Outrage at Couple’s $140k Spend on Their Kid’s First Birthday Party

Is there any greater celebration than a child’s birthday party? Bring on the balloons! Show us a HUGE cake! Bring on the $140,000 party bill?

Yup, that’s how much these doting parents spent on their child’s first birthday shindig, which begs the question – how much is too much?

Hold the cocktail sausages and think twice about pinning the tail on the donkey because I get the feeling neither of these things were seen at this very glam, very special, possibly obscenely over-the-top birthday party.

Though, in fairness, I might be wrong. I’m just calling it as I see it. #jealouspartydisclaimer

Book the venue!

Forget the play centre, British celebrities Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom hired the University of Bolton Sport Stadium for their daughter Alayana’s first birthday party. And no, not just the lobby, the ENTIRE STADIUM.

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No expense spared

There isn’t a party budget to stick to here. Literally, no expense was spared in throwing this extravagant event with the party bill tallying up to a huge $140 000 dollars. Yep. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

A jungle-meets-Amazonian-rainforest theme dance floor dotted with brilliant dancers dressed in animal costumes set the tone. Meanwhile, the stunning canopy – a kaleidoscope of gorgeous suspended paper butterflies – is just something else entirely. Wow! It is truly a scene worthy of any luxurious gala event, or your kid’s birthday party, whatevs.

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Also, just in case you were thinking of mum and dad sitting at the kitchen table folding paper butterflies, origami-style, and rolling crepe paper grass late into the night, rest assured, it’s not likely. I can report that this mum’s vision was pulled together and created by outsourced professionals. PHEW.

Caviar scented rusks are on the party menu

Not your average party menu, there’s no fairy bread to be seen at this kid’s birthday party. The birthday girl munches on caviar scented rusks while guests are treated to a magnificent, multi-tiered, animal print birthday cake to remember – and isn’t it a beauty!

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Not their first outlandish soiree

Seasoned party hosts, this party isn’t the proud parents’ first amazing event to wow their family and friends with. Their eldest daughter Lamaisha’s stunning second birthday party, back in 2016, set the precedent. Indeed, to the tune of $180 000. Not that anybody is counting. Kind of.

“I think it was only fair because I did one for my oldest daughter,” Faryal is reported to have said.

Not your average parents

Amir and Faryal aren’t your average Jack and Jill – they’re celebrities with celebrity money. Amir is a boxer with an estimated net worth of around 40 million dollars and Faryal, an Instagram influencer, model, blogger and YouTube star. Her estimated worth is a not-so-terrible 2.87 million dollars. So I guess spending hundreds of thousands on a birthday party is a drop in the ocean. After, all it’s all relative. Isn’t it?

I can bet my bottom dollar (or purse moths) that Faryal got some great snaps for the ‘gram with this show-stopper of a birthday party – her Insta party pics have been double-tapped more than 49 thousand times!

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Celebrity parents love to party!

Here are a few other celebrity parents who have been applauded/scrutinised over spending up BIG on their kids’ birthday parties. Wowsers!

  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dropped $100k on Suri’s second birthday.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z spent a huge $200k on Blue Ivy’s first birthday.
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale spent (in comparison, a paltry) $15k on a backyard birthday party for Kingston’s fourth birthday.

How much is too much?

So what say you? Are you in camp ‘if you can afford it, go on do it!‘ or ‘hell no, what a spectacular waste of money!‘camp? I’m all for making wonderful memories with my children, but I can’t help but think that those celebrity kids are missing out by not having fairy bread and pin the tail on the donkey…


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