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Oh, the Places You’ll Go With the Oscar Mx 3 Wheel Buggy

Give you and your baby the ultimate ride with this divine 3 wheel pram from Edwards & Co!

Dubbed the 4WD of prams, the all-new Oscar Mx is convenient for you, comfy for bub and made for all kinds of adventures.

So if you’re an active family, love your walks along the beach, enjoy off-road treks and are looking for a 3 wheel pram that will keep up with your lifestyle, then the Oscar Mx is certainly worth a closer look!

Oscar Mx 3 wheel pram

Adventure is Out There! Find it with the Oscar Mx

Oscar Mx is a 3 wheel pram and travel system that’s designed with sleek styling, one-click convenience and long-term ‘family value’ in mind. It’s made by Edwards & Co, a trusted New Zealand company that stands out for its commitment to quality and convenience. (A big tick when you’re in the market for a new pram.)

Edwards & Co is a family-owned company with 32 years of experience in the pram industry. An independent, boutique company, it prides itself on putting parents’ needs above profit margins. Plus, the entire team are parents too, so they have a bit of experience in the whole kid-wrangling industry. #bonus

The Oscar Mx Basics

Cost: $899
Weight: 10.3 kg
Suitable for: Newborns up to approximately 4-years-old (20 kg)
Configurations: Reverse and Forward. Plus capsule and carry cot (sold separately)

Oscar Mx four ways

5 of Our Fave Features

1. Easy to adjust parent or forward-facing seat

Oscar Mx is one of the only 3 wheel prams with this ability, which makes it pretty special in our book. Plus, the seat is so comfy that kids will actually want to sit in it (and not attempt to escape, turn around, stand up or back-arch tantrum their way out of it).

child riding in oscar mx 3 wheel buggy

2. All-terrain puncture-proof wheels (dirt, sand, grass – no problem!)

The tyres are made from rubber and foam liner and designed to be maintenance-free. It’s these wheels that make the pram super easy to push and manoeuvre over kerbs, bumps, logs, even up mountains – without fear of a puncture!

Oscar Mx 3 wheel buggy

3. Lightweight and easy to fold

The Oscar Mx is not bulky or flimsy like some super lightweight travel strollers can be. Plus, it fits into any car boot, even the teeny cars like the Holden Yaris and Suzuki Swift.

mum central

4. Luxury features and a streamlined shape

Luxe comes in the form of a super-soft leatherette handlebar and UPF 50+ canopy. The pram comes in modern colour choices too, such as smoke, black luxe or slate.

There are also heaps of optional extras to jazz up the 3 wheel pram, including liners ($94), sun cover ($59), rain cover ($39), cup holder ($29) and a sleeping bag ($94).

Oscar Mx Buggy features

5. Easy to convert to a travel system

Oscar Mx works with Maxi Cosi, Cybex or Nuna car seats (adapters are an extra $49). You can also purchase a newborn insert and/or carry cot to make the pram perfect for the tiniest travellers (see below).

Oscar Mx carry cot with baby

Grows With Your Tot 

Oscar Mx can easily grow and change to suit your child’s age and stage, making it perfect for newborns through to preschoolers. Indeed, it’s this versatility that really sets the Oscar Mx apart. In fact, there are five different ways you can use it:

1. Newborn Insert: When bub is a newborn, one option you have is to use the Oscar Mx pram as is, with the newborn insert liner ($59). This is an easy way to ensure bub is safe and secure without purchasing a carry cot or capsule.

Oscar Mx newborn
Newborn Insert provides safety and security for your little one

2. Capsule: You can also pair Oscar with a Maxi Cosi, Nuna or Cybex capsule. You can purchase the adapters through the website for $49.

Oscar Mx capsule
The Oscar Mx is compatible with three popular baby capsules

3. Carry Cot: Another option for newborns and infants is the Carry Cot Mx which provides baby with a comfortable place to rest its head while on adventures ($249). It easily clips onto the pram, is collapsible and can be placed on any flat surface (perfect for picnics). It even has the EN 1466 safety certification for overnight sleep.

mum central
Carry Cot offers the ultimate in comfort and safety for baby

4. Reverse (Parent-Facing) Seat: Once bub is around six months you can place him or her into the seat. The reverse position is great for little ones who like to look at their parents.

Oscar Mx 3 wheel buggy at the beach with dads
Parent-Facing for babies that like to keep a close eye on you

5. World (Forward-Facing) Seat: As your tot becomes more interested in the world, let them take it all in in the best seat in the house by easily flipping the seat around to face forward. It’s a one-click process to flip the seat forward and back again.

mum central
Forward-Facing for inquisitive babies

Made for Family Adventures 

The Oscar Mx is a beautifully-designed buggy for daily adventures, which is exactly what parents need in a pram. It makes all expeditions with your child easier, whether you’re hitting up the grocery store or heading to the beach.

YouTube video

After all, getting out and about with your baby is one of the best things about having kids – showing them the world and watching them experience their new surroundings. It’s what being a parent is all about.

We love that the Oscar Mx makes exploring with our kids enjoyable, stress-free and fun for everyone.

Pre-Order Now

If you are looking for a 3 wheel pram, don’t look past the Oscar Mx. It’s available to pre-order for October 15 Dispatch for $899. But be quick – we’re guessing Oscar Mx is going to be pretty popular!

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