Considering a tutor for your child?   Before you post an ad on your local Facebook community page, consider thinking outside the standard educational box with Cluey Learning.

Mum Central recently asked a team of mums and kids to give Cluey Learning online tutoring a go.  The service provides a unique, affordable and personal way to connect your child to the part of the curriculum giving them a hard time.

Our reviewers hailed from different states, with kids of different ages. But they all had one thing in common – the desire to help their children succeed in school.

How Cluey Learning can help

The Cluey Learning program is simple – first Cluey Learning matches a Maths or English tutor to your child through their extensive database (chemistry tuition is available too for those in secondary school). You don’t have to go anywhere to connect to the tutor – the 60 minute sessions are done via Cluey’s online learning platform.

It’s convenient, easy to use, affordable and comfortable for both parents and students, aged 8 to 17. And kids LOVE the online tools, such as real-time video and the interactive whiteboard. But what did our reviewers think of the service?

100% would recommend Cluey Learning to friends: 

“It was easy to use and more fun than normal school because there were no people messing around. You actually learn stuff. I never get one-on-one time with my teacher at school like that.” – Isobel, Grade 5

“I feel in the classroom situation, my son wouldn’t have grasped the information quite as well as he did in his tutoring session.” – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

Isobel gets help with Grade Five maths factors from online Cluey Learning tutor Nathan

Why Parents Love Cluey Learning: 

Affordability – Cluey Learning costs around the same as a standard tutoring session – from $49 to $77 an hour – but with so many non-standard perks and benefits.

Security – When you choose Cluey Learning, you know your child is being matched with a trained tutor. All tutors work in line with the Australian school syllabus, using material developed by professional teachers from Cluey’s own education team. Every tutor must also pass a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and Cluey’s rigorous selection criteria before being matched with any student.

Convenience – Stay home and work within your child’s best learning times. You get to choose a time when you want the session so it fits around your schedule. And no driving necessary so another saving of time and fuel right there!

Easy to Use – From selecting a tutor to setting up and connecting to the online learning platform, the entire process is straight forward and drama-free. All of our reviewers rated the quality of the call high and agree that the simplicity of the program was unmatched, especially compared to the traditional tutoring method.

Personalised service The thing that really stood out for all our parent reviewers is just how customised the sessions are. Because it’s one-on-one, children get that extra attention in the exact areas they need it.

Tutor was friendly, patient, and didn’t move on until he made sure the child has followed and understood the material/task ” Ann, mum of Karina, Grade 3

Cluey Learning explained what would be involved in the session really well. They allocated a great young tutor who was passionate about English and really worked with my son to make sure he found it easy and understood what he was doing and why. Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

Not all children learn in the same way. Many kids will need a little bit of extra assistance or a different approach to being taught. This is what makes Cluey Learning stand out – they have the ability to cater to your child’s learning patterns so you can rest assured knowing they are understanding it. And that they are moving forward in their learning.

Even if your child has a hard time concentrating in class, prefers a more visual approach or works at a slower pace, the tutors at Cluey Learning can cater to these individual learning requirements.

Why Kids Love Cluey Learning: 

“It’s not just for kids who are struggling, it’s also great for kids who are doing well in school just to consolidate what they are learning. The maths session really helped cement Isobel’s knowledge of what she had been taught in class. She really liked that there were no “annoying boys” mucking around and distracting the other kids and the teacher, which she says is often a problem in her classroom.” – Nikki, mum of Isobel, Grade 5

It was easy to understand Nathan and he was very helpful if you got something wrong. The way you could see what they were doing on the same screen as you was very good and helped you understand what they were showing you.” Isobel, Grade 5

Here’s a typical online tutoring session – the child can see the tutor face to face while working through the lesson.

“Josh was great. He gave Brit some good advice and different ways to do things that helped her understand English grammar.” Deanne, mum of Brittany, Grade 11

“The tutor is very personable and truly engages my daughter in her lessons.” – Monique, mum of Julia, Grade 3

“I found it easy to set up for him and think we probably got better results with my son doing the tutoring session in his own environment.” – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

“Our experience was great, easy to log on, their email notifications and reminders are fantastic to get your prepared for your session. A wonderful safe, quick way to get someone homework done.” – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

Cluey Learning review
The results are in: Cluey Learning gets an A in tutoring: 

Cluey Learning Online Tutoring

8.8 Cluey Learning online tutoring review


  • Personalised
  • Qualified, Comfortable Tutors
  • In Line with the Australian Curriculum
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
Instructor Quality
Content Quality
Child's Experience
Value for Money
Ease of Use/Set Up

Whether you’re looking for a tutor to help your child brush up or ace a ATAR score, consider Cluey Learning. Simply fill in a few details and you’re on your way to getting a personalised tutor without the high costs or complications.

Exclusively for Mum Central members, Cluey Learning are offering 20% off your first 5 tutoring sessions. Readers can claim the offer simply by stating Mum Central to a Cluey Learning Advisor. But be quick, offer ends 19 October, 2018.

I have signed her up for 3 more lessons. My daughter is enjoying the one-on-one support of her tutor. She is engaged and excited about the lessons.” – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

This is a sponsored review for Cluey Learning. All opinions are those of the reviewers.

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.

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