7 Ways Parenting is Just Like Reverse Parking

Ever try to reverse park a big arse family-sized car into a teeny-tiny hatch-sized spot? 

Last time I tried it – in front of a cafe full of amused eyes – it occurred to me that reverse parking really is a lot like raising kids.

Don’t believe it?  Here’s seven ways that parenting is just like reverse parking your car.

1. Both are harder than they look

Parenting is hard. So is reverse parking. Unless of course you are one of those rare reverse parking gurus. (Hahaha. Just like perfect parents, those perfect parkers don’t really exist).

2. Everyone’s an expert from the sidelines

There’s always an audience just when you don’t need it, right? When the going really gets tricky, there is always somehow someone there judging your ability. You know how you’ve watched someone park and thought ‘they’re never going to make it in there’? Same for thinking ‘my kid will never do that’. Sometimes parenting feels like a competitive sport! Best to keep those judgy thoughts to yourself because when it comes to parenting and parking…

3. We all fuck it up some times

Because remember number 1? There really is no such thing as the perfect parent. And because…

4. Everyone wonders if they’ve made the best choice

Plenty of times I’ve overconfidently flicked on the blinker, only to reverse partway in and think ‘nup’. Same goes for kids. For all the love and snuggles and cute Mother’s Day cards, plenty of mums have moments of doubt. Usually while fantasising about being somewhere quiet, clean and calm.

parenting superstitions5. Every park is different, every kid is different

Ever tried to reverse park someone else’s car? Nightmare. In the same way, every parent and every child is different. Only you know what’s going to work for you and your car/child. Which is why…

6. We all have our own way of doing it

You know your car, I know mine. You know your kid, I know mine. What works for one may or may not work for the other, and that’s ok. Which brings us to this …

7. Everyone has moments when they look like a rock star

Parenting moments where you just think I’ve got this. When the kids squeeze you tight, say I love you or just behave like normal little amazing human beings.

Me? I wedged my oversized car into that park in a rare moment of sheer parking awesomeness. I got out and gave the people watching from the café a victorious look of ‘yep I know what you were thinking and I DID just make it in there’.

Question now, of course, is if I’ll ever get it out.

Parenting is hard! Have a laugh at  the parenting mistakes we all make – no mum guilt allowed!

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