family will receive an Orbeez Hamper containing over $100 worth of products to unbox, play with, photograph and review.

Each family will receive: 

  • 1x Sensation Station – this will be the hero product of the review
  • 1x Deluxe Multipack
  • 1x Feature Glow In The Dark Pack
  • 2x Activity Orbs

Every reviewer will need to submit several images of the product in action plus a survey at the end of the campaign.

If this sounds like something your family would be interested in doing, fill out the form below! We look forward to hearing from you: 

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