NEW Owlet Smart Sock Plus – Peace of Mind Monitoring From Newborn up to Five Years!

The award-winning Owlet Smart Sock is one of the most sought-after baby products on the market. It’s designed to track a baby’s or child’s oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep trends while they sleep. Simply put, it’s an absolute game-changer for peace of mind when your little one is asleep.

This year Owlet has launched their Owlet Smart Sock Plus, a brand new Smart Sock that not only works for babies, but grows with your child, all the way to the age of five.

Owlet Smart Sock Plus
The latest version of the Owlet Smart Sock is now available. Source: Owlet

Owlet’s award-winning Smart Sock goes beyond the capability of any other baby monitor on the market and we are more than excited to see their new Owlet Smart Sock Plus hit the stores.

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Perfect from newborn now to five years, the Owlet Smart Sock Plus gives peace of mind. Source: Owlet

Why the Smart Sock Plus?

Simple. It provides something no other product on the market can provide – the assurance that your little one is okay, even if you are not by their side. And not just for the first year – for five whole years.

Parenting is full of unnerving moments and milestones but the Owlet Smart Sock helps to alleviate some of these emotions by staying on watch when we close our eyes. We can sleep knowing our baby is sleeping safely and the Owlet Smart Sock Plus is on duty.

This is an absolute must have! I never feel like I have to go in and check on him and disturb him to feel his breathing. It gives me so much peace of mind. This was the best money I spent in regard to baby stuff.” – Emmalyn Kraushaar

Owlet Smart Sock Plus, from birth to five years old
The Owlet Smart Sock Plus is suitable from birth all the way to age five. Source: Owlet

The Most Advanced Baby Monitor on the Market

There’s a lot of differences between a traditional baby monitor and the Owlet Smart Sock. While a traditional baby monitor allows you to see and hear your baby, the Owlet Smart Sock goes above and beyond this.

Owlet Smart Sock
Source: Owlet

It provides parents with insight into the important indicators of their baby’s well-being from birth to early childhood.

Monitor your child through every milestone: 

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Now the Owlet Smart Sock Plus is suitable up to 5 years. Source: Owlet

How does it work?

The new Smart Sock Plus uses pulse oximetry technology to track a baby’s or child’s oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep trends while they sleep.

Once it is fitted onto your child’s foot, it sends information to the in-home Base Station that glows green to let parents know at a glance that a child’s readings are within preset zones.

You’ll have access to:

  • Baby’s sleeping patterns
  • Baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels
  • Three different fabric sock sizes to fit newborns right up to aged five (2.2kg 25kg).

If their readings leave preset zones, parents are notified via the Base Station and App.

Smart phone connected to Owlet app
Owlet’s app makes it even easier to monitor baby on the go. Source: Jess Dhiacou

The technology is similar to the baby heartrate monitors at the hospital that clip onto bub’s finger. However, the Smart Sock is something you can bring home and use daily, for every nap, every sleep for constant peace of mind.

mum centralHOT TIP: If you’d like a visual on your child, you can also pick up the Owlet Cam for $249.99. It connects to the Smart Sock allowing you to see and hear baby too.

Sleep easier for longer

Being able to sleep soundly knowing that if your baby’s metric has left the preset zones, you will be notified in real time, is something every parent will appreciate.

When we first came home from hospital with our little bub, I knew I’d be nervous about sleep time but nothing prepared me for how nervous I’d be.

We bought the Owlet Sock it is worth every dollar spent. I’ve recommended it to every single parent since!” – Hannah Farrar.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Review
Source: Jess Dhiacou

Peace of mind from the first night to the first day of school

As your child gets older some of the anxiety you feel when your baby is asleep may subside. But not always. More than 70% of parents surveyed stated that they would love to see a Smart Sock that worked for older children too.

The new Smart Sock Plus delivers this.

The New Smart Sock Plus not only monitors our children’s breathing but also provides insight into your child’s sleep patterns – when they wake, when they are in REM sleep, and more – all accessible through the app.

New Owlet Smart Sock Plus
Source: Owlet

It will stay with our babies as they graduate from bassinet to cot, from toddler bed to big bed, from our room to their own room. From the first day home to the first day of school and every single milestone in between.

It will remain with our toddlers as they learn to sleep on their own, as they creep into our beds in the middle of the night, if they have a bad dream, or when they need you for a cuddle.

Our concerns about our children’s sleep patterns and breathing never go away

Owlet’s new Smart Sock Plus takes this into account. The Owlet Smart Sock Plus acts as a monitor, a sleep routine aid, a sanity saviour and is a must for every new parent. 

This is why over one million parents use it, trust it, and wouldn’t go without it.

You can find out more about the Owlet Sleep Sock Plus and purchase your own through their website. 

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