Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump Review: ‘Best Pump I’ve Tried’ and Under $100

Ditch the cords, the plugs, and the hands required when using traditional breast pumps, and allow us to introduce you to the newest wearable breast pump to hit the market.

Welcare’s Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump provides you with a comfortable, cord-free breast pump experience for under $100. Never have we come across a better-value wearable breast pump on the market. And best of all, it comes with nothing but glowing reviews from our team of Mum Central reviewers.

Portable, lightweight, convenient, discreet and rated nearly five stars by every one of our reviewers, check out the Welcare Nurture in action and enter to win one for yourself (plus a few other Welcare goodies too!).

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We have TWO Welcare New Mum Prize Packs up for grabs which include the Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump, Welcare Sleep-Tight Sleep Sound Machine and Welcare Forehead Thermometer. 

Enter to win below, but first, check out our Welcare Nuture Wearable Electric Breast Pump review to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is a winner! 

Welcare is an Australian-owned and operated brand that has a heap of amazing products under the name – Air Purifiers, Breathing Trainers, Thermometers, Sleep Sound Machine, and more.

The newest addition to their family is the Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump and it’s definitely worth having a closer look at, especially if you are in the market for a wearable breast pump.

The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is a lightweight, hands-free, wireless wearable breast pump. Designed for both at home or on the go, it’s perfect to use at work, while travelling or while chasing the kids around the house. Yes, you can chase kids AND pump at the same time.

Welcare Wearable Breast Pump collection
Collecting milk is easy too! Source: Supplied

This is the beauty of a wearable breast pump – you can do just about anything while expressing which is a game changer for busy mums. Gone are the days of being trapped beside an outlet, holding the pumps in your hands. The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump allows you to quietly and discreetly pump anywhere, anytime.

And all for under $100! Sounds pretty good, right? But what did our five Mum Central reviewers think of the Welcare Nuture Breast Pump?

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Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump

Welcare Nurture Wearable Breast Pump
Value for Money9.4
Ease of Use (and Clean)9.8


  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • 3 Modes & 9 Suction Levels
  • Auto Shut Up and LED Screen
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Long Rechargeable Battery Life

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Welcare Breast Pump Review: What Our Mums Had to Say

mum centralJacinta B, mum of three

“I honestly loved this machine. It was so easy to use, compact, comfortable, quiet and I was able to obtain so much breastmilk. 

The 9 adjustable suction level was fantastic compared to my previous machine which only had three. I personally found suction level seven to be my ideal suction, and I was able to achieve a fantastic output of over 100 mls of breastmilk in 7 minutes. 

If you do not have this pump, go out and buy it. As a third-time mum on my third breast-feeding/pumping experience, this has been a complete game-changer for me.”

Welcare wearable breast pump outside activities
The wearable design allowed for Patrice to continue with her daily tasks. Source: Supplied

mum centralRose C, mum of two  

“The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is the smallest, most comfortable wearable pump I have ever used. I could wear it comfortably while bending down and emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, even carrying around my baby while pumping.

The battery life is by far the longest I’ve experienced and it was so comfortable. It has made pumping at work so much less stressful. I am no longer worried about being walked in on while I’m pumping because the pump is so easy to hide.

I would recommend this pump to all working mums and mums who need to pump on the go.” 

Source: Supplied

mum centralKylie M, mum of one

“Welcare’s Nurture is a great option for mums who don’t have time to sit down. I could use it while doing normal household activities. ie cooking, washing, laundry. It’s also quiet enough to pump while baby is napping even if they are napping on you.

I loved that not only did it have 9 different levels of suction but that the levels were actually different. So many electronics say 9 modes/levels etc but they all end up being the same or very similar. Not this one. Everyone should be able to find a comfortable level with such a huge range of suction power.”

Welcare Wearable Breast Pump feeding baby
The wearable design allowed for easy pumping while feeding. Source: Supplied

mum centralPatrice G, mum of two

“As someone who has tried many different pumps and spent hundreds of dollars, I can’t recommend this pump enough. It has been by far the best I have ever tried.

Every piece of the breast pump is solid and durable and I have never seen a breast pump for this price with such amazing features.

It has by far exceeded my expectations and it has ticked all the boxes. Compact and easy to use on the go or for travel. Can be worn and used discreetly. Easy to assemble, dismantle and clean. Comfortable while wearing and expressing. Long lasting battery and portable attachments. 

I highly recommend Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump. What other breast pump brands lack in their product Welcare noticeably have taken their time perfecting their breast pump making their design and functionality suitable for all mothers.”

Welcare Wearable Breast Pump reading
The wearable design meant you could just get on with your day. Source: Supplied

mum centralGenna C, mum of two

“I would highly recommend the Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump to any mothers who are needing a truly portable, convenient wearable breast pump.

I have been able to use it in the car whilst travelling and whilst out and away from home and found it very useful in these situations.

I found the pump easy to put together and it is easy to clean and store away between pumping
sessions. I wish I had this pump when I went travelling overseas recently, as it would have been perfect to pack into my baby bag and use on the go. I will definitely be taking it on any future trips whilst I am still breastfeeding.”

Say goodbye to being tied down to cables and power points. Source: Supplied

Our reviewers have spoken – Welcare Nurture is a must-have for breastfeeding mums!

✓ COMPACT AND DISCREET: Small but mighty, the Welcare Nurture easily fits into any handbag or baby bag but also holds 150ml of milk. It features an extra quiet motor so you don’t have to listen to the sound of a breast pump wheezing and whirling anytime you express.

✓  CUSTOMISABLE: It includes three modes for massage, suction and expression plus nine adjustable suction levels and three funnel sizes to suit various-sized nipples.

Welcare Wearable Breast Pump at work
The wearable breast pump was a real hit while working! Source: Supplied

✓  SAFE: The anti-backflow protection system prevents milk from flowing back into the pump motor maintaining the hygiene of the breast milk plus its BPA, Phthalate and Latex Free.

✓  EASY TO USE: The LED screen makes it easy to see your milk flow plus the timer keeps track of your sessions. There’s also a 30-minute Auto-Shut Off and the pump is easy to take apart and clean. 

✓  EXTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE: Get up to 10 pumping sessions from one charge. And when you need to recharge, it’s easy to do so with USB recharging. 

Welcare Wearable Breast Pump feeding pumping
Pump and feed at once – perfect! Source: Supplied

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