Police Issue a Million Dollar Reward for Missing Boy William Tyrrell

NSW police have just issued a $1,000,000 reward for information relating to the return of NSW Toddler, William Tyrell.

The unprecedented reward comes after more than 1,000 supposed sightings and 2,000 calls to Crime Stoppers in a case that has baffled Australians young and old.

Between their investigations and tips, the police have identified 690 persons of interest. That said, they’re still looking for more information about the missing boy – in a major way. Previously, the highest missing persons reward was $500,000 and offered for information on Michelle Bright (a teenager murdered in 1999).

The number of persons of interest may seem terribly high. But, that doesn’t mean the police are at a loss. “I want to make it very clear that the fact that we’ve got so many persons of interest doesn’t mean that we have no idea on what’s happened,” said Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Jubelin went on to say that the high number shows that they’ve cast a wide net. The police are keeping all of the possibilities open, and investigating any lead that they see as a real option.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Premier Mike Baird announced the jaw-dropping reward this morning at a press conference. This marks the second anniversary of the toddler’s disappearance from his grandmother’s home in the town of Kendall on the Mid North Coast.  William was playing with his sister in the front yard when he disappeared, dressed in his favourite Spiderman suit.

The backyard of William's grandmother's house on Benaroon Drive at Kendall.

The police immediately began the search, but did not turn up any leads right away. In previous statements, the police have said that there’s the possibility that the little boy’s disappearance is related to a pedophile ring in the north coast region.

To date, the most high-profile suspect has been washing repairman William “Bill” Spedding. Spedding who worked at the home prior to the abduction.  The repairman is fighting to have (unrelated) sex charges dismissed, and has publicly said he has nothing to do with William’s disappearance.

The current $1 million reward isn’t like many other high dollar amount police rewards. These are typically given only when someone is convicted of the crime. Instead, this reward is for William’s location. Police believe that the little boy is still alive and, with the public’s help, can be found and returned to his family.

“It’s unacceptable that two years down the track we haven’t found out what’s happened to William,” said Jubelin. He added, “I’m confident in saying it’s only a matter of time before we find out what’s happened to William and if we come to you, the offer of the reward is off the table.”

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The police are reassuring anyone who might have information that they will not be viewed as concealing a crime, provided that they come forward and deliver the information to the police. As the detective noted, if the police find anyone connected to the crime (meaning, anyone who hasn’t come forward on their own), they can’t promise that the responsible parties won’t be prosecuted.

Police have been given information about 600 persons of interest in the William Tyrrell investigation.

Anyone who has any information about William, his disappearance or his current location should call Crime Stoppers immediately on 1 800 333 000.

If you have information and don’t want to call, you can also fill out an online report at the Crime Stoppers’ website.

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