Origin Hybrid Mattress Review – the Perfect Combo of Comfort, Coolness and Support

Sleep. The older I get, the harder it is to get a good night’s sleep. I have followed all the expert advice with a consistent bedtime, exercise in the morning, no food after 6 pm, no coffee after lunch, air purifier, no screentime. You name it, I have done it. Sadly, though, nothing seemed to work. I still tossed and turned all night and getting out of bed felt like I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

“It could be your mattress,” the internet screamed at me, so I decided to take the plunge.

Honest and Real Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

Like most people today, our lives are a whirlwind, and shopping in person feels like a luxury. Would I have time to go and test drive mattresses in-store? Nobody has time for that.

So, when I was asked to review the Origin Hybrid Mattress, I jumped at the chance. I had read the reviews beforehand and the Origin Hybrid Mattress has a 4.8 star rating on Product Review as well as the #1 Value for Money Mattress, Choice® Recommended Award in 2023 and “Product of the Year Award” for 2024. It all sounded pretty good. Let’s give it a try.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review
The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a multi-award winner. Source: Supplied

After researching (and I am a crazy researcher) about the mattress and its benefits, the stress-free purchasing and delivery options, as well as the 120-day trial period, trying the Origin Hybrid Mattress was a no-brainer. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is meant for all types of sleepers – back, side, front sleepers and also comes recommended by leading Australian sleep experts. 

Fun Fact: Olympic Marathoner Genevieve Gregson and her husband also have this mattress and love it.

Unbox and enjoy

When it arrived, it came as a mattress in a box, which made it really easy to manoeuvre into the bedroom, even though it was a king-size. We opened the box, laid the mattress on the bed base, cut the vacuum-sealed plastic, and it unfolded on its own. Like magic!

Mattress in a box - Origin Hybrid Mattress
Simply roll and enjoy. Source: Ellie Halifax

Two sets of handles made it easy for my husband to put into position on the bed base. It also unfolded the right way up too, so no turning required.

We also received two Coolmax pillows, which offer comfort and the promise of waking up with no neck pain (something that has been happening often recently). All that was left was to leave it for an hour or so for it to grow into size, and then I was able to make up the bed and look forward to getting a good night’s sleep.

Review Hybrid Mattress and Pillows
Ready to test out our new sleep products? Source: Ellie Halifax

Made from premium, eco-friendly materials

The mattress comprises 6 eco-friendly materials with several layers of comfort and support. From the bottom, there’s a layer of anti-gravity springs, followed by a bamboo-infused memory foam layer.

The third layer is made from Premium Australian Wool, and the fourth (or second to the top) layer is the game-changing HexaGrid™ Orthopedic Layer. The signature HexaGrid™ is unique to Origin Mattresses and it’s what keeps the mattress snuggly and plush while making sure your neck, back and other pressure points are fully supported.

Origin Hybrid Mattress layers
Several layers of support are needed for optimal sleep. Source: Supplied

The Hexigrid Layer is also infused with cooling particles to keep your body close to 18.3°C, the ideal temperature for deeper sleep. It’s winter at the moment, but that doesn’t stop the night sweats.  I am sure you have all felt the heat in the night and then popped your arms and legs from under the covers to be shivering in ten minutes as it’s freezing. With the Origin Hybrid, we could officially say goodbye to sweating. 

The top layer is crafted with premium 100% natural Tencel™ that’s cool, cosy and addictive to the touch. And the sides are made of CertiPUR-US® certified edge support, which looks great and is designed to last.

Origin Hybrid Mattress
Six layers of support. Source: Ellie Halifax

Perfect support for tired bodies

Thinking about pressure relief and back support, the Origin Hybrid Mattress really made a difference.

I was blown away at how much of a difference even one night made to my sleep habits and how I woke up with zero neck pain.”

Minimal Motion Transfer

Now, let’s talk about partner disturbance. I am a side sleeper, and my husband is a back sleeper, although he will move to his side after I give him a sharp dig in the ribs when he starts to snore.  So, we sleep differently.

The hybrid constructed support of pocketed coils and the pressure relief of high-density foam and natural latex seem to be the perfect solution for us.”

It also doesn’t wake me when he gets up at night to go to the bathroom, or up early for work as the individually wrapped pocketed coils isolate motion.  Bliss.

Sleep, Recharge & Conquer

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is designed for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep so they can recharge and conquer the world the next day. Without a good night’s sleep, we simply aren’t firing on all cylinders.

After several years of unhealthy sleep habits, it’s so wonderful to be able to wake up feeling refreshed. It’s made a huge impact on my mental health too.

After sleeping on the mattress for several weeks, I can honestly highly recommend it to everyone.”

The Origin Hybrid Mattress ticks all the boxes

✅ A good quality mattress at a good price, starting at $459. King is currently$799 on special.
✅ 120-night trial. If you don’t like it, you can return it
✅ 15-year warranty
✅ Side handles, which make it easy for rotation.
✅ Great back support. The mattress comes in medium/firm as standard.
✅ Mattress in a box for a super easy set-up.
✅ Comfort – perfect for all types of sleepers.
✅  Built with sustainable fibres and materials.
✅ Handcrafted pillowtop for deep pressure relief.
✅ Temperature control for better sleep.
✅ Free delivery
✅ Easy online ordering

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review
This hybrid mattress really ticked the boxes! Source: Ellie Halifax

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Origin Hybrid Mattress

9.5review Origin Hybrid Mattress
Easy to Set Up and Move
Cooling Technology
Value for Money

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Is it time for a new mattress?

If you’re considering a new mattress in the future, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is an excellent choice. You might be unsure if you need a new mattress or not, so here are a few clear indicators that, yes, it’s time for an upgrade:

  • There are visible signs of wear and tear
  • The mattress is over 8 years old
  • You are waking up with stiff joints and aches and pains
  • You just can’t get comfortable
  • You are hot at night (and not because of the weather or hot flushes)
  • You sleep better at hotels or anywhere else than at home
  • Your allergies are getting worse

Tips before buying a new mattress:

It’s important to consider these factors before you purchase:

  • Sleep position: Side sleepers need a softer mattress, but if you sleep on your back, then a firmer mattress is best.
  • Motion isolation:  If you share a bed, then selecting a memory foam or hybrid with pocketed coils is a must.
  • Temperature control:  If you get hot in the night, then it’s worth opting for one that has built-in gel-infused foam.
  • Comfort and Support: If you are in a store, try them out. Alternatively, read the reviews online.
  • Durability:  Look for high-quality. 
  • Warranty:  Take a look at the warranty offered and see how long it covers you.
  • Price: Mattresses are a big investment. It’s worth comparing prices and shopping the sales.

Save 45% on the Origin Hybrid Mattress

In terms of value for money, the Origin Hybrid is also in a league of its own, starting at just $459 for a single (great for kids!).

Their queen mattress is currently on special for $699, and the King for $799. These prices are 45% off the RRP, but be quick because the sale ends soon!

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This is an honest review for Origin. All images and opinions are those of our reviewer. To find out how it works and apply to become one,  join our ‘Mum’s the Word’ Review Panel.

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