10 Perfect Picnic Recipes For a Delicious Family Day Out

Spring has sprung and we’re all itching to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Want to do the same? Here’s our must-have guide to packing a easy and fun family picnic.

One of my favourite things to do is pack up some food, gather the troops, leave the screens behind and set off for an afternoon of relaxing, family picnic fun. Fresh air and food – is there anything better?

Pick a spot, pack a basket or Esky with these picnic recipes and off you go, it’s THAT easy!

Easy Family Picnic Recipes

1. Baguettes to share

Fancy a fancy pants sandwich? Get yourself a French baguette or two and make a long Subway style baguette and cut it into portions to share. Head to Taste for this chicken Caesar baguette recipe, yum!

picnic chicken baguette recipe

2. Pinwheel sandwiches

Wrap style pinwheels are a delicious twist on traditional sandwiches and look super impressive (with little extra effort). A recipe for lovers of salami, try this Italian pinwheel recipe from Tornadough Alli.

picnic pinwheel sandwich recipe

3. Zucchini picnic muffins

From My Kids Lick The Bowl, zucchini picnic muffins. Using a mini muffin tin makes these tasty bites super quick to cook!

picnic zucchini muffin recipe

4. Easy crustless quiches

Taming Twins‘ crustless quiches recipe for the win! No fluffing about with pastry, pop these in easy-to-deal-with silicone muffin trays for the ultimate picnic snack.

crustless picnic quiche recipe

5. Individual chicken pies

Small hand pies you can eat hot or cold, these chicken picnic pies are full of creamy chicken, flaky pastry goodness! Head to Best Recipes for this easy picnic recipe.

picnic chicken pies recipe

6. Lamington fingers

No picnic is complete without cake, surely? Over Sixty‘s classic lamingtons are loved by young and old! Sure, there’s a bit of a process with making your own but the results are WELL worth the effort!

picnic lamington recipe

7. All the watermelon!

Fruit is always a welcome addition to the picnic blanket buffet and watermelon is an easy one to cut and pack into a Tupperware container for travel. We love the level of watermelon pop cuteness from Chiarapassion, and Style Me Pretty‘s swoon worthy watermelon salad – both perfect for a picnic party.

picnic style watermelon

8. A sweet honey nougat slice

Whip up these Mum Central no-bake honey nougat squares in next to no time using a Thermomix for a sweet on-the-go treat!

honey nougat slice recipe

9. Eat your veggies!

Dip and vegetable sticks. An awesome way to clear out your fridge crisper, you might be surprised by how much your family enjoys snacking on vegetables when they’re cut and ready for the taking! Thanks to Kitchn for this handy hommus and veggie hack.

Dip and vegetable picnic jars

10. A sweet marshmallow treat the kids can prepare

Want picnic recipes the kids can make?  It has to be chocolate and sprinkle dipped marshmallows! Check out Give Recipe‘s easy how-to guide and get in my BELLY! The best part? The kids can run off the sugar before you head home.

chocolate dipped marshmallow recipe

Tried and true picnic packing tips!

  • Keep the stress levels down over any potential food poisoning risks by packing cold food ONLY. Personally, I find it’s much easier to keep foods cold than keeping foods at a stable hot temperature. Fill the bottom of your Esky with ice and pack ice bricks (or frozen juice boxes) around your food. Easy – and keeps everything cool as a cucumber.
  • Pack a picnic rug (even a sheet or beach towels will do to sit on grass), a plastic bag for rubbish, wet wipes for sticky hands and messy faces. Don’t forget the plastic plates!
  • You don’t need to be fancy or spend a lot of money! Add a picnic twist to your regular lunch by making up a pile of sandwiches with different fillings and cut them into quarters for people to pick from.
  • Think about what will keep the kids entertained when not eating. Take a ball to kick around or a game suitable for outdoors to keep them busy.
  • You can picnic ANYWHERE. Chances are the kids will love a picnic in the comfort of your own backyard just as much as they’d love one in a park!
  • Insects will be attracted to your picnic feast in no time. Be prepared with an insect repellent spray and a mosquito net to cover your food. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

We’d love to hear all of your best picnic tips and tricks, comment below if you have one to share! Check out our recipes for even more picnic packing inspiration.

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