This Doggy Daycare in South Korea is Next Level with Dog Naps, Swim Lessons and MORE!

We’re used to seeing snaps of our kids at childcare but how about our fur-babies? Puppy Spring, a South Korean doggy daycare is delivering ALL the adorable goods while they dog-sit. From adorable puppy nap pics to pooch perfect birthdays, they capture it all.

Posting gorgeous pics daily to their Instagram page, Puppy Spring is the kind of doggy daycare service my golden retriever could only dream about. Sure, it’s in South Korea, but details, details…

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These guys are LIVING THE DOG DREAM. Source: Instagram

Doggy Daycare is next level…

If these images are any indication, it really is a dog’s life if you attend Puppy Spring doggy daycare. Just park your pooch’s bag here and let’s take a tour.

doggy daycare
Bag rack: matching bags for pups. Source: Instagram

I suspect there might be a little lost in translation from Korean to English, but Puppy Spring claims its service to be a ‘dog kindergarten’. There are no kennels or crates, just puffy sleeping bags and a whole lot of playing to be done.

doggy daycare
I wasn’t joking about the puffy sleeping bags. Exhibit A. Source: Instagram

You get a ball! AND YOU GET A BALL! Balls. SO MANY BALLS.

doggy daycare
It’s as though a ball pit exploded. SO MUCH FUN. Source: Instagram

Not just playing, there’s a pool. And I’m not just talking about a BigW plastic clamshell, no siree. At Puppy Spring they swim in STYLE. We’re talking about a full, tiled, indoor pool, complete with floating toys. Not even joking.

doggy daycare
I mean, STOP IT. Source: Instagram

And when the happiest dogs on Earth aren’t swimming, there’s playing to be done on the grassy green grounds of the doggy daycare centre.

doggy daycare
Grass, fresh air, smiles all round! Source: Instagram

Is Fido, Spot or Wags having a birthday? Fluffy butts celebrate their birthdays big-time at Puppy Springs. There are presents to be had, dog-friendly cake to be chowed down and of course, a birthday portrait for paw-rents to post on the ‘gram.

doggy daycare
Happy birthday you snazzy fella! Source: Instagram

Now just a doggone minute, when rest is needed, rest is what these pampered pooches get. Slumber party style! I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of sorcery a lineup of tucked up, tuckered out canines requires, but hey, I’M ALL FOR IT.

doggy daycare
MAGIC. Dim the lights, it’s nap time. Source: Instagram

It’s possibly the best thing you’ll see this week, so I strongly advise you to follow Puppy Spring on Instagram, if only for the daydreaming and the cuteness that will regularly pop up in your feed!

Spoil your dog however you can

No need for doggy daycare? You can still spoil your pupper. Try a play date at the local dog park, a new toy or a car ride and walk to a new place. Dogs just LOVE to be involved. And don’t forget, earlier this year we created an epic barkuterie board full of treats. Now that’s nothing to turn your nose up at, surely.

barkuterie board
Barkuterie board for the win! Source: Supplied

In the meantime, I’m just going to reassure myself that my retriever really is living the best life I can give him, he’s none the wiser about a doggy daycare even existing. The best part, I’ll even prepare a mini lockdown barkuterie board to cement myself as his favourite. That and maybe fill up his clamshell pool.

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