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Portrait Hub Studio, the Family Photography Studio With a Perfect 5-Star Rating

If you’ve been meaning to update your latest family images and have been looking for a family photography studio with a difference, then keep on reading! Whether you’re looking for a classic family portrait, a candid moment captured, or something more creative, the team at Portrait Hub are here to help.

A bespoke family studio in Sydney, Portrait Hub Studio is changing the way we view portrait photography. They go against the grain and specialise in hosting a relaxing, fun, stress-free, and no-obligation family photoshoot experience. 

There’s no awkwardness and no pressure – just a whole lot of relaxed fun. Portrait Art is changing the portrait photography experience and we are ALL FOR IT! Prepare to be blown away by the results too – take a look at the cuteness below!

Portrait Hub Studio – Not your average photography studio 

Now, let’s think back to the last family photoshoot you had (if you’ve ever had one). Let’s face it, rounding up the tribe for a photoshoot can be slightly tricky. It’s quite common to feel uncomfortable, under pressure, overwhelmed, awkward, and even disappointed.

You want everything to be perfect but your baby just threw up on your favourite dress, and your three-year-old doesn’t want to smile – she wants to pick her nose instead. Not to mention your teen is giving your death stares in the corner.

Then there’s the obligation to buy the image packages at the end … even when the whole thing feels forced and you’re not really in love THAT MUCH with the images.

Well, rest assured, with Portrait Hub, this is exactly what you’re NOT going to get.

Well, they can’t guarantee that your baby won’t spit up, but, they will capture the moment and make it a memory to remember.

Laughter and fun is all part of the process. Source: Supplied

They can even transform your moody teen into a beautiful piece of artwork. This is a great way to capture them with their passions too – whether it be dancing, a sport or something else that defines them.

It’s a great opportunity to capture older kids with their passions! Source: Supplied

And not just teens that they can magically transform behind the lens – they do all sorts of photoshoots, designed to bring out what makes your family unique.

Portrait Hub offer extended family shots, couples, business, hobby images, pregnancy and newborn photography, and pet photoshoots too.

A focus on family connection

There’s nothing ‘staged’ about any of their shoots either and this sense of comfort really shows in their images.

Every professional photographer has a different ‘vibe’ but the team at Portrait Hub has an incredible ability to find your family’s own vibe and bring this out in every picture.

The images are tailored to your personal story and it’s quite uncanny how they can bring out everyone’s unique personality and quirks.

Portrait photography has never looked so good. Source: Supplied

I’ve honestly never seen photographers be able to capture a family the way Portrait Hub can. The connection, the love, and the laughter that often get lost behind forced smiles and awkward posing – it’s all there, on display, ready for you to cherish forever.

It’s like they can tell an entire story through a single moment. It’s a rare talent.

If you want to see it for yourself, head over to their Facebook page or view their portfolio on Instagram below.

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5 stars from every customer

A picture says a thousand words, but so do reviews and Portrait Hub has nothing but perfect reviews. Quite literally.

All 142 reviews of their services are 5-STARS.

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A fun family day out

And wait til you see their studio! It’s unlike any other family photography studio we’ve been to – it’s relaxing, comfortable and incredibly homely. Heck, it even has a bar!

This is one of the many things that set Portrait Hub apart from the rest – the whole experience is not just a photoshoot but an outing with the family. An adventure that includes plenty of laughter and even bevvies and snacks.

The studio features a bar and barista with beer, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee, all included in your package. There are even dips and crackers and chips and popcorn for the kids.

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Portrait Hub’s viewing gallery is comfort x 10. Source: Supplied

Take a few images, have a snack and then, in just 30 minutes, your images are ready to view.

This in itself is a laugh and a half, especially the outtakes where your baby is weeing on your arm or your dog is trying to bite an imaginary fly.

No obligation to buy (for real) 

But perhaps the thing that warrants Portrait Hub’s incredible reputation is the way they operate after the photoshoot. You may have noticed that portrait studios tend to push their packages onto people and this is exactly what Portrait Hub strives to avoid.

There really is no pressure to buy anything – it’s more about the experience and making memories through the photoshoot.

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Of course, if you do decide you want any of the pics, their prices are 25% cheaper than most studios and they offer a 15% discount for choices on the day.

They can also organise the design of your images and turn an image into wall art for your home.

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Choose from several products to display your images. Source: Supplied

All their canvas products come with a 75-year unconditional warranty too, plus Portrait Hub Studio has over 40 years of experience shooting families, people, and their pets, including moody teens, tantruming three-year-olds and upchucking infants.

Capture your connection

If you are in the Sydney area – or visiting there – book in to see Felipe and the team at Portrait Hub Studio and see why they continuously go above and beyond every client’s expectations.

Capture those magical moments while they’re small! Source: Supplied

Trust us, you’ve never had a family photography session this relaxed or this much fun!

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Be sure to also enter to WIN a family photo shoot with Portrait Hub.

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WIN 1 of 3 family photo shoots – almost $5000 in prizes!

If you’re in the Sydney area, put your name down to WIN a family photo shoot with Portrait Hub. Here’s what is on offer:

One winner will receive: 

  • 90-minute family/newborn or baby shoot
  • 15 FULL REZ digital images, supplied in colour, black and white and one of their signature tones (printable to the size of your living room wall if you like).
  • A design of your images turned into wall art
  • Refreshments and snacks, plus same-day viewing

One winner will receive:

  • 90-minute family/newborn or baby shoot
  • 5 FULL REZ digital images, supplied in colour, black and white and one of their signature tones (printable to the size of your living room wall if you like)
  • A design of your images turned into wall art
  • Refreshments and snacks, plus same-day viewing

One winner will receive:

  • 90-minute family/newborn or baby shoot
  • A beautiful 7 x 7 Acrylic block, plus a single digital image
  • A design of your images to turn images into wall art
  • Refreshments and snacks, plus same-day viewing



  • Studio shoot only, Sessions are MON-FRI 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. Weekends – 9 am, 1 pm and 4:30 pm.
  • Images may take up to 6 weeks to be received as we edit and retouch all images by hand.
  • A fully refundable studio holding deposit of $75 (returned to you on the day of the shoot) is required for ALL prize winners to secure the session.
  • No-shows or last-minute cancellations will lose the deposit.
  • All terms and conditions are on their website –

This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Summer Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

This is a sponsored post for Portrait Hub Studio

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