If you’ve got a baby, you’re probably familiar with the various ways to escape their nursery without waking them.

There’s the army crawl, the rollover and the tippy-toe. All are Master-level ninja moves used to ensure we don’t accidentally make the floors creak and wake bub up.

Because, as any sleep-deprived parent knows, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to repeat the shush, pat, rock, feed, cuddle process over and over again.

One such sleep-deprived parent was Paul Lanzarotti. After weeks of creaky floors ruining his daughter’s sleep, the UK dad decided to do something about it. He invented a spray that had one purpose – to stop creaky floors from waking his daughter up! Now the clever dad is sharing his invention with other frustrated families and we are ALL for it! #bringmethespray!

Up Squeak Creek? Creaky floor invention saves the day!  

Eight months ago, Paul, 45, was literally drowning in sleep deprivation and he had his house to blame. The frustrated new dad was losing a nightly battle to his creaky house.

“It was incredibly infuriating,” Paul explains. “We’d spend an hour a time trying to put Sienna down but then whenever we tried to walk out the room she would wake up. Every night it was endless and it became ridiculous. We would creak all the way down the corridor.”

Silence is golden

To replace the floors would cost around £5,000. So, Paul did what any sleep-deprived dad would do. He headed to Dr. Google to find out how to stop the creak without having to buy new floors.

Thanks to his late-night Google search, he discovers a compound in Teflon that can be mixed with an acrylic fluid to make a lubrication spray which would stop the noise completely.

So he tried it at home and, yep, it actually worked! Once the house was silent, Sienna would stay asleep. No ninja moves needed.

stop creak floor spray

Paul then got a chemical engineering company to manufacture his invention, named ‘Stop Creak’, and has already sold 10,000 bottles through eBay and Amazon. He expects to bring in around £10,000 in sales by the end of the year.

That’s one small step to stop creaky floors, one giant leap for parents everywhere. Thanks Paul!

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