Our Modibodi Underwear Review Results are In With a Special Offer Inside!

Last month we were lucky enough to trial a new high-tec and absorbent underwear range called Modibodi.

An eco-friendly, luxury underwear range using absorbent/leak-proof (modifier) and moisture wicking (modifier air) technologies, the specially designed underwear includes anti-microbial properties to eliminate odour and are stain resistant to help you keep cool, dry and fresh.

We LOVED them. They are gorgeous to wear and the technology really is revolutionary. You can read what we had to say HERE but today we’re sharing what our panel of reviewers have to say.

We had an overwhelming response to our mums wanting to try a pair for themselves and those who were lucky enough to be selected, received a pair of their own to put through their paces and tell us what they thought!  The results speak for themselves.



“The Modibodi breastfeeding singlet was amazing, comfortable and absorbent.
I will definitely be buying more”

“Modibodi are very comfy, no leaks and didn’t creep up my butt! So no wedgies. Great Aussie product! Will be my undies of choice from now on.”

“I wore the underwear on a 40 degree day and went for both a walk at lunch time and a gym circuit class in the evening. The underwear kept me feeling fresh and even upon taking off the underwear i didn’t feel sweaty or damp. I don’t know how comfortable I would be wearing them through my period but that’s more me individually than the underwear…safe to say I will try it though and will be a future customer!”

“What a great idea! Great to catch overflow and sweat from these sweltering days (we have no air con)!”

“It offered the right amount of protection but was still comfortable to wear.
The fabric is just amazing and feels lovely on.”

Modibodi-Activewear-Collection“Incredibly comfortable, definitely moisture wicking at the gym, I felt a lot ‘fresher’ and that definitely reduced any odours too”

“After the first time wearing Modibodi, I was really confident whilst doing my workout that there wouldn’t be any embarrassing wet patches, even after star jumps!”


“Modibodi was actually really soft and comfortable to wear and
didn’t ride up your bum”

Modibodi-Sensual-Collection“This underwear was amazing it was so comfortable & wasn’t smelly either.”

“Modibodi are a great fit and super comfy, with the added comfort with the absorbent part!”


So there you go. It’s a wrap! We had a blast with Modibodi and bv far was one of the most positive reviews we’ve ever done!


Modibodi-RevolutionExclusive-Offer-SMWe’ve managed to negotiate a very special (and rare!) discount offer for our readers so be quick if you’d like to take advantage of this special 20% OFF ALL ORDERS by using the
code “20mumcentral” at checkout!

Offer ends 31 December so be quick!



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