What Your Dog’s Breed Says About Your Personality

According to experts in the pet industry, the type of puppy you choose for your family can be an indication of your personality.

Beagle owners are inquisitive, for example, while Pitbull owners are considered open-minded and accepting. If your fur baby is a Labrador, then you’re a loyal person while Jack Russell Terrier owners are the athletes among us.

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What does your dog say about you? We’ve listed 25 popular dog breeds to find out! Simply find your dog’s breed and have a read. Be sure to also let us know if it is accurate for you!

If you own an: Australian Cattle Dog

Then you are: Curious, open to learning new things, and a bit of a badass.

If you own a: Beagle

Then you are: Inquisitive, love learning new things, curious, mischievous and just a wee bit nosy. You’re also pretty chilled out and calm under pressure. Oh, and you’re a great friend too!

If you own a: Border Collie

Then you are: Goal-orientated and a perfectionist.

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If you own a: Boxer

Then you are: Cheerful, confident, bright and personable. Boxer owners are great chatters and have an intelligent air to them without being snobby.

If you own a: Bulldog

Then you are: Strong, independent, extroverted. You’ve most likely got a Type A personality and crave order and schedules. However, Bulldog owners are also very family-orientated.

If you own a: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Then you are: Fearless, patient and empathetic. You also might be a tad of a princess.

If you own a: Chihuahua

Then you are: Easy-going, sympathetic and always dressed for success. Chihuahua owners love a good selfie!

If you own a: Corgi

Then you are: Social, chatty, quirky and crave the spotlight. You are active and love travel and adventure. You may also be a tad dramatic and just a wee bit stubborn.

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If you own a: Cockapoo

Then you are: Outgoing, sweet, thoughtful and charming. You’re most likely the glue holding your family together.

If you own a: Dachshund

Then you are: Clever, sweet and always up for a good time. You’re also smart-as-a-whip even though you don’t always show it.

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If you own a: Dalmation

Then you are: Playful, outgoing and love to be the hostess with the mostess.

If you own a: German Shepherd

Then you are: Active, sporty and social. You’re also very competitive and won’t say no to a challenge.

If you own a: Golden Retriever

Then you are: Inviting and welcoming, easygoing and agreeable. You’re also patient, passionate and sympathetic.

If you own a: Great Dane

Then you are: Dignified, reserved and patient. You’re a traditional person who likes to take their time and do things right.

If you own a: Greyhound

Then you are: Most likely the strong, silent type. You may be quiet but you also have strong family ties and are very calm under pressure. You’re also intuitive.

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If you own a: Husky

Then you are: A natural leader. You’re strong-willed, confident and know what you want and how to get it. You’re also very active, love sports and love the great outdoors.

If you own a: Jack Russell Terrier

Then you are: A fitness freak. We’re talking laps in the pool, 7am runs and hikes up a hill for fun kind of thing. Exercise is your vibe. In addition to being athletic, you’re also slightly stubborn and tend to have a strong opinion that you’re not afraid to share.

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If you own a: Labrador

Then you are: Social, smart but also easily distracted. You are probably quite active and very loyal, especially to your family.

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If you own a: Maltese

Then you are: Charming, dependable, a good listener and a great friend.

If you own a: Pitbull

Then you are: Accepting, open-minded, easy-going and creative. You also DGAF about what other people think of you which is a great trait to have.

If you own a: Pomeranian

Then you are: A lively, spirited and passionate soul. 


If you own a: Poodle

Then you are: Elegant and graceful. You’re also very smart and known for picking new skills up very quickly. There’s a good chance you also love the finer things in life. Very good, dahling.

If you own a: Pug

Then you are: Funny, charming, creative, and very cheery. You may not be the best at sports, but, hey, you give everything a go and make everyone laugh in the process. You also love being pampered and have an amazingly positive outlook.

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If you own a: Rottweiler

Then you are: Confident, protective of the ones you love and active. You’re also very smart and insightful and not afraid to take control of a situation when sh*t hits the fan.

If you own a: Yorkshire Terrier

Then you are: Fiesty and fiery, a wild spirit and energetic to boot. You love family, social events and being the centre of attention.

So there we are. Let us know how accurate this was for you and your dog breed of choice.

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