Parents Amazed at How Fast Newborn Baby ‘Flies Out’ in Water Birth

A video of a California mother’s water birth has stunned parents around the globe because the baby seemed to very quickly ‘fly out’ of her!

The woman was filmed in a birthing pool with her partner and shared by her midwife, Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham.

The woman in labour can clearly be seen waiting for her next contraction and using a mirror to see the baby’s head crown.

What happened next was just incredible. She pants her short and sharp breaths and gives one big push.

Watch her belly shape change as the baby then slips out and comes into the world to met her parents.

Parents who watched the video couldn’t believe their eyes either, with many commenting on the Facebook post such as:

“That baby flew out,” one mother wrote. “Wish my labour was that easy.”

“Omg, omg omg, omg this is amazing. That’s the miracle of birth and it’s beautiful. Congratulations.”

and one dad wrote: “Wow, that is nothing like my wife’s birth was, seems like everyone wishes they were that easy.”  Too right! 😉

Just nine days after being posted on Facebook, the video has been seen over 15 million times, shared 100,000 and had over 22,000 comments.

I’m sure if you’ve had a baby before you’ll agree, that moment when you first connect with your newborn is an incredible moment you’ll never forget.  We can see the sheer relief, joy and elation as she cuddles her new baby into her chest.

Just gorgeous!

Posted by Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham on Saturday, 3 September 2016

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