Meet Pregnancy Chef – Delivering Ready-Made Meals to Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mums

Pregnant and breastfeeding mums, get excited because there is a new meal delivery service especially for you! Ready-made, healthy meals delivered to your door.

YUP! It’s called Pregnancy Chef and we are ALL FOR IT!

Mealtimes done right for expecting and new mums

I used to think pregnancy was a Get out of Dieting Card. Nine months of being able to eat anything. Nine months to blame the baby for my cheesy fries cravings and excessive mint choc chip ice cream intake.

After all, I’m eating for two, I’m abstaining from wine, I deserve to eat ALL THE UNHEALTHY FOODS.

And it’s not just me. Research shows 100% of Australian pregnant women don’t meet the recommended nutritional needs in all five food groups. 

Yes, ladies. 100%. That’s ALL of us.


Side note: Cheesy fries is not a food group. 

Meal plans for pregnant mums – Genius!

This is where Pregnancy Chef comes in. It’s Australia’s first meal delivery service designed for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive.

Pregnancy Chef meal delivery service
Pregnancy Chef delivers nutritionally balanced and chef-created meals to satisfy your tastebuds. Source: Supplied

It’s literally your meal ticket to yummy, healthy, nutritious and guilt-free meals without having to spend hours cooking or pace the aisles at the grocery store.

All meals are home-delivered, ready-made and chef-designed, plus loaded with the good stuff you need during those pregnancy and breastfeeding days.


Genius, right? I know. We love this idea.  Keep scrolling to read about this brand new meal delivery service plan and why it ticks all the boxes for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

Pregnancy Chef meals for breastfeeding and pregnant mum
These tasty, nutrient-dense meals are ideal during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Source: Supplied

Why Pregnancy Chef is the best thing since pickles

No more food fear!

Food Fear is a thing, ladies! Especially when pregnant. It’s a fear that you’re eating something that’s on the no-no list, which leaves you guilt-ridden, anxious and manically googling “Is this food safe?” anytime you eat.

You may be surprised how many seemingly healthy foods should actually be avoided – rare steak, eggs benny, deli meats and pre-made salads for example. Even when you’re breastfeeding, there are several foods that could give baby wind, thus making the long nights even longer.

With Pregnancy Chef, you know the meals are safe to eat (each meal has been approved by a dietitian and created by a renowned chef!) and won’t cause dramas down the road. All meals are made using only ingredients that are safe to consume during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

mum central
Pregnancy Chef has something for all tastes, take a look at these! Source: Supplied

Hello, home delivery!

Another great thing? Pregnancy Chef meals are delivered to your door (In Eastern States only – check if your postcode is in the delivery range here) which means you don’t have to put on pants and waddle to the shops. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the couch!

All Pregnancy Chef meals are single-served and ready-made so you just need to heat and eat.

mum central
Ready-made meals to the rescue! Source: Supplied

Healthy, hearty, and yummy too

Another great thing about using a meal delivery service during pregnancy is that you actually feel good after eating. Living on cheesy fries, while sounding good in theory, left me feeling lazy, sluggish and gassy. Not a fun feeling.

Pregnancy Chef meals won’t mess with your digestive system. Plus, they taste great! The dietitian-approved meals have been designed by the culinary whiz behind Sydney’s renowned Bitton cafés, David Bitton and each of the meals are on point with nutrients and flavour. Plus, the meals contain no preservatives or additives and most are low in salt. #perfect

Easy meal planning, all online 

Pregnancy Chef’s meals can be purchased as a starter pack or customisable subscription meal plan, called Build Your Own. Choose from five meals a week, 10 meals a week, 14 meals a week or 21 meals a week (great variety too – paella, cottage pie, pasta bake, salmon, lamb shanks and so much more!)

mum central
Be confident in your meal choices with meals from Pregnancy Chef. Source: Supplied

The menu is updated seasonally and includes a range of poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options. No cheesy fries though … which we’re pretty sure your body will thank you for.

Assurance you’re getting your food groups in 

Here’s the best bit about Pregnancy Chef – it does the healthy food calculations for you!

You see, there is this handy nutrition calculator online that allows you to track your weekly serves of protein, grains and vegetables as you shop. You can choose meals based on how many serves of each food group you need. How cool is that?!

And while it does sound a little technical and mathematical (ain’t no pregnant mumma got time for maths), it’s actually incredibly simple.

Post-partum meals are taken care of 

New mums, and especially those breastfeeding, Pregnancy Chef is also a game-changer for you!

You know how people always suggest stocking your freezer with casseroles before bringing home baby? The reason is that you really won’t have time to cook once bub is born, especially not healthy meals that require you to chop, dice or grate.

mum central
Pregnancy Chef serves to make lives easier for time-poor mums who don’t feel up to cooking. Source: Bigstock

But for those disorganised hot mess mums (like myself) who didn’t make 80 casseroles but instead binge-watched Netflix, Pregnancy Chef is ideal.

You’ve got ready-made meals at your fingertips. Meals that will keep up to the crazy energy levels you’ll need to make it through another marathon milking session. #bringit

Take the stress out of mealtime. You have enough on your plate already

So, for all the pregnant and breastfeeding mums who are feeling a bit stressed about meal planning and ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients for you and baby, give Pregnancy Chef a try. 

We are sure this new meal delivery service will be a game-changer during those confusing pregnancy months and the hazy postpartum days.

Visit to receive 15% off your first order. Be sure to use code MC15  at checkout to claim your discount.

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As this is a new service, Pregnancy Chef is only available to those in the Eastern States (NSW, ACT, VIC) at this stage. 

This is a sponsored post for Pregnancy Chef
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