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Get Your BBQ Summer Ready with a Sizzling Makeover Like This Mum Did!

The warmer weather is coming so it’s time to blow the cobwebs off your outdoor area and embrace it. If your barbecue is looking a little worse for wear and needs some snazzying up, see what this clever mum did!

The BBQ that has seen much better days

The barbecue is an easy thing to neglect. We tend to look after the plates, change the gas bottle and if you’re lucky – throw a cover over it when it’s done. Alas, perhaps there’s STILL hope for tired barbecues – and the answer is at Bunnings.

bbq makeover
BEFORE. Yep, tired and out in the elements. Alas, it still cooks well! Source: Julie Anne

A rust-covered hood and tired cabinet didn’t stop one mum from having a crack at giving her barbecue a new lease on life with a thrifty reno. And boy, are we glad she did! Julie posted the results to Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group and the results are worthy of a top-shelf sausage sizzle.

I was inspired by BBQ painting mum a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a go figuring it couldn’t get much worse! So stoked with the result!

bbq makeover
Set to sizzle! Amazing result! Source: Julie Anne

Release the makeover magic!

Many fellow Bunnings and barbecuing enthusiasts wanted to know what unicorn magic Julie had weaved to transform her barbecue because let’s face it, we’re all going to want to try it! Julie explains what she did in these steps:

1. First I sanded it all down with a steel brush to get the big chunks off.

2. Then sanded the whole thing (except the chrome which has held up ok) with sandpaper.

3. Washed it all down with soapy water, then rinsed and washed again with a mild turps solution.

4. Painted the main body White Knights Pot Belly Black and the handles and top with White Knights Metallic Charcoal.

BBQ makeover
The process: Tape and cover well anything you DON’T want to be painted. Source: Julie Anne

So sizzling good! And if you’re wondering what those paint products are – they look like this:

mum central
White Knight paints available from Bunnings.

TIP: Julie goes on to add that you need to make sure you give it a REALLY good wash. In some spots, where there was still some oil residue which changed the texture of the paint. So scrub well to make sure it’s as squeaky clean as it can be!

We take our broad-rimmed hats off to you Julie, your barbecue looks amazing – as good as new! Here’s cheers to another summer of barbecuing!

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