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Win With Pilot Pop’lol Pens: Why Colouring In is Perfect for Mums

Feeling stressed out and the opposite of Zen? You might want to take a page out of your kids’ colouring book!

According to Debra Close, positive psychology coach at Flourishing Mothers, colouring is an easy way to boost your wellbeing, and is especially handy for mums.

“It’s a fun and relaxing activity that’s not too demanding, yet gives us a break from everyday stresses of life. You don’t have to leave the house or spend heaps of time or money. Even just doing five minutes of colouring before you go to bed can help you sleep and feel better!” she says.

Here, Debra lists some of the many benefits of colouring:

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. It’s a Great Alternative to Meditation”]

If you’re struggling to meditate or find emptying your mind too difficult, colouring is a great alternative. It’s an active way of meditating, helping you focus your mind on the present moment, allowing you to take a mental break from your internal chatter.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. It Boosts Your Wellbeing”]

Being engrossed and fully absorbed in an activity like colouring can give us a sense of “flow” or being “in the zone”. This is where we get a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Being able to be fully engaged in activities of our choosing boosts our wellbeing.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. It Makes You Smarter”]

We use both the left and right brain when we colour in, which means it requires logical thinking as well as creativity. Colouring also enhances your focus and concentration, so overall it can boost your creativity and improve your problem solving and organisational skills.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. It Can Reduce Anxiety”]

Colouring has been shown to have stress-reducing benefits and can help reduce anxiety. You see, colouring calms the amygdala, the part of the brain related to the fear/stress response. Some people report sleeping better when colouring for even just five minutes before bedtime.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. It Can Help You Bond With Your Kids”]

Although the mindfulness benefits of colouring are best reaped when doing it on your own, doing it with your children is a great way of encouraging them to be creative too and to bond with them. As a bonus, colouring in has the same calming and de-stressing effects on children, so it is a perfect way to wind down together in the evening.


Introducing Pilot Pop’lol Pens!

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The ink has been designed to dry quickly and is smudge and bleed resistant, so you can focus on spreading joy, not smears.

Colouring book buffs will rejoice over the medium size 0.7mm rollerball tip, which makes intricate colouring-in and creative handwriting effortless.

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  1. Avatar of Lizb

    Apart from being calming it takes me back to my childhood. The warming memories helps with my depression.

  2. Avatar of Rebecca Tompsett
    Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    I love sharing quiet and relaxing time with my girls.

  3. Avatar of Iain Durham
    Iain Durham Reply

    It is creative and relaxing, nice to have something to focus on to help with being in the moment

  4. Avatar of Chester

    Great way to relieve stress and get away from ‘screen time’.

  5. Avatar of Alexandra

    Great for relaxation and some down time when my daughter is asleep

  6. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl Lowther Reply

    Relaxing, my daughter enjoys colouring in with me, shifts my focus 🙂

  7. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary Whitta Reply

    I am a colour conscious person and love splashes of colour as it brightens up the dullest day!

  8. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    De-stress and to practice re-focusing my mind to be in the moment

  9. Avatar of Dannielle Watters
    Dannielle Watters Reply

    I love colouring in as i suffer from high blood pressure and find it helps relaxing me immensely

  10. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    Coloring in is a nice relaxing activity that helps me to destress and switch off at the end of a busy day

  11. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    As a mum with two autistic children, my personal wellbeings are important for my family. I love colouring with my two autistic children together. It really helps me to relax and sharing our thoughts during colouring time. This is very nice prize for everyone. Thank you very much.

  12. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle Tassan Reply

    I love how relaxing it is and gives me a bit of a time out.

  13. Avatar of humptydumpedme
    humptydumpedme Reply

    We love to just chill at night sometimes and enjoy time out with some colouring in, the kids just love these colouring books and we even have one in a frame it was so good, it calms the whole family

  14. Avatar of Tracey Ibbott
    Tracey Ibbott Reply

    I block out everything else that is going on around me. Relaxing & de-stressing

  15. Avatar of Maria

    I concentrate so hard on colouring between the lines I forget all my problems, for a while at least

  16. Avatar of Courtney

    I love how relaxing it is to colour in, I get some peace and me time and can express some creativity.

  17. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    There has many document recommendations about colouring therapy benefits. It is really helping my family living in harmony. This is very wonderful prize to bring a lot of joys and happiness for everyone. Thank you very much.

  18. Avatar of Terri Todd
    Terri Todd Reply

    it gives me something else to concentrate on rather than what is stressing me out

  19. Avatar of Margaret Katte
    Margaret Katte Reply

    This would be a special book I could take to the Diabetic Specialist while I am sitting waiting for my appointment to be nice and calm. 🙂

  20. Avatar of Kelly Crollick
    Kelly Crollick Reply

    I love being able to sit and relax and just focus on the job at hand

  21. Avatar of Becky Palmer
    Becky Palmer Reply

    It gives me a bit of me time and I love to see how I can bring each picture to life!

  22. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Relaxing allowing you and allows you to forget your problems and escape

  23. Avatar of Wendy Christidis
    Wendy Christidis Reply

    I find colouring in relaxing and I love the end result! I’ve actually framed and hung up some of my pictures and friends and family have admired them and even copied my idea!

  24. Avatar of Ryan

    It’s so calming colouring these in and has a great effect on myself as well as our kids.

  25. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Love showing the kids how it’s done 🙂 None of this colouring outside of the lines

  26. Avatar of Samantha W
    Samantha W Reply

    Colouring is lovely after a busy day to relax and exercise my creativity.

  27. Avatar of Nyssa Johnson
    Nyssa Johnson Reply

    It is a great way to focus on just one thing (not the hundreds of things normally flying around in my head) and it’s quick to get started and you can do as much or as little as you want.

  28. Avatar of Ern

    It’s a creative outlet for this Dad who couldn’t draw to save himself.

  29. Avatar of Amanda Reed
    Amanda Reed Reply

    I’m a bit ocd, and find it really satisfying to see all the colours fill in the blank spaces, just in the lines of course!

  30. Avatar of Shannon Discombe
    Shannon Discombe Reply

    It’s so relaxing and a great to do and chat with eldest without the little people scribbling all over it

  31. Avatar of Melissa Kagie
    Melissa Kagie Reply

    A fun way to get the family together to relax and unwind, which is great for the body and mind.

  32. Avatar of DIANA O

    Colouring in allows me to feel like an artist, taking a black and white boring picture and making it eye-poppingly spectacluar!!!!! Well at least that’s how I see my efforts 😉

  33. Avatar of Charlotte

    The great things about these are that are perfect for people both young and old. Who doesn’t love colouring in?

  34. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    Its an activity you can do with your kids or on your own. It doesn’t require much thought, just which pens to use? Pilot pop’lol of course!

  35. Avatar of ivy fraser
    ivy fraser Reply

    Stress free and colorful. Brightens up my depression and glad to be free for awhile

  36. Avatar of Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson Reply

    Colouring allows me to be artistic even though I’ve got very little talent for art.

  37. Avatar of Jasmine1485
    Jasmine1485 Reply

    I love how colouring in occupies my thoughts, I can’t worry if I’m focusing on staying in the lines.

  38. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    It find it therapeutic and my kids love it when we all sit down together to colour in.

  39. Avatar of Candice

    Calming and great just to take some time out every now and then.

  40. Avatar of Claire Mounsey
    Claire Mounsey Reply

    I loved it as a kid and it is still so satisfying as an adult!

  41. Avatar of Jane Gardam
    Jane Gardam Reply

    I find it very relaxing and love the chance to colour in with my children along side their colouring books.

  42. Avatar of Pia Ingvorsen
    Pia Ingvorsen Reply

    Colouring in is my zone out time after my daughter and hubby have gone to bed at night. I don’t have to think about anything and its great to help relax my mind after a stressful day at work

  43. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    Its one thing i do for me, helps me relax, zone out and feel creative

  44. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love that it allows quiet time with the kids. I can de-stress and they can be creative, practice their fine motor skills and we are actually spending time “together” … not just in the same room together.

  45. Avatar of Anita Andrews
    Anita Andrews Reply

    It’s a great, relaxing activity for some quiet down time. Did I mention it’s quiet? Definitely one for when the kids are in bed.

  46. Avatar of Felicity Burger
    Felicity Burger Reply

    it helps me relax and enjoy time with my kids who love colouring and drawing lots!!

  47. Avatar of debbiemowatt
    debbiemowatt Reply

    It’s relaxing and fun! Can be done solo or with others. Great for stress relief too

  48. Avatar of Katherine Bamford
    Katherine Bamford Reply

    My daughter and I are colouring-in-crazy-birds! It’s our little special time to chill and chat about whatever is on her mind. We even take our little colouring bundle to the skate park while her brother rides around!

  49. Avatar of Dave Smyth
    Dave Smyth Reply

    The soothing regimentation of it all. A form of mind unwind!

  50. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    It’s something you can do together as a family and make colourful memories

  51. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    Relaxing, no mess, quiet enjoyment, creativity….it’s all there for a fun wind down time before bed.

  52. Avatar of Nellie Mims
    Nellie Mims Reply

    It is easy to be succesful at colouring in. A beautiful work of art is always achieved.

  53. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love how therapeutic it is, and also how fun it is to colour in with my kids!

  54. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love that you can bring a picture or pattern to life just by adding colour to it. You’re only limited by your imagination and don’t always have to conform to what is considered normal.

  55. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    It is relaxing and gives my eyes a break from the computer screen. Love seeing the finished result and knowing I created it.

  56. Avatar of Dena N Richard Davies
    Dena N Richard Davies Reply

    I totally relax when colouring in…problem is, my 7 year old won’t share her books wiyh me lol

  57. Avatar of TanyaCrerar
    TanyaCrerar Reply

    Unlike homework, you can’t get colouring wrong. It’s a great way to spend time with the kids and not have to be rating their work. Even though they always ask whose is the best!

  58. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    always something different to draw, create and colur to make your day brighter

  59. Avatar of akka08

    A family bonding ‘quiet time’ session. Perfect relaxation whilst I’m ‘hooked-up’ for hours with chemo. Finished products can be turned into ‘Thank-You’ cards for all those wonderful people who have supported me and given me encouragement.

  60. Avatar of Hannah Gleeson
    Hannah Gleeson Reply

    Would love to destress with this and get my boys involved creatively

  61. Avatar of Lauren Geier
    Lauren Geier Reply

    I find colouring in really relaxing and I’d love to get my kids involved with a more ‘mindful’ activity

  62. Avatar of John Reck

    Colouring is so relaxing and something that we enjoy as a family

  63. Avatar of rachel

    so relaxing. also, i’ve discovered that if the kids or myself are feeling grumpy, sitting down and taking some time out and having a bit of a draw or colour in, can really make the grumps disappear. With the added advantage of having something to show for your reflecting time.

  64. Avatar of Rosalee

    It’s so calming, something that helps me connect with my kids

  65. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    My daughter and I love colouring in together, and now my son has started to enjoy it also. I just love sitting down with them and enjoying those times together.

  66. Avatar of Justine

    It’s something I share with my daughter (who loves it when I draw with her) or by myself for some peace and quiet

  67. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    As a busy mum, sitting still & meditating is a novel idea. This pack would help me reap the benefits of meditating but walk away with a beautiful end result!

  68. Avatar of Beksmum

    As a kid I was always messy when it came to coloring and I never could keep inside the lines – now I can and its just relaxing and enjoyable, plus something I can do with my girls 🙂

  69. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Great activity, relaxing and calming and love seeing the colors come alive, excellent activity to do with the kids

  70. Avatar of Honi

    3 window screens chewed by the puppy, bedroom blinds chewed by the puppy and the death of my dishwasher (puppy innocent) – A wellbeing boost is just what I need!

  71. Avatar of Hannah Webster
    Hannah Webster Reply

    Colouring in is a great way to switch off and slow down, so important in today’s busy world.

  72. Avatar of Kirsten Adams
    Kirsten Adams Reply

    I can bond with any of my kids over it – it spans the ages!

  73. Avatar of Kate

    I love the time to quiet my brain and focus on one task not a dozen which usually happens when I try to un-wind.

  74. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    An activity that I can do with the kids and it encourages them to do it because I am

  75. Avatar of Vickyk

    it’s relaxing, calming & really rewarding when you end up with a beautiful, colourful pic

  76. Avatar of Angela

    It helps me relax and concentrate on the moment. It’s nice to take away the worries for a while, but not always easy otherwise. I’ve tried meditation and yoga but didn’t help. Colouring books was a big success! 🙂

  77. Avatar of Judy Roney
    Judy Roney Reply

    I enjoy joining with the grand kids when they are colouring. Very relaxing and rewarding.

  78. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria Purnamasari Reply

    This will be great for bonding time for me and my daughter.

  79. Avatar of Jacqui Welbourne
    Jacqui Welbourne Reply

    It’s relaxing and calming, and a great activity to share with my daughter.

  80. Avatar of Emma Drew

    I have loved colouring in since as long as I can remember. I’d spend hours with my Mum and brother colouring in together and am busting to be able to do the same with my 2 kidlets

  81. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    Colouring is so very relaxing as my mum is in a retirement village and has started a colouring in group once a month they meet , she cooks afternoon tea for all she now has 30 members

  82. Avatar of Tracy Mackay
    Tracy Mackay Reply

    I like colouring in because while I am concentrating on that it helps clear my mind of stress and problems.

  83. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love that I can colour in with my kids and it’s something we can do and enjoy doing together.

  84. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    Colouring in is a fun activity we can do as a family but also something that is relaxing & clears the head once all the kids have gone to bed.

  85. Avatar of Rebecca Jayne
    Rebecca Jayne Reply

    I love that my daughter and I can colour in together – it’s a relaxing and chilled hobby that we share.

  86. Avatar of Cumbrian

    Its a fun activity I can do with my kids . My wife says it diverts my anger to something positive.

  87. Avatar of jenelle66

    So relaxing, keeps the hands busy and the mind free to wander.

  88. Avatar of Elinor Chapman
    Elinor Chapman Reply

    I love that colouring is something that you can do at any age, with anyone, anywhere. My kids (9, 8 & 3) and I love just sitting quietly together around the table. Everyone doing their own but all together.

  89. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that it’s an activity I enjoy as much as my children so we can sit around the table chatting and drawing

  90. Avatar of petrie46

    colouring in for me is a great stress relief and i love doing it at the beach i have the fresh air and sunshine and great art work to keep me company and with the help of all i come back with a great art work to me it is

  91. Avatar of Bec Warren
    Bec Warren Reply

    I love colouring in it’s so calming and relaxing.
    As do my girls, as soon as they were old enough to hold a crayon we have coloured together.
    My youngest now aged 4 will happily spend over an hour colouring in adult colouring books.

  92. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    Colouring In is a soothing, calming thing to do, and is a good activity to pass the time when waiting for the children to finish sports, music or whatever activity is keeping me in the car, and good not to always be using the phone.

  93. Avatar of Jann Trapp
    Jann Trapp Reply

    I think it is very relaxing and it;s good for the whole family.

  94. Avatar of Rachel K

    It improves hand-eye co-ordination, invigorates out creative energies, and emerges us in colour!

  95. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is absolutely an amazing prize for my family. Happy , Colouring, Peace ✌️

  96. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    I find colouring in relaxing and peaceful, it’s really not just for kids!

  97. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    I love that colouring is not restricted to age, race or gender. There are no rules. Its a hobby for EVERYONE!

  98. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    I like that you can be as creative and colourful as you like then look back at the final page and see how clever you were!

  99. Avatar of Sarah

    It’s calming and relaxing and a good way to spend time with the kids

  100. Avatar of cat

    It is so soothing and a great thing to do with the kids, they always talk more about their day when their hands are busy.

  101. Avatar of Hellie

    Colouring in…I love that when I am colouring in, I am able to enter a complete state of mindfulness. It relaxes me, and enables me to be ‘in the moment’

  102. Avatar of Kylie D

    I love how colouring in has help ease anxiety for my sister and a friend who struggle with mental health.

  103. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    I love colouring with my family because it can smooth our negative thoughts and energy.

  104. Avatar of Sarah Jade Matheson
    Sarah Jade Matheson Reply

    I love how it helps me to calm and destress. It is also great as my therapist told me when I wake in the middle of the night to go to the couch and colour in until I’m tired. its been so much better as I used to look at my phone for hours and now I sleep and feel more rested everyday.

  105. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish Leonard Reply

    I love colouring because I find it so relaxing and it takes my mind off the things that are stressing me.

  106. Avatar of Louis

    My daughter really enjoys coloring and one of the best moment was for the whole family to do coloring together. It’s healthy, educational and train her to be self-entertained and patient.

  107. Avatar of Belinda Braggs
    Belinda Braggs Reply

    colouring is a great way to calm the nerves and destress for all ages.

  108. Avatar of Lauren East-Wuillemin
    Lauren East-Wuillemin Reply

    I love the calm it brings to me and all my kids.

  109. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    I love that my son and I can do it together and it always relaxes me!!

  110. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    I find it calming and therapeudic,takes your mind off problems as your so focused on keeping in the line

  111. Avatar of jodez

    For as long as I can remember colouring in, drawing and general creative endeavours have been my go to for reducing my anxiety, depression and stress. Even proving to be more effective for me than therapy (and a great accompaniment to medications)

  112. Avatar of Casey Kickett
    Casey Kickett Reply

    The best thing about colouring in is the emptying of the mind. When deciding which colour should fill which shape next is the only thing on my mind, and all of the bills, stresses, anxieties and to-do’s which normally fill my head, fall to the side, my mind can finally have a mental rest – which is the only mental rest, second to playing sport, that I have been able to find.

  113. Avatar of Alex

    As stated below – it’s therapeutic in itself and great for relieving stress!

  114. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that this is a relaxing activity that I can do with my daughter and we can do it anywhere ! 🙂

  115. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L Brown Reply

    It let’s you escape from everyday life, even if for only 10 mins, it’s so therapeutic no matter what the age

  116. Avatar of Marni Mead
    Marni Mead Reply

    My 8yo loves colouring. It’s a great alternative to screen time on a winter’s day

  117. Avatar of JohnandMandy Young
    JohnandMandy Young Reply

    I love the meditative aspect of colouring, you can just zone out and make beauty.

  118. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark Agapiou Reply

    Would help with the stress of looking after my 2 wonderful children.

  119. Avatar of Alma Lucia Leyland
    Alma Lucia Leyland Reply

    Would love some me time and colouring in is very relaxing.

  120. Avatar of Helen

    Yay, colouring in is something I’m good at.Well at least without my glasses I can’t tell I’m out the lines and guess what? It doesn’t bother me if I am!

  121. Avatar of Raizl

    Love how relaxing it is and I’m able to be as creative as I like! I try and have my own colouring pencils/pens which are separate to my child’s pens so mine stay special and not chewed up!

  122. Avatar of johanna rees
    johanna rees Reply

    It passes the time while recovering in hospital relieving my anxiety.

  123. Avatar of VivieTim Lincoln
    VivieTim Lincoln Reply

    I love colouring and my son does too. We often colour together.

  124. Avatar of Anna Amoroso
    Anna Amoroso Reply

    Colouring in is very calming and helps with anxiety issues

  125. Avatar of Vanessa Katinic
    Vanessa Katinic Reply

    Being a single mum of 2 boys aged 3 and 4, this would be great to have to destress 🙂

  126. Avatar of Therese Jeffery
    Therese Jeffery Reply

    It’s relaxing and no matter how uncreative you are you can still create something.

  127. Avatar of Stacey M

    I love colouring in to relax… It’s also something we do as a family on a rainy day as it’s something we all love.

  128. Avatar of sharon

    I love colouring it is a great way to relax before bed or the stresses of the day

  129. Avatar of Steph Whitehead
    Steph Whitehead Reply

    That it’s something I can do alone or with the kids and at home or away!

  130. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    It takes my mind off my worries and I feel my blood pressure falling.

  131. Avatar of Danielle Bailey
    Danielle Bailey Reply

    I love that colouring in keeps my mind off things that have been worrying me. I find that it helps alot with my anxiety and mental health as it calms me and keeps my mind busy.

  132. Avatar of Bianca de Lima
    Bianca de Lima Reply

    The 30 seconds I get to enjoy colouring in (before my son begins tasting the crayons, texts, pencils etc) is quite relaxing… and it’s fun.

  133. Avatar of Julie Pederick
    Julie Pederick Reply

    Colouring in helps to chill you out & calm you down, keeping depression at bay through repeative motion in much the same way as meditation does by keeping the body, soul & mind pre-occupied in a relaxed, altered state which is beneficial to your health in many ways, plus it is enjoyable and at the end you have these amazing looking pieces of art!

  134. Avatar of Bree Foster
    Bree Foster Reply

    It’s a cheap & fun activity I can do in the warmth of my own home & is so relaxing after a hectic day!

  135. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary Moschovakis Reply

    relieves stress, helps in forgetting any dramas around you and best of all keeps me connected to my nephews especially the eldest Jesse who loves anything arty…

  136. Avatar of Elise Loy

    It helps soothe my anxious mind and reconnects me with my childhood. When I have some quiet time on the train it’s so so SO good to be able to pick whatever page suits my mood and take my time colouring it in. Colouring in time at home with my 3 year old usually consists of him picking the page, telling me I can only use brown, and me rushing to finish it within 7 seconds before he flicks to the next page… *eye twitch*

  137. Avatar of Samantha Christie
    Samantha Christie Reply

    With three crazy, loud boys, it brings peace and calm to my life AND an opportunity to have them join my calm.

  138. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda Robinson Reply

    The colours are so vibrant and lovely! I would love to try them out!! (Maybe without the kids to begin with)

  139. Avatar of Anita Louise
    Anita Louise Reply

    I have always loved Coloring in. All through childhood and into adulthood. I fidget a lot and Coloring in helps to stop that, I take my books and pensils everywhere!

  140. Avatar of Alana Garret
    Alana Garret Reply

    Colouring in with my 2.5 year old is a sure way for us both to relax, be creative and have some quiet time. Miss 2.5 is also a self proclaimed artist, and loves to surprise me with beautiful drawings of faces and flowers.

  141. Avatar of Jody Andrews
    Jody Andrews Reply

    We’re just starting school holidays, colouring in on a cold winters day sounds perfect

  142. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    A great way to de-stress and have me time as a first time parent

  143. Avatar of Lisa Jane Eskinazi
    Lisa Jane Eskinazi Reply

    Really good alternative to practicing meditation for my partner suffering chronic pain. Colouring in might be a way she can “meditate” and be present doing something visual and not pressured

  144. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny Vabriany Reply

    Bonding with my children. Being creative and have fun exploring ideas about colours with them. And also stimulate my brain at the same time

  145. Avatar of Tamara

    The chance to escape, be creative as an adult and enjoy me time

  146. Avatar of Squggles

    It relaxes the mind and fuels the body with creativity. It’s also the perfect escape from reality into a magical land.

  147. Avatar of Dianne

    I love that it relaxes me! Started when I tore the tendon attached to my elbow and it was soooo frustrating trying to do everything one handed. With an expected healing time of up to 12 months, I couldn’t even tear my hair out effectively, lol, but I could colour in and it saved my sanity!

  148. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    I was just going to say that it is very relaxing when I saw the same sentence in the comment below. But it’s true. You escape into another world and forget about all your problems and the problems of the world.

  149. Avatar of Lou3

    Love creating colourful artworks while taking my mind off things. Colouring in helps me focus on what’s in front of me and forgetting everything else. I would love to win and have some me time relaxing and doing what I Iove, colouring in and making things colourful.

  150. Avatar of Bethany Brown
    Bethany Brown Reply

    its very relaxing , helped me a lot whilst dealing with some very stressful events as a wind down at the end of the day with a nice hot coffee <3

  151. Avatar of Amanda Colgrave
    Amanda Colgrave Reply

    Fine motor skill building and being able to create something else no else can do by using your imagination by changing the colours!

  152. Avatar of Matthew Toby
    Matthew Toby Reply

    I enjoy colouring with my youngest daughter as it helps calm her very active mind and builds her fine motor skills.

  153. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love the way colouring in carries me away to another world, it’s as though there’s nothing else around me. It’s so relaxing and calming and takes me back to when i was a kid with no worries or stress.

  154. Avatar of Lisa Abejja
    Lisa Abejja Reply

    I love that I don’t have to be perfect, no staying in the lines if I don’t want to, and I can clash the colours and go wild. It’s freeing for my soul and a way to bond with my children

  155. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    I love coloring as it makes me feel happy after seeing the colorful paper.

  156. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie West Reply

    I’ve been struggling recently with some pretty severe health and mental health issues and I find that colouring in really helps me to focus and centre myself and keep calm when things are too stressful.

  157. Avatar of Ellen Kolmer
    Ellen Kolmer Reply

    When I colour in I lose time and my worries.
    I just enjoy the moment… It feels amazing.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful colouring pack.

  158. Avatar of Angie Persello
    Angie Persello Reply

    Seeing the magic that appears on the page before my eyes. It relieves stress, takes my mind off worries & connects me with my children while doing something we enjoy together.

  159. Avatar of MicktheCook
    MicktheCook Reply

    You can definitely get lost while colouring, takes you back to your childhood where everything was just simpler.

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