The Effective Pimple Busting Treatment You Already Have in The Pantry

There are many things in life that are unfair.

The baby next door that slept through the night from birth. That mum at kindy who still sports a six pack despite having five children. The friend who coughed and dropped out a baby in 15 minutes.

One of the worst though? Having children, a mortgage and a regular daily date with your barista AKA being a bonafide adult, yet still playing host to pimples.

Not fair. At all.

Thinking back to that big, red, pus-filled bastard we had on our chin last month is enough to leave us yearning for a solution, preferably one that won’t break the bank.

The pantry staple solution

Enter 17-year-old Hilda Paz Robles who recently broke the internet when she tweeted about her skin and the unbelievable transformation it had gone through

Cue requests for her skincare secret in the thousands. The tweet was liked almost 13,000 times with the majority of commenters begging Hilda for her acne busting secret, which she kindly shared.

Ready for it? All it takes to beat the boils is a packet of green tea and jar of raw honey.

Hilda shared with the Twitter-sphere that her skin had inexplicably flared up in April last year. Her aunt recommended parsley tea (gag). Unable to stomach it, Hilda decided to give green tea a crack and mixed it with some raw honey for sweetness.

Over the next few months, she drank tea regularly and started using a face mask made from green tea leaves mixed with the raw honey.

The combination of treating her pimples – many of which would ooze and bleed – both internally and externally seems to have worked a treat.

The science stuff

It’s long been known that green tea packs a punch in terms of its antioxidant properties. It also has potent anti-inflammatory powers thanks to a specific component called EGCG. This means it can soothe and heal redness and irritation. A 2013 South Korean study of 35 acne sufferers found a decrease in breakouts of 80 to 90 percent in eight weeks after using a cream containing green tea EGCG extract.

Pair all that antioxidant goodness with the anti-bacterial properties of raw honey and you’re onto a pimple busting winner.

Hilda reminds her followers that it may not be a ‘miracle’ cure and that others may have a different experience. But for the total cost of less than a mid-range bottle of Aldi Sav Blanc, you can’t really go wrong giving it a whirl.

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