Popular Mettwurst and Pepperoni Recalled Over Contamination Risk

Linke’s Central Meat Store have voluntarily recalled a range of their popular Mettwurst and Pepperoni products over a potential salmonella risk.

The affected products include Linke’s Garlic Mettwurst, Linke’s Plain Mettwurst, Linke’s Brandy Mettwurst and Linke’s Pepperoni.

Photo: FSANZ
Photo: FSANZ

Unfortunately routine safety checks weren’t able to verify that the meats in question were manufactured safely and so the recall applies to packages including the 270g, 500g, 600g, 1.3kg and 2.4kg sizes and batch codes 1500 to 1525.

The products were sold at Salami Shack and Schulze Organic Farm (in VIC) and Foodlands, Loxton IGA and various independent stores in SA.

Even though the Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) couldn’t show that the manufacturing process met safety standards, there haven’t been any reports of the meat products causing illnesses so Linke’s in their good judgement, have errred on the side of caution and issued this voluntary recall.

The nationwide recall information can be found on the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) website. If you do have the products, don’t eat them. Even though no one has gotten sick yet, the concern is that they could. Throw out the meats or return it to the store where you bought it for a full refund.

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