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Electric Lice Comb: It’s the Chemical-Free Head Lice Treatment Targeting Lice Head On!

Ah, head lice. It’s part of the parenting package that no parent is ever keen on dealing with. But it happens more than you realise, and when it does, you need to be armed!  This is why it’s time to talk about electric lice combs and why they’re changing the way parents deal with head lice.

Forget all the shampooing, rinsing, cleaning and combing – it’s not exactly the most fun way to spend your afternoon or evening, is it? But what if there was a way to bypass the shampoos, the sprays or any chemical head lice treatment? You bet there is! It’s called the V-COMB A1, and is an electric lice comb that is about to revolutionise the way we tackle head lice treatment.  For good!

V-COMB A1 electric lice comb
Meet V-COMB A1, the easiest head lice remover on the market. Source: Supplied

No rinsing is necessary either, just comb the lice away! 

The V-COMB A1 is the super effective head lice remover from LICETEC, an award-winning brand known for its safe and convenient products. 

Using this electric lice comb is easy too! Simply comb through the hair as you would when looking for head lice. You don’t need to spray, shampoo, treat or rinse the hair first.

All you need to do is sit your child down and COMB THEIR HAIR. That’s it! 

  • No chemicals
  • No allergens
  • No pesticides
  • No greasy sprays or smelly shampoos
  • No stinging eyes or tears that the treatment is hurting their sensitive scalps
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Simply comb Licetec V-Comb A1 through the hair and say goodbye to head lice. Source: Supplied

The V-COMB A1 is 100% chemical-free and 110% child-friendly! 

It’s safe to use on both kids and adults and I’ve found my kids actually enjoy having their hair brushed through the comb, which isn’t the case with traditional head lice treatments. Normally when I try to brush through their tangled hair after a lice treatment they scream the house down, and complain about the smell! Not the case with V-COMB A1! 

So let’s talk about head lice – what do we need to know?

head lice fact sheet
Don’t live in fear of head lice, just be prepared with the best tool on the market! Source: Supplied

What are the symptoms of head lice?

Head lice often coincide with back to school, as kids hug and cuddle each other after some time apart. Then, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

The symptoms of a head lice infestation can include:

  • Itching and irritation on the scalp, neck, and ears.
  • Sores on the scalp caused by scratching.
  • Small white nits (lice eggs) attached to hair shafts near the scalp.
  • Seeing live lice moving on the scalp or in hair.

It is important to note that not everyone with head lice will experience symptoms and some individuals may not show symptoms for several weeks after being infected.

Lice only like dirty hair, right?

There are many myths surrounding head lice, here are some common ones:

  1. Head lice are a sign of poor hygiene – Head lice are not a reflection of poor personal hygiene or cleanliness. They can infest anyone, regardless of their hair-washing habits or personal cleanliness.
  2. Lice can fly or jump from head to head – Lice cannot fly or jump. They can only crawl from hair to hair.
  3. Lice are only found in dirty hair – Lice can infest clean and dirty hair alike. They do not discriminate based on hair cleanliness.
  4. Pets can get lice – Lice are species-specific, meaning that they only infest humans and not animals.
  5. Lice eggs are easily visible – Lice eggs are very small and can be difficult to spot. They are often mistaken for dandruff or hair spray residue.
  6. Lice can survive in water – Lice cannot survive in water for long periods of time and will drown if they are submerged.

The super solution against super lice

This electric lice comb eliminates head lice and eggs, even super lice that are next-to-impossible to get rid of.

Researchers have confirmed that 99.6% of head lice are now resistant to common lice shampoos and sprays, but the V-COMB A1 electric lice comb is proven to work, even on these stubborn super lice.

Head lice requiring an electric lice comb
Super lice don’t stand a chance with this chemical-free electric lice comb. Source: Bigstock

Here’s How it Works – Comb and Capture

The comb will detect lice and eggs and vacuum them into a disposable hygienic capture filter. Then you simply remove and dispose of the filter and put the head lice remover away for the next time head lice hit your home (which is hopefully never!). Say goodbye to the last-minute scramble to the chemist to get often expensive products to treat the lice – simply pull out the V-Comb A1 and you’re on your way!

V-COMB A1 electric lice remover filter
The V-COMB A1 filter in action. Source: Supplied

The capture filter features an LED light so you can actually see the lice you’ve captured. It’s slightly mesmerising and slightly disgusting at the same time, but it shows how incredibly effective it is and about a trillion times easier than any other head lice treatment out there.

It’s also effective in keeping head lice and eggs contained and from dropping on your floor or couch or clothing when you are treating your child’s hair. I’ve had this happen a few times before and it’s really frustrating dealing with the re-infestation.  

Plus you don’t have to touch the lice or eggs as you try and remove them from the hair onto a paper towel.

Watch it in action:

YouTube video

Prevent head lice infestations 

If you do suspect head lice, your first port of call should be the V-COMB A1. But it’s also great for preventing head lice – simply comb through your hair once a week to check and prevent infestation. 

prevent head lice with the V-COMB A1 electric lice comb
Source: Bigstock

 We love innovative products that make parenting easier and the V-COMB A1 certainly fits this category. Not only is it ingenious, but it’s also incredibly convenient, child-friendly and chemical-free.

The results are immediate and you don’t have to worry about ducking to the chemist to grab a treatment every time your child scratches their head. 

A must for parents, especially so when it comes to back to school! 

I’ve dealt with my fair share of head lice headaches with my three kids (and myself because they ALWAYS seem to share the lice love with me) and I’ve tried heaps of different sprays, shampoos, and natural deterrents. But I’ve never come across something as effective, easy, and innovative as the V-COMB A1 head lice remover.

Convenient, chemical-free, mess-free, and kid-approved, the V-COMB A1 is also a Good Design Award winner. Now that speaks volumes!

Pick up a V-COMB A1 as part of your back-to-school essentials (think of it like a valuable tool in your parenting toolkit) and pop it into the cupboard until you need it. They retail for $72 but are often on special. You can grab one from most chemists including Amcal, Discount Drug Stores, Priceline Pharmacy, PharmaSave, SuperChem and more. You can also order one through LICETEC’s website. 

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