Meet Pink.org.au – Australia’s Online Shopping Platform Paying YOU to Shop!

When I was in my twenties I worked in the CBD and got a ONE HOUR lunch break every day. An entire hour, every day, to do whatever I wanted.

Which would usually include approximately 20 minutes of eating some sort of lunch and 40 minutes shopping. I was there for every sale and used my, largely disposable, income to its full extent.

Running an online community means that at Mum Central, we spend the majority of our time online. Mostly working. Clicking through the 37 tabs we may have open at any one time. There are no more hourly lunch breaks but there are pop-up ads that work just like the boutique windows of a shopping mall. Sort of. So it’s no surprise that we are MASSIVE online shoppers here. Huge.

And this week, we discovered an exciting new ‘shopping mall’.

Pink.org.au is a brand new online shopping platform launched by the National Breast Cancer Foundation that currently features over 700 stores. Reputable and well-loved stores like Appliances Online, Masters, Coles, Hertz, Sony, Clinique, Esprit and more!  These stores not only offer special deals and discounts but also help you earn dollars by giving you CASH BACK on your purchases.

Yep,  you heard right – you can EARN money by shopping. BOOM!

Take a look at the list below and count how many of these retailers you’d normally purchase from. And remember that their entire online store is open for you to shop in. There are no curated lists here! Now imagine each time you did, you got a certain percentage cash back into your account to spend on something else! Sounds pretty exciting right!?


We signed up for a FREE account and put it to the test. It’s pretty impressive and we’re excited to share our results with you.


First up, I have a wedding and two birthdays coming up with NO TIME to shop before. I know, I feel it’s a tragedy too but that’s life these days! I like to source quirky quality gifts for my friends and am a big fan of sites like Hunting for George and Hunters and Gatherers. They both give 8% cash back PLUS Hunting for George will take $10 off your order if you join their newsletter.

So on $170 over the two stores, I saved $23.60 – and got some GORGEOUS gifts.



As I’m looking around I remember that it’s my husband’s birthday soon and how helpful is Pink.org.au? The Clinique Store have an offer just sitting there waiting for me! I picked up his gift for $70 [which had a BONUS gift with purchase] and they pay a fabulous 14% cash back. So I’m essentially giving a killer birthday gift for only $60!



Ok so, so far EVERYTHING I’ve bought is for EVERYONE but me. And that’s making me sad… and a bit twitchy. But not for long friends!

I do a bit of ‘window shopping’ and notice that ASOS is part of this marketplace and I say ‘Hello ASOS! Fancy you being here and ON SALE!”


And there it is. The most gorgeous trans-seasonal blazer that I’ve always wanted and will complete my spring wardrobe for $40.50. Of course then I had to add a pair of ankle boots and some funky jeans and I was done. Under $200 for a whole outfit and they paid me $14 for the exercise! YEEHA!



As you can see, we have earned back $39 in cashback just by doing our usual shopping through pink.org.au! Now we can either deposit that money into our own bank accounts as a cash deposit or leave it in our pink account for more shopping. Which, is kinda like free. Am I right??

But that’s not even the end of it. Not only do you SAVE money on your purchases and EARN money by shopping you also DONATE money, just by being a member.

Every purchase you make raises vital funds for life-changing breast cancer research. pink.org.au provides a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every purchase made, which funds life-changing breast cancer research.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to pink.org.au and join today and find out for yourself why it’s one of the best things to hit online shopping in a long time!


Win a $200 Gift Card to spend on any of the 700 Retailers on Pink.org.au

1.  Simply signup to Pink.org.au (it’s free)

2.  Complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments which retailer you’d like to spend your gift card on and what you’d love to get


Win a $200 Gift Card to Spend at Pink.org.au


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  1. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer

    argh! there are just too many great places i would love to shop with-
    webjet, woolworths, crocs, groupon, vodafone, chemist warehouse places we shop at frequently

  2. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    So many to choose from – Woolies, Crocs, Groupon, Chemist Warehouse, iTunes

  3. Avatar of Michelle Harrison
    Michelle HarrisonReply

    I would love to spend mine at Coles and get a good pantry stock ready for Christmas

  4. Avatar of Rachel K

    CD Universe because music is has a direct link to my memories. It’s how I hold onto the things I love, am, and never want to lose.

  5. Avatar of Trudy Scott
    Trudy ScottReply

    If love a new outfit grime jeanswest or just jeans but if probably buy cute new summer pjs for my girls from Peter Alexander

  6. Avatar of Bec Taylor

    ASOS, I’m a huge fan of the site, great items at great prices!

  7. Avatar of Kristy

    I would love a voucher to spend at Forever New love their clothes and unfortunately never seem to have enough money to spend on myself there or even Jeanswest have great summer styles

  8. Avatar of Mel Totten

    I would put it towards Christmas presents for my partner as he’s been working so hard to support us this year!

  9. Avatar of Jade o

    I would love to spend it at jeanswest on a brand new summer wardrobe. I love their clothes

  10. Avatar of Em Bracks

    I’d love $200 to spend at Uniqlo! I love their clothes 😀

  11. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga GrenkowitzReply

    I would love to spend it at Woolworths to buy groceries for a week.

  12. Avatar of Bronwyn

    I would put it towards Asos or Forever New. I need new clothes and would love to branch out from Kmart and Big W!

  13. Avatar of Gee

    I’d go on a bit of a cyber ASOS shopping spree for some new dresses for summer!

  14. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia ComerReply

    With Christmas count down to just double digits. I am thinking Woolworths to keep my hungry caterpillars well fed throughout the school holidays. Not only that we lack choice for fashion in country NSW so Portmans would also be high on my list of look ins. I love their shirts! So something especially for me and something for the whole family. I say that’s money well spent lol

  15. Avatar of Lynda Delaney
    Lynda DelaneyReply

    Chemist Warehouse so I can get a couple of bottles of my favouriter perfume at really good discounted prices.

  16. Avatar of Anita Black
    Anita BlackReply

    I would spend it in Target for bedding, which is much needed !

  17. Avatar of Kalina Batchelor
    Kalina BatchelorReply

    I would spend it at Deals Direct for a
    Bright Starts Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing
    for my new baby

  18. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren BarnesReply

    Our balls get kicked over the fence they end up on the roof, I would love to replace them with some Rebel cash and, even soccer net goal!!!

  19. Avatar of Kate Senior
    Kate SeniorReply

    I’d spend the cash at Peter Alexander because I am obsessed with pyjamas and would like matching PJs for me & my 5 week old baby, coincidentally named Alexander.

  20. Avatar of Christine Semmens
    Christine SemmensReply

    Totally agree Kate Senior! I love PJ’s, spending the cash with Peter Alexander would be a treat. Totally stealing the idea of matching ones for Connor and I, how cute!! xxx

  21. Avatar of suzanne miles
    suzanne milesReply

    With 6 children it would definetly go towards the food shopping bill

  22. Avatar of Edward Dekkers
    Edward DekkersReply

    My son’s wish for an XBOX One cleaned us out last week on his birthday (Luckily got it from Target for $299!). A $200 voucher from any XBOX games stockists (EB, JB, Target, BigW, HN etc) would be great to now actually get him some games for it lol

  23. Avatar of mohamed naranath
    mohamed naranathReply

    This is going to be for crocs, to upgrade footware of my little family

  24. Avatar of Anna Elle

    Definitely Asos, because it is so hard to go clothes shopping when you’ve got toddlers!

  25. Avatar of lindakaz

    Asos and Priceline! With summer coming up, it would be a great time to get some new clothes and some new bottles of perfume!

  26. Avatar of Jody

    Chemist warehouse – for pamper me products at the best prices of course!

  27. Avatar of Matt Harrison
    Matt HarrisonReply

    I’d put it towards our next family holiday! life is short – so travel often!

  28. Avatar of CityGirlMelb

    Ange – I would buy some pilates balance board so I can practice balancing

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