When intergalactic aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war against them, they respond with brutal force.

Giant versions of the colourful characters we all know from our pre-adolescent days, descend down to earth and ensue mayhem.  Donkey Kong and PAC-MAN are among those brought to life for this vigilant attack, challenging the citizens of earth to a winner takes all, video game style tournament and the safety of the world as we know it, is the grand prize.

Still recovering from his glory days, defeated arcade champion, Sam Brenner (Sandler) exists in a slump that’s perpetuated well into his adult years. A chance to renew his passion and purpose arises with this interplanetary conflict but does he still have the skills to battle the iconic arcade characters in real life form?


The cast is brilliant too – featuring Adam Sandler (Grown Ups 2, Hotel Transylvania), Kevin James (Grown Ups 2, Hotel Transylvania), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, X- Men: Days of Future Past), Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones), Josh Gad (Love & Other Drugs, The Wedding Ringer) and Michelle Monaghan (Due Date, Gone Baby Gone).


I took my kids to the movies to see it and they loved it. It took me back to my childhood days of Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Galaga and more.  Definitely a recommended watch!

Bel xx



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  1. Louise Patterson Reply

    I loved Galaga. We use to play it at the fish’n’chip shop at lunchtimes.

  2. Darren Lacey Reply

    “Ghosts n Goblins” or “Bombjack”… I used to hound my parents all the time for coins to play at the corner store until I got my own versions on Commodore 64.

  3. Brooke Parker Reply

    Cruisin’ USA on Nintendo 64. I was obsessed with it when I was younger and still kinda am it’s just theirs one problem, I don’t own a Nintendo 64 any more and wish I did. I used to play this particular game all the time and wouldn’t want to get over it.

  4. My brother and i used to save our pocket money up so we could spend it at the corner shop playing street fighter.

  5. Kate Slack Reply

    Mine was a game called Frogger, there is a similar game out now called Crossy Road and my kids love it!

  6. shelbyward Reply

    My neighbour had Space Invaders and I was soooo envious but it was hard to get a game because everybody was obsessed with it!

  7. Richard Harrison Reply

    We loved Double Dragon. My friend could get all the way to the end on a single 20c piece

  8. Karen Edwards Reply

    My sisters and I would fight over who got the next turn on space invaders lots of fun

  9. Space Invaders – boy I spent many a fun hour battling those pesky aliens

  10. Pac Man it was the one I excelled at and actually went through all the levels to finish the game!

  11. Sarahmary92 Reply

    Ghost and goblins because my cousin owned a shop and I got to play free games so I got really really good at it

  12. Donkey Kong was and is still my favourite! I loved that they brought it to the consoles later on. It never gets old!

  13. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    Mine was pacman I thought it was so cool loved collecting fruit

  14. Jacqui Jones Reply

    Mine was Donkey Kong! Best game EVER!! I am currently playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on my kids WII U 🙂

  15. Katrina Stubbs Reply

    pacman. I was an 80’s child. That decade had the best video games

  16. Renee Powell Reply

    Hmmm toss up between Pacman and Donkey Kong!!! But if I had to choose one then it would be Donkey Kong

  17. I was obsessed with Pinball! Was I good at it? No… But I’ve always been a trier and I sure had fun!

  18. Nicole Woods Reply

    There is no way I could choose just one favourite from a lifetime of games! I mean there’s Space Invaders, Tetris, Pacman, all of the Mario games and all of the Donkey Kong games. Oh and there is also the Zelda games, and the list goes on. They’re all my favourites for one reason or another!

  19. My sister & I loved playing Street Fighter in the video store!
    Many happy memories, even if we were the only girls who played it!

  20. Michelle Green Reply

    My favourite was Space Invaders on the Atari. Apparently I used to play with my tongue sticking out. 😛

  21. Charl Lowther Reply

    Loved playing Tetris ,Q*Bert , and Donkey Kong but the yellow power pellet munching Pacman was my favourite!

  22. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My older brother and I always played the Pinball machines, I was the best 😉

  23. Adele Smith Reply

    It would have to be Galaga, I loved and felt pretty proud of myself after conquering each level. 🙂

  24. Those tables at the caravan parks! Pong?? Plus space invaders verging my brother across the table!

  25. Lisa Loizou Reply

    Always loved pacman & Tetris. They were the most fun to play!

  26. Always loved donkey kong! Had it in a palm held gameboy – carried it everywhere!

  27. Brianna Taylor Reply

    Original Mario Brothers on Nintendo….with Duck Hunt on the same cartridge…loved it!!

  28. Trish Leonard Reply

    I loved Donkey Kong and Sonic The Hedgehog. So many awesome memories!

  29. Unfortunately there was no arcade game places near where I was brought up.

  30. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I LOVE Tetris and Super Mario Brothers, totally addicted!

  31. Vanessa Maguire Reply

    As a child I loved Tetris and as an adult I continue to use it as an effective stress release.

  32. Donkey kong & sonic bring back plenty of memories.. Games just aren’t the same these days

  33. Joni Gephart Reply

    I loved the handheld games like Oil Panic and Donkey Kong

  34. Nel Johnson-Bane Reply

    Pacman and sonic the hedgehog. Wish they made games like they used to!!!

  35. Sakina Kapadia Reply

    Original Mario was my all time favorite. Mastered all the levels and high scores. It’s ok if i don’t win the dvd but just writing this comment took me back to all the fun times we had while playing Mario 🙂

  36. Lenna Reinhard Reply

    Pacman Tetris and donkey kong were my favourites was always playing one of these 3 games

  37. Calisto Brady Reply

    Dig Dug back in the old days on Atari! Loved that game as simple as it was but still gave me a thrill as a kid!

  38. janine gardiner Reply

    It was called Frantic Freddie, and I still remember how fast my heart used to beat when I was close to being caught, but I still loved the thrill.

  39. Regine Kong Reply

    I come from a tropical island where ot is only now that they are ip with tge rest of the world on tech, and being the yougest girl my older cousins often assumed i wasn’t interested so the only 2 i know are Super Mario and Pacman.

  40. J'aimee Brooker Reply

    definitely PacMan although there was that other game where you had to get the frog safely across the road without it being squashed but can’t remember the name?! Any other 80’s/90’s kids remember it?

  41. Debbie Nelson Reply

    Definitely Super Mario and Abes Odyssey. My husband and I would stay up all till all ours on a small screen TV in the spare room trying to get through and finish them. And its good but also so sad when you finish, a sense of loss prevails!! I still love Mario and so do my children!! That’s one that I don’t mind them playing!

  42. Keri Smith Reply

    i loved playing pacman. Had to fight my older brother to play it though.

  43. Pacman at the arcade. But my real joy was Hungry Horace on the Commodore 64.

  44. Julia Morton Reply

    frogger, I loved the music and jumping on the logs, great fun and addictive

  45. Don’t know if it qualifies but I loved pinball machines any sort didn’t matter

  46. Deffo FROGGER 🙂
    I can still remember to this day, all the noises!

  47. Sarah Stringer Reply

    A very old Atari game called Gas Hog.
    It’s the only game my mum played and my brother and I would Vs her at it all the time.

  48. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    Frogger I still own a mini arcade version that my kids enjoy too.


    It was a shooter game called “Th’ Devil T’ Play” ….I learnt to shoot with that game….I was a bit of a gun….no pun intended 🙂

  50. Nicole Williams Reply

    I loved Pac Man..eating all the yellow dots and running away from monsters…heaps of fun.

  51. Jenny Woods Reply

    I’m a little old for arcade games but my son absolutely loved Donkey Kong.

  52. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My favourite arcade game as a kid was the classic Space Invaders.

  53. Asteroids for sure! I even manage to build one in a programming class!

  54. melanie whittle Reply

    Donkey Kong that dude is crazy always wanted to beat the high score

  55. Christie Louise Reply

    It had to be Sonic the hedgehog!
    I swear, it was the first video game I had ever played, and I became addicted within minutes! I just had to grab all the coins, but didn’t understand the whole concept of the game.
    Just that the sound that the coins made, made me excited so I wanted more. There’s so much more to gaming than we realise- it’s addictive for a reason!!! Well played Sega Master System……well played!

  56. julia sheedy Reply

    Space invaders and Pac Man I was addicted to them when growing up….I would play them for hrs.

  57. Lizzie Midgley Reply

    Tekken or something similar, equal with Maria karts. Which is still my fave to play with our own kids.

  58. Grandad had a few pinball machines we loved but we did have Donkey Kong.

  59. LadyTiffany OfGlencoe Reply

    Pac Man and Vetrex…so cool and amazing at the time 😀

  60. Joh Stinson Reply

    I loved playing most sit down/ 2 player arcade games!! Pacman, space invaders and frogged were my favourite!!

  61. I adored Tetris. I still use my Tetris skills when packing the freezer.

  62. I loved Space Invaders shooting the aliens before they touch the ground

  63. mustangmum Reply

    I loved “Ladybug” as it was so cute and I was a real Champion at this game.

  64. I loved Pacman, but now I’m slightly addicted to Galaga….

  65. Christine Dean Reply

    Alex the Kidd, my first ever game on the Sega Master System

  66. Justine Hordyk Reply

    The first game I ever played on the sega master system pacman and it’s still my favorite

  67. So glad pacman has resurfaced. I was a teenager in the 80’s and my kids love all the retro stuff like Pacman, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters! Long life the 80s!!

  68. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I love Pixels, and when I was a kid there were no Arcade game available it was so long ago.

  69. Juanita Thorn Reply

    My favourite arcade game was Galaga …I spent hours playing that as my bestie Mum’s owned the local arcade and some weekends would take a few games home…and we’d play for free…

  70. Natasha Page Reply

    My 8yr old son LOVES Minecraft and is in fact playing it right now!

  71. Christopher King Reply

    Galaga was my go-to arcade game at the local roller skate rink back in ‘my day’. I was never any good at it though the free-standing console and the dual player sit-down coffee table-style players quickly swallowed up my pocket money. Roller skating came a poor second to my beloved Galaga!

  72. I loved Space Invaders so many Aliens and Spaceships to shoot!

  73. Edward Dekkers Reply

    Double Dragon! Mate and I skipped physics and drove to local deli who had it just to play in high school. Kids – do not try that at home, but yeah, we poured some coins into that one. Took a while to complete too even with two players!

  74. Robs Tilley Reply

    A little sad or maybe not, didn’t have any games. Entering as this would put a huge smile on our special little mans face. Hope I am not disqualified for my lack of gaming experience as a child.

  75. Robs Tilley Reply

    Not sure what is happening, but can not get first part of my entry go through, please help.

  76. Anna Erceg Reply

    I loved Donkey Kong & still do! I even still got the original game 😀

  77. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    My favourite arcade game as a little girl was Tetris! 🙂

  78. My all time favourite game was River Raid. Didn’t want to crash that plane.

  79. Kasey Evans Reply

    Donkey Kong for sure, it was a fantastic game for all ages!

  80. Natalie Stoute Reply

    Snoopy Tennis! I used to play it for hours on end, it was so addictive 🙂

  81. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Duke Nukem. My sister and I would play this on our computer sneakily in the night. It was a thrill also to be rebelling 🙂

  82. I loved the original version of Donkey Kong, I was addicted to it, I remember getting really angry if I walked into the arcade and someone was playing it, it was like I thought I owned the game. With the amount I spent on playing it, I could’ve probably bought my own game.

  83. Nicole Kent Reply

    I was obsessed with Wonder Boy…id gather up all my 20c pieces and head to the local arcade and play it until my money ran out!

  84. Carol James Reply

    My Favorite game was Space Invaders ,i could play for hours .

  85. Julia Parker Reply

    Frogger….just needed to time my jumps on the logs and I was home!!

  86. Terri Todd Reply

    I loved Space Invaders, I only got to play it every now and then at a bowling alley 30 minutes from home

  87. 1942, plane flying around shooting other planes. Challenged and thrilled me as a kid, as well as taking all my hard earned pocket money!

  88. As a teenager I loved playing GALAGA… and I still love the game as it was lots of fun.

  89. As much as Donkey Kong enthralled me, I preferred the pinball machines. Was my Friday night thrill when I’d get to go and pick up the fish and chips with Dad, armed with our 20 cent pieces.

  90. I loved Pong Tennis. Can’t believe how simple it was but amused me for hours!

  91. Wonderboy. I used to play it on the Commodore64 it was my favourite adventure game.

  92. Gervase Dsylva Reply

    Space Invaders but always wished I could be as good as my cousin at Pacman…he had a mini Pacman arcade machine too!

  93. Joanne Arrowsmith Reply

    I spent so much time on the atari – loved asteroids. Those were the days when you could “clock” the games, reach the end & go no further!

  94. Dawn Taylor Reply

    I must be really old, because I never played an arcade game. I remember playing a pinball machine for the first (and last) time on my honeymoon, and thought that was fun. Does that count?

  95. Kelly-Marie Rowe Reply

    Donkey Kong. I sucked at it but I kept on playing, it was such an addiction

  96. Heather Hopley Reply

    On the rare occasion I could play pin ball machines I loved it. But it was a very rare experience as I lived in a remote rural town.

  97. Donna Dwyer Reply

    Commando – didn’t look like much, but I was incredibly good at it LOL!!

  98. Tony MacKenzie Reply

    Would have to be Frogger, I remember playing it all day and night!

  99. Pac-man was my absolute favourite at the local fish shop with all my buddies:)

  100. Mich Field Reply

    pac-man, I had a hand held one too, used to drive my brother crazy with the noise!!

  101. Pac-Man. Solid color mazes and multiple warp paths, creating a little yellow ball love story that no-one could resist to be romanced by.

  102. Tetris, i still play it to this day, only this is a real life version – trying to get everything to fit into the freezer!

  103. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I loved Pac-man and Crash Bandicoot. I couldn’t get enough of either of them. #90skid 🙂

  104. Frogger, the music still gets me excited! If you’ve never experienced the joy of nearly getting squished, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  105. Narelle Abbie Reply

    I loved playing Space Invaders, so much fun shooting things that were falling from the sky

  106. Anastasia Xynos Reply

    Tetris – because it tested your brain as well as your reflexes! Posted as AX

  107. Alex the Kidd in Miracle World on a Sega! Could never get past the first level lol!

  108. Laura Scriven Reply

    Sonic with his slick blue head,

    Those spines punching what’s ahead.

    Spinning evil out the away;

    He’s easiest character to play!

  109. Tabatha Voss Reply

    the skiing game with the rabbit…I forget what it was called

  110. Tess Howard Reply

    Frogger! Hours of fun I could have trying not to get my pixelated little frog squished.

  111. Pin ball was my favourite and I was good at it, a fast game and a lot of fun

  112. Melissa Sherriff Reply

    I loved Street Fighter! My friend’s dad next door had a whole heap of arcade machines in his shed including that one and he let us play them for free all the time!

  113. … was Pinball Machine (“the Pinnies”) mad, if that counts for anything!

  114. Couldnt get away from Tetris, it practically took over my life!

  115. Eva Kiraly Reply

    Pacman, much more fun than that silly galactica but then Donkey Kong was fun too

  116. Nata Glavan Reply

    Pacman, provided hours of fun for the whole family, playing Pacman was a family moment we treasured.

  117. would have to be tetris – it was one of the few games i could play and win at lol

  118. amandagorton Reply

    Definitely a pinball machine – they were a hit among my whole group of friends

  119. Judith Senese Reply

    Donkey Kong, I would spend hours on the old hand held game just trying to beat my foster brothers score.

  120. The inspirationally intriguing visuals of Pac Man and Tetris captivated our hearts growing up by enlightening a masterfully adventurous revolution of interactively engaging ingenuity; visionary pioneering to always treasure!.

  121. carol woods Reply

    I loved Pac Man as a kid… Now my kids love playing it on the iPad!!!

  122. Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    Space Invaders…. the iconic “DA DA DA DA… DA DA DA DA” that gets faster and faster…. as your heart gets faster and faster….. and your safety net evaporates above your head.

  123. Belinda Bee Reply

    DonkeyKong! I loved how you had an exciting adventure within each level!

  124. Fotini Christmass Reply

    Pac Man was my first love but then I enjoyed Tetris just as much.

  125. leanne fromsa jones Reply

    Tetris was and still is my all-time favourite arcade game!

  126. Oh gosh! Space invaders for sure!, an oldie but a goodie! 🙂

  127. Alex Carman Reply

    As a child of the mid 80s – Mortal Kombat was my game of choice in the 90s!

  128. Sarah Fleming Reply

    I absolutely loved Tetris and was quite a whiz at it….maybe that’s why I’m so good at Candy Crush as an adult haha!

  129. I loved Galaga, especially playing it in our local fish n chip shop as a kid whilst I waited for tea to be cooked! Only cost 20cents back then!

  130. The classic Donkey Kong throwing barrels at you – super hard but I kept trying over and over!

  131. Dale Pearce Reply

    So many to choose form, but I loved Pacman, especially Ms Pacman

  132. Space invaders, 20c coin in the slot at the local fish & chip shop

  133. Amanda Holland Reply

    It would definitely have to be space invaders. So many ours of fun trying to beat each others scores

  134. Donkey Kong – I loved watching the older kids play and then trying to be just as good!

  135. Cathy Anderson Reply

    I spent SOOO much money playing Space Invaders at the local deli!

  136. Pinball games at the beach parlor in Newcastle, so many to choose from and only 5c

  137. Daniel Gardner Reply

    I always liked Ms Pacman more than regular Pacman. A lot of people said
    the only difference was that she had a bow, but that isn’t true. She
    also had lips and an eye.

  138. Debra Marr Reply

    Space Invaders was my favorite, when I wasn’t beating the guys at pool 😀

  139. katrinatomaszek Reply

    1942. You were a plane and had to shoot and not get shot. So hard!!! I feel like playing it now 😉

  140. I loved Pacman as a kid growing up in the early 80’s. It was awesome.

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