Join the Zero Waste Revolution With These Game-Changing Cleaning Products

I’m the first to admit, my laundry and kitchen sink cupboards are a battlefield of products. I’m one of those cleaning junkies who try ALL the products and as a consequence, buy a LOT of plastic. BUT NO MORE.

What if we were to tell you that you could say goodbye to lugging heavy containers of cleaning chemicals home from the supermarket week after week. And in turn, you switch to eco-friendly cleaning products that come in “forever bottles” that you continue to replenish with refills DELIVERED to your door. #zerowaste

It’s time to ditch the single-use plastics and switch!

Of course, you can make an eco-friendly difference all year round, but there has never been a better time to find a better solution to single-use plastics than with plastic-free July! You’ve ditched the shopping bags, the fresh produce bags, the straws and single-use plastic cutlery – what’s next on your journey to be greener? Your household cleaning stuff, that’s what.

Think about those cupboards housing bottles of chemical-laden detergents, soaps, surface sprays (heck, even dishwasher tablets). There IS a greener, more eco-friendly way.

The one-stop solution? Plant-based Zero Co cleaning products.

Zero Co cleaning products
YES! Plant and mineral-based dishwasher tablets! Source: Supplied

Zero Co: Good for the planet AND good for us too

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only the best cleaning products can be purchased at the supermarket. Many are just large bottles of water with a little cleaning concentrate thrown in. You won’t be finding these Zero Co products at any supermarket anytime soon, and there’s a good reason why!

Zero Co products have been tested against big-name supermarket products and the results speak volumes. Hands down they perform BETTER in most instances, with their plant-based formulas being gentle on your skin, your family AND the planet. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to give something like that a chance?

Zero Co cleaning products
Zero Co, good for the planet AND YOUR LOO! Source: Supplied

How does Zero Co work and where do I buy it?

It’s the ultimate reuse and refill service. Zero Co are as passionate about looking after you as a customer, as they are the planet. They make it so easy to get your hot little hands on their products by shopping onlien and keeping your cupboard stocked up. No shopping trips or heavy lifting necessary.

Box of Zero co refills
Refills to your door – less cost, less waste. Source: Supplied

Simply place your Zero Co order online, and the team will deliver your goods to your door, carbon negative. YES!

The starter pack is pretty amazing which will give you everything you need to get started and the refill pouches you’ll empty into their ‘forever bottles’ to use when you clean. Once you have collected 15 empty refill pouches, you send the empty pouches back to Zero Co in the supplied post satchel. They then will clean, refill and reuse those pouches again. AMAZING, right?

So how much is going green going to cost me?

Put your arm and leg away! Serious! Zero Co prices are super competitive with products on the supermarket shelf, so you’re going to find the prices to be quite similar.

Saving the planet and saving time on shopping for cleaning and personal products though? PRICELESS.

Zero Co refill pouches
You’ll be surprised just how much you will save! Source: Supplied

Want to try Zero Co for yourself?

After learning all that, we don’t blame you! It’s a pretty compelling concept and with so many awesome benefits for ourselves and our planet, why wouldn’t you?

Plus, Zero Co offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No stress, no questions asked money-back guarantee, too! What’s not to like?

Most people get started with a Starter Box – the perfect way to test-drive all 10 of Zero Co’s amazing products.

Zero Co starter pack
Forever bottles and refill pouches – meet your starter pack! Source: Supplied

What’s in the Starter Box?

The Zero Co Starter Box ($159) is loaded with all you need for a two to three month supply of do-goodies (because you ARE doing good!) for the average four-person family and home. Delivered to your home, the Starter Box contains:

  1. Handwash (1L)
  2. Bodywash (1L)
  3. Laundry Liquid (4L – that’s around 64 washes!)
  4. Multi-Purpose Spray (1L)
  5. Dishwashing Liquid (1L)
  6. 50pk Dishwasher Tablets (50pk)
  7. Stain Remover (500ml)
  8. Shower Cleaner (500ml)
  9. Toilet Cleaner (500ml)
  10. Air Freshener (250ml)

All of that, PLUS nine reusable ‘forever container’ dispensers made from ocean, beach and landfill plastic which are coincidentally super cute (we’re cutting back on single-use plastics, not style, guys) AND it’s all shipped to your door. I’m clearing out my laundry cupboard RIGHT NOW. #loudandproud

Zero Co cleaning products
Clean dishes, happy fishes! Love this! Source: Supplied

And remember, buying Zero Co means you never have to go to the supermarket for cleaning and personal care products again. It’s convenient to order heavy-load items straight to your door, minus all the single-use plastic. So hop to it, it’s cool to be green!

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Are you ready to go green? Say goodbye to single-use plastic at your place and get your Zero Co starter box this Plastic Free July, I’ll see you there!

Zero Co cleaning bottles
The perfect 2021 Winter COVID accessory. #stylish #fashun Source: Supplied

This is a sponsored post for Zero Co.

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